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  1. Movie theaters haven't completely opened here but last weekend the drive-in theatre close to me opened, to a limited capacity, and I'm seriously thinking about going there instead of a regular theatre. Right now they are only showing 3 films, Jaws is actually one of them. If they decide to show more classic movies, I'll definitely be going. I've been waiting since I saw the trailer to see Wonder Woman 1984 and I kinda want to see this new/last installment of James Bond. Since this outbreak hit that's the one thing I've missed going to the movies, I can do without restaurants and shopping but not movies.
  2. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997)
  3. Phillips Holmes was in Dinner at Eight with Grant Mitchell.
  4. Either A Little Princess or The Secret Garden, I prefer the 90s remake over the original versions. Next: Favorite live action Disney film from the 1960s
  5. Debra Paget was in Prince Valiant with Janet Leigh.
  6. I've been watching classic TV reruns since I was a kid and watched Nick at Nite, religiously. I don't have 15 and I'm adding cartoons and 2 shows from the 80s. 1.) The Mary Tyler Moore Show 2.) Bewitched 3.) The Twilight Zone 4.) Alfred Hitchcock Presents 5.) The Flintstones 6.) Scooby Doo 7.) The Dick Van Dyke Show 8.) SNL (the first five seasons) 9.) The Brady Bunch 10.) The Patty Duke Show 11.) The Golden Girls 12.) Growing Pains
  7. Susan Hayward was in I Married A Witch with Veronica Lake.
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