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  1. Oliver and Company was the first movie I ever saw in theaters, my grandma took me so I have a special place for it in my heart. I've always loved the song Good Company.
  2. 2.) Gene Wilder made his film debut, playing Eugene Grizzard.
  3. Inside Out (1975) & (2015), same title, different movie.
  4. I said this last year and I'd love to see Farley Granger picked as one day or even give him a night of his movies on a non SUTS day. TCM shows Strangers on a Train and Rope a lot which are good movies but there are many others I wish they'd show. But if they don't have the rights to air some of his films, I get that. Still if anyone who is working at TCM is lurking this thread this is what I'd like, it can be my late birthday gift! 😄
  5. Sheree North was in The Trouble with Girls with Vincent Price.
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