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  1. It's a really good book. I've been following Lena for years, but have found out so much new info on her I never knew about.
  2. So sad that she never got to be a leading lady at MGM or where she was integrated with the rest of the cast. I'm reading Lena's biography, Stormy Weather and it said that MGM had promised her a role in The Pirate as early as 1946. She would've played Judy's dressmaking best friend. Apparently, there were many revisions to the script and Anita Loos was one of the authors rewriting it. Her script was nixed and so was Lena's part. I've heard about Lena wanting to do Show Boat, but George Sidney said she was NEVER considered and as light as she was, I still feel she would've been too dark to
  3. Still waiting for them to release the Women of Warners value pack.
  4. It sure has been slow with release news. Hopefully we get some news.
  5. Boomerang will be released. It's up for pre-order at DVD Empire.
  6. According to the Bits: Rebecca, Spellbound and Notorious will also be available separately for $19.98 each.
  7. But it is definitely in the works?? I was asking this because one of the remaining films is Today We Live with Joan Crawford and I relay info to my friend who has a Joan Crawford site. I wanted to make sure cause I don't to give him false info.
  8. Is Warner still going to release a 2nd Gary Cooper collection?? Someone on here said so.
  9. I believe that these new discs all have new extras different from the Criterion releases.
  10. She was so successful during the 1940s and it's so sad how Fox basically put her out to pasture and she was washed up by the time she was 30. The Barefoot Contessa could've been her big Hollywood comeback.
  11. According to DVD Empire, Fox will release 3 more noirs on September 2nd. They are: *-Boomerang* *-Moontide* *-Road House* (Lots of Ida Lupino)!!! The Alice Faye Collection has also been pushed back to an October 7 release.
  12. Lol, I noticed that. The price must also be a mistake, too.
  13. MGM Home Entertainment has announced the Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection which includes Rebecca, The Lodger, The Paradine Case, Spellbound, Notorious, Young and Innocent, Sabotage, and Lifeboat. Each have been beautifully restored and remastered. As well as all the features listed below, the DVD collection also includes a 32-page notebook with trivia, production notes and more about the legendary director. Retail will be $119.98. *Full Specs* Rebecca Synopsis A young woman marries a fascinating older widower only to discover that she must live in the shadows of his first wi
  14. Her father was Irish and her mother was a German Jew.
  15. According to DVD Talk, Sony is introducing a new line called *Martini Movies*. Future releases include: -Affair In Trinidad -Five -The Heat's On -Our Man In Havana -Double Feature: The Comic (1969) & Enter Laughing -The Garment Jungle
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