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  1. Are they going to play John Ford's THE INFORMER 1935,which was about the Irish rebellion of 1922 that eventually brought forth Irish Independence. The Informer is a great Ford film (that made Ford's reputation as a serious director) that is virtually forgotten.
  2. Heere is a classic nude scene by JEAN HARLOW IN RED DUST 1932 PLUS MORE INFO about the film. https://crackedrearviewer.wordpress.com/2018/01/14/pre-code-confidential-16-gable-harlow-in-red-dust-mgm-1932/ Here are some photos of JEAN HAVING A GRAND TIME IN THE BARREL.
  3. CLAUDETTE COLBERT takes a bath in both THE SIGN OF THE CROSS 1932 AND CLEOPATRA 1934. Both are pre code films. In THE SIGN OF THE CROSS she takes a bath in **** milk, which is a sign of decadence through eyes of the director CECIL D.MILLE. https://crackedrearviewer.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/pre-code-confidential-10-cecil-b-demilles-cleopatra-paramount-1934/ Here is an article about Claudette and her pre code PERSONA.
  4. There is a beautiful coffee table book called OUT WITH STARS BY JIM HEIMANN. It chronicles all the famous nightspots which Hollywood celebrities frequented during classic Hollywood. Clark and Carole are dining at the COCONUT GROVE NIGHTCLUB. You will notice the palm trees in the background.
  5. Spence; Boy, I went to the VILLAGE so often. In fact, it was walking distance from our home, therefore, going to the village was a breeze. The FOX WESTWOOD THEATRE was the go to theatre as well as the PICKWOOD, which was on Pico Blvd. As for the Westwood cemetery, I never cared for its ambience. It is so cold looking with its bronze markers. It didn't have those wonderful statues that the gravesites that the HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY has. Tyrone Power's gravesite is so beautiful with its long pool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-WimyAc9zU There is the ART DECO MIRACLE MILE
  6. I am a former longtime resident of LOS ANGELES. I grew up there. I went to University High School, where some of my classmates were Johanah Lancaster, Ronnie Lewis and Lorna Luft and Mirishe's daughter ( I did not know her personally.). They didn't attend class at the same time. Johanah Lancaster was super brainy as I recall. WE didn't think twice about their being celebrity kids. They were one of us. I remember we had wonderful assemblies with the talent pool at the High School. The Vietnam war was raging and that was one of the major concerns of the student body. I grew up in We
  7. If you want to see Harry Morgan be a sadistic killer, you should check out the film OUTSIDE THE WALL (1950) from Universal Films. It stars Richard Basehart as the ex con who meets up with a bunch of killers including Morgan. It is a film that hardly anybody speaks about. Maybe, due to its lack of exposure. However, it is worth the watch.
  8. Marty Balin of the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE has passed away on September 28th of 2018 at age 76. Marty had a beautiful voice that should not be forgotten. MARTY went through an unsuccessful heart bypass two years ago. His health caught up with him. Here is a wonderful song penned and sung by Marty , which is TODAY.
  9. Archive for the ‘Christmas in July (1940)’ Category More Bang for Your Buck: “Union Depot” (1932) and “Christmas in July” (1940) Posted in 1930's, 1932, 1940, 1940's, Christmas in July (1940), Dick Powell, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Ellen Drew, Joan Blondell, Paramount movies, Preston Sturges, Union Depot (1932), Warner Bros. movies on March 13, 2008| 8 Comments » Since I’ve been busy for the past few days (not to mention that my brain feels like it’s completely fried out from work), I’ve become semi-obsessed with movies that run from about 60-75 minutes in leng
  10. One of DICK POWELL's overlooked films is CHRISTMAS IN JULY, which is probably PRESTON STURGES' first directorial endeavors will play on December 20th. Here is underrated treasure from Paramount. It is nice film that Leonard Maltin gave it a 3 1/2 rating. it is a charming film with ELLEN DREW as his love interest. Ms. Drew was a Paramount starlet.
  11. You can even go the young JERRY LEWIS playing young in many of his early films such as CINDERFELLA AND THE ERRAND BOY.IN the MARTIN LEWIS FILMS he played childlike, guilless characters. He had a childlike quality that endeared him to the audiences at the time.
  12. GINGER ROGER'S characterization of Ellie Mae in THE PRIMROSE PATH (1940) is a great example of a young woman acting like a girl to escape her womanliness. She dons unattractive clothes, wears pig tails and fights like a tom boy.Here is the rub, Her mother is a lady of the night, or a prostitute that is implied in the film. The production had strong censorship problem. PRIMROSE PATH IS one of the most underrated films of 1940. Ginger is so fabulous and believable as Ellie Mae. I do not know if any of you are familiar with the film. It is going to be playing in October or November,
  13. Here is a list of PROTO NOIR FILMS Proto-Noir Pulled from a combination of Film Noir by Andrew Spicer and Wikipedia.
  14. if you think of early Seminal Noir, then, Barbara Stanwyck's BABY FACE from 1932 and Paul Muni's seminal SCARFACE also from 1932 can be included as PROTO NOIR. Many of the PRE CODE FILMS , especially from WARNER BROTHERS, USED same type of lighting inspired by GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM to give them a shadowy tense atmosphere that would be used again in Noir in the late 1940s. Speaking of BABY FACE, no other character played by Barbara that could be as bad and rotten TO THE CORE as any noir FEMME FATALE. Books have been written about SCARFACE on how it influenced many, many future films.
  15. Stolen Ruby Red Slippers From ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Found By FBI After 13 Years The FBI still needs help identifying other suspects associated with the theft and extortion surrounding Dorothy’s shoes. By Elyse Wanshel X There’s no place like home — or FBI custody. Ruby red slippers worn by Judy Garland in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” have been successfully recovered after the shoes were stolen from a Minnesota museum over a decade ago, the FBI announced Tuesday. FBI A pair of ruby red slippers worn by Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” was stolen from a Minnesota m
  16. They ignored STORMY WEATHER in the musical category. Watch the Nicolas Brothers, who are introduced by the great Cab Calloway.
  17. THERE is a variation of the Greek soup. You use beef broth. You make mini meatballs using salt, pepper and a bit of nutmeg or allspice to make it aromatic. The broth comes to a low boil, not a rolling boil. You add the meatballs to the broth. You can include some cooked rice if you like. Let the meatballs cook. Then lower the heat to a simmer. Add, the beaten egg and lemon mixture (ABOUT 1/4 OF A CUP) to the soup in a slow stream. It is a wonderful soup for all seasons; and quite filling.
  18. Hi ; I knew people who knew Dean. They all swear that Dean was not a DRINKER. It was basically an act he was doing on TV.
  19. I have a mediterranean food background since I am Armenian. The soup is called Avgolemono (Greek Egg and Lemon Soup) that is Greek in origin. The soup title is translated into lemon egg drop soup in English, which is absolutely delicious. Here is a recipe by Chef Robert Irvine. PREV RECIPENEXT RECIPE Lemon Egg Drop Soup 1 Review Recipe courtesy of Robe
  20. Here are some yummy POP CORN alternatives for the TCM WINE CLUB? Here’s How To Pair Your Popcorn With Your Wine For The Perfect Movie Night By Emily Abrams 01/25/2018 SHARE Flickr/H. Michael Miley Wine and popcorn are a winning combination, but if you’re going to be loyal to your favorite movie snack, you might as well do it right. Pick the right popcorn for your wine so that your taste buds get the best action while you’re sucked into Netflix. Whether you buy your popcorn already flavored or yo
  21. What does irreverence have to do with polished production values? Well, at Paramount it was everything, especially in their comedy output, Their comedies were in a league of their own. That is why I enjoy their comedies more than other studios output. Take the ROAD PICTURES, Bob and Bing were having the time of their lives pulling jokes and situations that were outside the norm of output from other studio. Such as the ending of THE ROAD TO UTOPIA, where the writers make a sneaky wink, wink about infidelity. I do not know how they got away with it. Finally, the Billy Wilder a
  22. At Paramount, the operative word was irreverence in many of their films. Even with DeMile, there was some of it in Cleopatra, which cannot really be taken seriously. In many ways silly. The Plainsman, is hardly historical. NORTHWEST MOUNTED POLICE was funny in it awfulness. There was CITY STREETS 1931 (Gary Cooper and Sylvia Sydney), which is hardly glossy or sentimental. Paramount was a mixed bag of films. Their comedies are among the best of the studios output.
  23. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/michael-cohen-plea-deal_us_5ad20bd8e4b0edca2cba4685 Two TRUMP OFFICIALS ARE GUILTY in Federal court. Cohen and Paul Manaford are going to Prison. See who else gets gets indited? Perhaps Donnie Junior.
  24. Because they have to pay a licensing fee to borrow them from Universal (Universal controls many of the Paramount films up to 1949). When TCM programmers decide to air classic Paramount films, they tend to pick stuff with Mae West, or films made by Preston Sturges or Billy Wilder. I respectfully disagree with the licensing bit. They can afford to pay Universal for the use of their classic GARY COOPER films from PARAMOUNT. They cannot be that costly. when they did MARLANE DIETRICH AS THE SOFM, they paid UNIVERSAL FOR THE USE OF THE FILMS. TCM would have exposed the public t
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