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  1. There's a new western series called CJ & Wings. In the vain of Spin & Marty. "Radiant Wings" is the American Saddle Bred, who was featured in the national IHop commercials. He's as fast as Fury only Red instead of black. Great FAMILY series. I just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  2. I saw them on a 2 Disc DVD set together at www.7thvoyageprod.com/pages/5/index.htm Lots of fun watching thos Mole Men...Not bad!!!
  3. It is on DVD at www.7thvoyageprod.com/pages/5/index.htm with The Mole People it's a 2 Disc set. I never seen it on TCM
  4. Saw great site on Hank Worden www.hankworden.com Ol Mose Harper in John Wayne & John Ford's The Searchers, plus he played "Poor Devil" in Howard Hawk's Big Sky. Great actor!!
  5. if you zoom in on the DVD you can see the three books in the Time Travelers seat in his machine as he pulls it back into his lab at the end of the movie.
  6. Hello Bollywood. I order got "The Colter Cravan Story" thanks to you. It is a good show and perfect match for the Hank Worden DVD tribute
  7. Thanks Mark for your reply. I got the DVD and it's great. Best
  8. I love the George Pal classic The Time Machine I watch it every New Year's Eve, takes me back in Time. I see that Warner Brothers has it on DVD with a great special called Time Machine: The Journey Back hosted by Rod Taylor. There is a small sequel to the film at the end of the special with Rod Taylor playing George, Alan Young as Filby and Whit Bissell (in his last acting performance) as Walter. Plus the Original Time Machine Prop is in it. So Mr. Taylor is back in HIS Time Machine. A company called 7th Voyage Productions www.7thvoyageprod.com produced it, rumor has it they are coming
  9. I saw on the new dvd Tribute to Hank Worden www.hankworden.com a clip from Wagon Train that Mr. Worden was guest starring. I think John Ford directed this episode. Does anyone know how I can get a DVD of that episode of Wagon Train?
  10. I just got back from the screening of "Yak's Last Ride" the life of Yakima Canutt. It was excellent. The audience really went wild, when Mr. Canutt hung on the neck of a bucking horse. And showed behind the scene footage of Mr. Canutt directing Charlton Heston in "Ben Hur." The Producer was there. He said it was filmed where John Ford made "Stagecoach" and that "Yak's Last Ride" in now on DVD with the Hank Worden special. He directed & produced. www.hankworden.com It was a really good film. What I enjoyed was it was shot of Film NOT video. Message was edited by:
  11. Yes, Ol Mose was great with Mr. Wayne. So was Harry Carey Jr and man Ward Bond!! There is a site for Ol Mose www.hankworden.com
  12. I saw Clint Eastwood does a DVD tribute to Hank Worden. www.hankworden.com Mr. Worden played Ol Mose Harper in John Wayne's The Searchers and acted with Mr. Eastwood in "Every Which Way But Loose" & "Bronco Billy" Also, Harry Carey hosts DVD tribute to John Wayne www.soledadprod.com Message was edited by: Hello2222
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