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  1. In the first season of Cheers 1983, the fabulous GLYNIS JOHNS played Diane Chambers mother, who implored Diane to get married or else her she would lose her inheritance. This is a gem that showed Ms. John's is a master in comedy. SOMEONE SINGLE, SOMEONE BLUE EPISODE: Episode 20 EPISODE INFO Glynis Johns guest stars as Helen Chambers, the mother of Diane (Shelley Long). Sweeping majestically into Cheers, Helen dolefully announces that Diane must marry within 24 hours or lose her share (and her mother's) of her late father's estate. Helpful Sa
  2. Here is a very funny episode with JOAN CRAWFORD IN . THE LUCH SHOW. Lucy and Viv believe their new neighbor Joan Crawford is penniless , and they do their upmost to help her. It is one of the funniest EPISODES from uneven THE LUCY SHOW.
  3. The fabulous GLYNIS JOHNS played SHELLY LONG'S mother in an episode of Cheers 1983. It was very funny due to the fact that Diane has to get married in order to receive her inheritance. https://cheers.fandom.com/wiki/Someone_Single,_Someone_Blue
  4. Here is JOAN CRAWFORD IN THE LUCY SHOW IN 1968. Lucy and Viv mistakingly believe that Joan Crawford is penniless. It is a very funny episode to watch. The Lucy Show, Lucy and the Lost Star https://everythinglucy.youns.com/the-lucy-show/the-lucy-show-episode-154.html (featuring Joan Crawford and Vivian Vance) Lucy's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Lucy and Viv, who is visiting Lucy in Hollywood on vacation, hike to the nearest house to use the phone to call an
  5. Legendary New Orleans musician Dr. John, born Mac Rebennack, dies at 77 Jim Cheng, USA TODAYPublished 7:02 p.m. ET June 6, 2019 | Updated 7:54 p.m. ET June 6, 2019 CLOSE CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE Dr John performs on the Miles Davis Hall stage during the 46th Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in 2012. (Photo: JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT/AP) Mac Rebennack, aka Dr. John the Night Tripper, brought the bayou to the bandstand and the
  6. I do not understand why TCM has never shown YANK IN THE RAF 1941 FROM FOX with Ty Power and Betty Grable. It is a film about the time just before we entered WW2. It has levity, but it was giving a chance to view European and the the Asian theaters a chance for American audiences to see that there is a crisis in the war in Europe. Thus we should keep our eyes open, which the countries such as France. Poland Belgium were conquered by the Nazis. Here is the trailer for the . film. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxTYasgU5XM
  7. I am very happy that they added films from PARAMOUNT, COLOMBIA AND 20TH CENTURY FOX. I wish they have had a GARY COOPER day with some his films from PARAMOUNT such as THE GENERAL DIED AT DAWN, THE PLAINSMAN, PETER IBBETSON AND CITY STREETS.. These studios are as important to the history of cinema as their overexposed Metro films . In my book, metro is the least satisfactory of all the studios. Too much Andy Hardy, too many cloying musicals, etc.; therefore I like it the least..The younger viewers are not exposed to the other studios, thus they do not see the whole picture. This is a star
  8. Here are the NICHOLAS BROTHERS IN DOWN ARGENTINE WAY from FOX. The brothers are dancing to Latin rhythms.
  9. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orhf_Xv6HCA Here is a wonderful clip that includes Bill Robinson, Cab Calloway and the NICHOLAS BROTHERS.
  10. Here is the song thought to be attributed to Bill Bojangles Robinson.
  11. If anybody noticed, ADA White sang pure blues in the IT AIN'T RIGHT scene with Fats Waller. All the riffs are there for singing the blues.
  12. Here is a clip from "Stormy Weather" with the excellent Fats Waller. Enjoy!
  13. Here is my favorite Bing song with help from the Andrews Sisters.
  14. My vote for the best grandmother (a little variation to the mother theme) in THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER is LILLIAN GISH. Although she isn't connected to young Pearl and John by blood, her protective instincts help the children survive when the Mitchum character, the phony homicidal, reverend is out to kill them.
  15. My vote for the worst mother in film is ANGELA LANSBURY in The WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT 1964. She plays a cold, selfish **** in the film that sleeps around behind her husband Tom Bosley's characters back..
  16. Sorry about Doris' passing. The animal advocates have lost great friend. There is a film that made me aware of her as a child."THAT TOUCH OF MINK"1961. I loved it as a child. It hasn't been shown for decades.I loved the automat scene. I do not understand why it isn't played? It has CARY GRANT in it as well. It is a .charming comedy with Doris playing so well with Cary.
  17. HITCHOCKS'S A . SHADOW OF A DOUBT 1943 set in the real or fictional SANTA ROSA CALIFORNIA. I Have been to Santa Rosa and it is still a l,ovely city. https://www.google.com/search?q=SHADOW+OF+DOUBT+FILM&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiyjJGdsezhAhWcJDQIHV8dAUMQ_AUIECgD&biw=1920&bih=801#imgdii=2IUjWPLbsGa4YM:&imgrc=FGv1SEpsanPAPM:
  18. Kingrat; Why don't you go to the LA CONSERVANCIES LAST REMAINING SEATS this June. It is wonderful. You get to see Historic Movie Palaces such as th Los Angeles and Orpheum in Downtown L.A. It is a wonderful experience. This year they are presenting two venues at the hard to see,the Art Deco Wiltern Theatre at Wilshire Blvd at the Miracle Mile. It is worth the look. You won't be disappointed. There will be docents at the theatres ,who will gives you a backstage tour of these Los Angeles Movie Palaces. The people that come to this event are equally as passionate as the TCM audience.
  19. Hello fellow TCMers; Here is an update from CNN about the Notre Dame Cathedral. https://crooksandliars.com/2019/04/aftermath-notre-dame-fire-officials-assess
  20. The French President Macron stated that the Cathedral will be restored and rebuilt. It is still a tragedy. Perhaps, the architects can add a copper roof as they did at Chartres Gothic Cathedral. France has the greatest concentration of Gothic Churches as well as government and military buildings. I hope some of the Billionaires would contribute to its rebuilding as Rockafeller's did after the Nazi's damaged the Cathedral during WW!!.
  21. I know this has nothing to do with Cinema, but I had to post that the Iconic 800 year OLD NOTRE DAME OF PARIS IS IN FLAMES today. I majored in art history with a great love for classic architecture. I absolutely loved GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE. It is the most majestic; and still magistic after 800 years. I just heard that the fire fighters, who are about 600 persons strong saved the main structure. We do not know how much the interior damage is. There were priceless historical statuary and art work that are in jeopardy.I was so deeply saddened by this news and wall to wall tv coverage that I didn
  22. There is one more tidbit about Gable. He had a long standing affair with Joan Crawford, which was on and off affair during the 1930s. Most likely, he was the love of her life. This guy got around openly flaunting his affairs to his second wife, Ria. Here is a website that chronicles his marriage history: http://www.legendaryclarkgable.com/wives.html/.
  23. Here is a TCM video clip with Mr. Ben discussing the Last Remainong SEats.
  24. Here is is an alternative to TCM FESTIVAL. IT IS THE LAST REMAINING SEATS hosted by LOS ANGELES CONSERVANCY. They had the festival idea since the 1980s. They were the originators that TCM copied. It is a wondErful venue and you are helping save Historical movie palaces in the Los Angeles area. This year,The Conservancy is going into the iconic ART DECO WILTERN THEATRE to SHOW CLASSIC FILMS. .This is a first. The Wiltern is so much more beautiful than the gaudy Grauman's Chinese theatre. It is known for being an ugly theatre. Not too may people have the opportunity to get to tour the Wil
  25. Here is a lady who deserves recognition. She was a wonderful dramatic and comedic actress. Her problem is that she was not an MGM Star. What a shame to ignore such talent.
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