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  1. Thanks for the response! the peeps on here are fast! I knew it would of been made in the 1990's era it had that look to it's filming
  2. Hi everyone, I just watched this morning a movie that I am really looking to find the title for. The Info I have is this: 1. Set in the 1950's or 60's but does not look like it was filmed then. 2. One of the boys names was Sam (he was adopted I think?) and he was Native American 3. The 2 boys one being Sam were building a rocket out of the other boys dad's motorcycle so that they can fly to the moon. 4. The older sister is death and really understanding to the one boy 5. The boys steal creamsicles out of a ice cream truck and get ice cream headaches 6. The one boy cuts his hair because people kept calling him a girl 7. At the end the only one to ride the rocket to the moon is Sam and he brings a rock back from it. That's all I got I've been trying to search all evening typing in anything that I thought would work into google with no results. I hope someone can help! Thanks
  3. I do agree also, Luv the Judy she was so talented and gifted, I always wished I could sing like her. It's too bad what happened to her. I'm new to here also, so just posting around. They should have a judy weekend playing of course Wizard of oz Easter Parade The Love finds andy hardy movies In the good old summertime
  4. Candihearts

    Now a days

    I know how you exactly feel. My family says I should of been born in the 1950's because I love so much about that era, I was actually Born 1986 hehe you do the math. Anyways I agree that movies lack that special sparkle, maybe it's beecause there are not that many musicals anymore and the classics are so special, But I think of it this way also the movies that are out now a days take idea's from other movies and add them into theres. So classic moments like on the town when jules Munshin (hope I spelt that right) accidently knocks the dino bones down, that's just such classic comedy that I laughed and laughed and laughed, but afterwards I realized that i've seen that in lots of movies. I think the people who like drama such as my friends kind of understand movies from the old era so they understand how precious it is, Other people decide that they will be too goody goody for them so they do not watch them. I have to say though I liked Moulan Rouge better then Chicago, But that's more because of the actresses in the movie, I'm not a big Kathrine Zeta Jones fan, although she was perfect for that role. I was just so shocked that Ewan Mcgregor can sing.
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