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  1. Abbott and Costello as Stars of the month would be cool. Include some of the Universal films that have not yet been shown on TCM Would love to see TCM resurrect the following Universal films that have been out of the limelight for many years. Curtain Call At Cactus Creek (1950) Fireman Save My Child (1954) Forty Pounds Of Trouble (1962) Once Upon A Horse (1958) Perils Of Pauline (1967) Stranger On The Run (1967) Up Front (1951) Willie & Joe At The Front (1952) Wild & Wonderful (1964)
  2. I'm with you here too. Nice to see Universal starting to open up the vaults to TCM with the premiere of Munster Go Home too!
  3. "Up Front" (1951) and "Willie & Joe Back At The Front" (1952) This would make a great prime time double feature. These haven't been seen in years "More Abbott & Costello Universal films" We seem to get the same A&C movies when there is a treasure chest of Universal greats that haven't aired. Althought a few new ones made their appearance late last year, there's alot that haven't and would make for a perfect night. "Scavenger Hunt" (1979) Comedy classic ala Mad World that seems to have disappeared from circulation for decades. Appears a newly remastered print has been ma
  4. There are some nice entries for the month but Thin Man again on New Years!!! These have been played to death. A Ma and Pa Kettle marathon (instead of just giving us 4 earlier in the month), Francis marathon (seems like the first film is the only one ever aired) or how about many of the Universal Abbott & Costello movies which haven't aired yet on TCM. That would have been a New Year's Eve treat. I too was disappointed not to see Von Ryan's Express or Tony Rome as part of the Sinatra SOTM. Thought for sure with all the Fox titles airing these would have been included this time aro
  5. Great to see The D.I. and -30- make their premieres on TCM tonight but dissapointed to see full frame prints run when both of these were shot in widescreen 1:85. Both available from Warner Archives in their correct aspect ratio so I would have assumed TCM would have received widescreen prints - too bad, great movies, nonetheless
  6. Abbott and Costello are due their day and pull out some of those Universal films that have yet to be show on TCM!
  7. It appears TCM must have received a new HD print of this film as it defintiely looked sharper and cleaner on the HD feed. Oddly the opening credits remaining Full Frame but the film itself was widescreen. Great to see these A&C films, maybe someday TCM will make them stars of the month.
  8. Did anyone record (have) the Bowery Boys (not East Side Kids) movies when TCM aired them?
  9. Did someone pull the wrong print tonight? It was supposed to be aired in widescreen and if I'm not mistaken has aired in the past in widescreen.
  10. There has been some discussion that Warner Bros just might be releasing this and other series on DVD in 2008. Let's hope and if they do hope they sell well so we can see other series like The Falcon, Philo Vance etc make their way to dvd.
  11. It happened with a handful of other series around this same time, Daniel Boone, The Time Tunnel, to name a few
  12. The point is, No channel is ever going to air everything you like 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for the rest of your life. There are going to be movies, repeats etc that you aren't interested in or have already seen and don't care to see again. If you don't like what they are showing than watch something else. And thanks for the stupidity comment, so much for civilization on these boards I see.
  13. If you don't like, change the channel for 2 1/2 hrs then change it back. Never ceases to amaze the amount of complaining that goes on. Be happy you have TCM, cause without it, many of these films would be sitting in a vault with no airplay whatsover.
  14. It was great to see these today. It's been years, so many I can't even remember the last time TCM dug these out of the vault to air, with some of them being tcm premieres today. It seems no matter what they play someone is unhappy with it. Old movies, new movies, contemporary, someone has to complain. I say bravo and thank you TCM, it was great to see the UNCLE flicks. Thanks for running them marathon style.
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