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  1. I am listing my favorite PARAMOUNT FILMS from the 1930s in not in particular order.

    1,   HANDS ACROSS THE TABLE 1935 . a great film with a terrific performance by CAROLE LOMBARD

    2.   CITY STREETS 1932  a precursor  to Noir

    3.   Death Takes a Holiday 1934 . a great fantasy film about death and mortality.

    4.  BEAU GESTE 1939 one of the best adventures films ever made

    5.  MIDNIGHT 1939 A  great cast in high comedy that includes Claudette Colbert, Don 
    Ameche, John Barrymore and Mary Astor

    6. Peter Ibbetson . another terrific film that Gary Cooper shines.

    7. Honeymoon In Bali . a forgotten film that I personally love.  Madelaine Carroll is at her best.

    8. The General Died at Dawn 1935 a great atmospheric film with Cooper, Ms. Carroll and Akim Tamiroff


    10.  SHANGHAI EXPRESS 1932 My favorite Dietrich film from Paramount.

    There are so many more films that are worthy of recognition. This from A studio, which was one of the best in output with class, wit and intelligence.


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  2. I also will vote for anything that PRESTON STURGES DIRECTED for Paramount Pictures. i love THE PALM BEACH STORY, SULLIVAN;'S TRAVELS, MIRACLE AT MORGAN CREEK, HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO AND CHRISTMAS IN JULY.  HOWEVER, MY BET FOR THE FUNNIEST STURGES FILM HAS TO BE THE LADY EVE.  The Lady Eve is  extremely funny even with Barbara Stanwyck's character's  brutal revenge on the Fonda character.





    One more thing, we never see Dorothy Lamour at TCM.  It is like she doesn't exist.  I get it, she was a Paramount star.  Therefore, she is swept away.You cannot be showing classic films with the elimination of Paramount's contribution to cinema history.

    She was a very funny lady and a great beauty to boot.

  4. Many people assume that many of classic Hollywood photos are cheesecake.  This is profoundly untrue. Mostly, they were created by George Hurrell, who was originally a fine artist.  He stepped into photography due to his film contacts while living in Laguna Beach, which was a Hollywood artist colony south. His history is profound. Without his  artistic gifts, Hollywood star photography would be pedestrian.  I posted some of his Ann Sheridan photos in the Sheridan section. By the way, Cheesecake refers to bathing suit photos.




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  5. Here are some classic GEORGE HURRELL photos of ANN SHERIDAN.  Mr. Hurrell was best known as the photographer to the stars.His Jean Harlow photos are classics.  He was a fine artist and colorist.  His photos have the same artistic sensibilities. They are not cheesecake.  I have an art history background. Therefore, I can tell art from cheap cheesecake.


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  6. My vote would go to FRANK BORZAGE'S  1937 HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT.

    This rarely seen film is full of romantic atmosphere  between lovers played by CHARLES BOYER & JEAN ARTHUR. Ms Arthur as Irene is unhappily married to her shipping magnet husband played by Colin Clive.  While in Paris, she meets the charming head waiter played by Boyer.  That is when her troubles begin.  Clive is a possessive and jealous husband who makes his wife's life a living hell.  Clive's character hounds Irene throughout the film.  The ending results in Clive's character committing suicide.I do not know how The HAYS OFFICE allowed this.

    Frank Borzage was the king of romantic films that were not cloying but full of drama and suspense with great atmosphere. History is made at Night is one of his best that is never shown.

    Jean Arthur and Charles Boyer in History Is Made at Night (1937)Jean Arthur in History Is Made at Night (1937)

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  7. During the filming of SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS, VERONICA LAKE was six months pregnant.  Sturges was quite upset about this development.  If you watch the film, you will notice a very pregnant Veronica Lake. Here is blurb from Wikipedia describing the situation.

    Veronica Lake was six months pregnant at the beginning of production, a fact she did not disclose to Sturges until filming began. Sturges was so furious that, according to Lake, he had to be physically restrained.[8] Sturges consulted with Lake's doctor to see if she could perform the part, and hired former Tournament of Roses queen Cheryl Walker as Lake's double.[5] Edith Head, Hollywood's most renowned costume designer, was tasked to find ways of concealing Lake's condition. Reportedly, Lake was disliked by some of her co-stars. McCrea refused to work with her again, and subsequently turned down a lead role with her in I Married a Witch. Fredric March, who took the latter part, didn't much enjoy Lake either.[9] However, McCrea got along famously with Sturges, and afterward presented him with a watch engraved "for the finest direction I've ever had." Sturges' assistant director, Anthony Mann, also was influenced heavily by his experience on the production.[10]

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  8. In the Noir classic TENSION 1949, BARRY SULLIVAN'S character, makes light of WILLIAM CONRAD'S Big girth in the movie theatre interview scene.  Conrad is eying a bag of popcorn, which the manager gives to him as a professional courtesy.  Sulivan grabs the popcorn from Conrads hands and gives it to a little boy.  Finally, he rubs his stomach like one would do to a Buddha statue.Image result for barry sullivan william conrad tension

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  9. MR HATTEN was a fixture at the KTLA LOS Angeles TV Station from the 1960 to the 1990s.  He was famous for hostiNg the POPEYE CIRCUS AND THE  iconic FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL.   In the Family Film Festival ,we were introduced to some fantastic and rarely seen Hollywood Classic Films,  He advocated for Preston Sturges, whom he recognized as a true Hollywood revolutionary. I began to appreciate Mr. Sturges in the 1980s. IT WAS THAT LONG AGO. For anybody who lived in L.A. during that time, he educated us to the wonders of good cinema.

    image.jpeg Here is a Facebook post from a fan who loved the series.


    Dennis Forkel I remember Tom interviewing William Demarest on the phone during a showing of a Preston Sturges film in 1983, probably "Sullivan's Travels". Tom spoke in a familiar way to Demarest-then 91-and kept calling him Bill. Nice interview, Tom even got Bill to talk about his cello. I didn't buy my first VCR until 1985, so I could not have videotaped the show. But I did record the audio onto a cassette tape. I had a Radio Shack portable radio with TV band and I fed that into my stereo receiver. Always loved seeing Tom start up that Bell & Howell projector!
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  10. RICHARD GAINES as Charles T. Perdergast IN THE MORE THE MERRIER 1943 is a wonderful example of an autocratic blowhard. The boring Pendergast was forever engaged to the Jean Arthur's character, Connie with no sex appeal. He promised her financial security, with nothing else  to offer in the relationship. No wonder she was attracted to McCrea's more earthy character.22.jpg.57040d464053cb45f1c4f170c75566a1.jpg

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  11. "Permagrin"??? Isn't that some kind'a Falcon or somethin'???

    (...sorry, couldn't resist...and yes limey ol' boy, couldn't agree more with you about Dave's "permagrin"...I too can't believe the guy doesn't have more of a repertoire of facial expressions than THAT one!)

    LOL - now I've got the idea of Harrison Ford & Chewy scooting around the Empire in their Permagrin Falcon (repeatedly having to thump something or nick spare teeth from Vader's locker in order to keep the Light Grin Jump drive going)...

    • I think you are confused. I believe it is called a Peregrine Falcon.  It is quite a beautiful bird of prey.image.jpeg.12a6d69bc856a79ec0782dcbbecf161a.jpeg
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  12. In VIGIL IN THE NIGHT 1940, TWO SISTERS played by Carole Lombard and a young Ann Shirley play two sister nurses that have a   major career challenge.  Ann Shirley's character made a serious medical error that cost a patients life.  Here noble older sister played  by Carole Lombard takes the  blame in order to protect her sister from the medical authorities.  Lombard's character takes a professional hit.  I do not know how many have seen the film. However, it is a great showcase on  how LOmbard had matured into a serious and respected actress. Image result for vigil in the night

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  13. in I WAKE UP SCREAMING 1941, BETTY GRABLE PLAYED sister,Jill and CAROLE LANDIS played her younger  and very ambitious sister Vickie, who ends up murdered.  This is great example of early Noir Cinema.


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