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  1. I went through all the Best Picture winners up to 2000, and it's always possible I made a mistake somewhere, but I'm pretty sure there are only two TCM has never shown: The Sound of Music (20th Century Fox, 1965) and Platoon (Orion, 1986).

    Let's say that a film was shown once 10 to 15 years ago, it doesn't count.  It is ancient history and no one can relate to that.

  2. This is for TCM'S PROGRAMMERS:  Please, add some CLASSIC PARAMOUNT FILMS THAT STARRED GARY COOPER, RAY MILLAND, Bing Crosby and the wonderful Paulette Goddard's films such as KITTY.  Perhaps, the heads of programming can make an agreement with UNIVERSAL PICTURES TO USE Their classic PARAMOUNT AND UNIVERSAL FILMS to be shown on TCM.  It would help both parties.

  3. Wait, didn't they just show Beau Geste? I wasn't watching, but I think that was the one I got in the heated argument with the guy who thought Ben M. was being too PC in his intro.

    I am sorry but they did not show it recently OR AT ALL.  What a shame. Beau Geste is one of the best adventure films made starring Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Robert Preston, Susan Hayward and Brian Donlevy, who received an Oscar nomination for playing SARGENT MARKOFF.

  4. Here are a few. BEAU GESTE, EARLY CAROLE LOMBARD FILMS, THIS GUN FOR HIRE, THE GLASS KEY, THE GENERAL DIED AT DAWN,THE MINISTRY OF FEAR, MIRACLE AT MORGAN CREEK , HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO, AND MORE.  This is Paramount.  There is a long list of 20th Century Fox  and Universal films that they haven't shown. We can go on and on on this one. I believe TCM has shown about 25% of all classic films.  Therefore, the public does not know or been exposed to most of all the classic actors or their films.  I cannot believe it is due to the lack of money.  Their parent company TIME WARNER HAS PLENTY MONEY TO SPARE.  Repeating the same films over and over is bad for keeping their audience.  People get ticked off.

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  5. Even in a fanciful film like The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Sanders is at his roguish best, luring Gene Tierney into an affair which he lets her believe will someday lead to more than instant gratification. I love the scene where she declares she's a widow and therefore single: "Oh ...", he says, followed by his eyes lighting up and "... Oh???"

    SANDERS gets his comeuppance in GHOST AND MRS. MUIR, when his wife leaves him and so does Mrs. Muir. He is left alone when his children are taken away.

  6. One of Jacques Tourneur's best films, the underrated "I Walked with a Zombie," is playing on Turner Classic Movies (TCM.)  The film is loosely based on Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" legendary book with a modern slant set in the Caribbean.  This film is one of my favorite Tourneur films, even more so than "The Cat People."  There are no big names in the cast, but that does not matter.  The story and atmosphere are what counts.


    Here is Leonard Maltin's review of said film:

    3.5 out of 4 Stars



    Jacques Tourneur. Frances Dee, Tom Conway, James Ellison, Edith Barrett, Christine Gordon, Theresa Harris, James Bell. Nurse Dee comes to Caribbean island to treat zombielike wife of troubled Conway, finds skeletons in family closet, plus local voodoo rituals and legends that cannot be ignored. Exceptional Val Lewton chiller with rich atmosphere, mesmerizing story. Loosely adapted from Jane Eyre! Read small-print disclaimer in opening credits carefully.

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  7.   6 hours ago, TheCid said:

    Always find it interesting when movies have scenes from the LA River.  I assume that at some times, there is actually more than a trickle of water in it?  Does it ever get fairly full?  Asking about the concrete portions used in movies.

    I dont live in LA, but I think it depends on the season. In the old days it used to be a river, but they damned it all up to prevent flooding. I think some of the upper parts are river/creek like before it hits LA.........

    The reason the LA RIVER WAS CEMENTED AND DAMED happened when the floods of 1938 devastated  the city.  There was flooding everywhere with the river cresting.  It was an STRONG EL NINO EVENT.  NO ONE KNEW WHAT EL NINO WAS, WHICH THE OCEAN CURRENTS CHANGE AND THE WATERS GET WARMER, CAUSING HEAVY RAINS. it is a periodic event from the Pacific Ocean.

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  8. Good-bye Tab. RIP You never took those roles that were given to you, very seriously.He was one of the best players in the uneven THE LOVED ONE (1965).


    Attention TCM, PLEASE PLAY DAMN YANKEES AS A tribute since it is Warner's film; therefore, you should procure it easily.

  9. I saw a bit of party girl.  I wasn't impressed.  Here is a film that was shown on Noir Ally last year to make up for this boring movie. It is SIDE STREET 1950 STARRING FARLEY GRANGER, KATHY O;DONELL, CHARLES MCGRATH, JEAN HAGEN AND OTHERS from the noir universe.

    Here is the link to view the full move


  10. SIXTY MINUTE MAN BY BILLY WARD AND THE DOMINOES was recorded three months earlier than ROCKET 88, DECEMBER 1950 TO MARCH 1951 respectively.  SIXTY MINUTE MAN was so sexually explicit that it drove the adults crazy.  However, the kids loved it.  The lead singer was the legendary CLYDE MC PHATTER.



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  11. The usually doir Edmond O'Brian is such a riot as the gangster boyfriend of Jayne Mansfield. Every time, he tries to sabotage Jayne's relationship with Tom Ewell, he falls flat and loses.  At the end , he becomes a Rock and Roll star with a  hilarious hit record. I wish TCM WOULD SHOW IT.  However, it is  20th Century Fox film, so it would be hard to show it to TCM FANS.

    I REMEMBER SEEING  the film at the last showing at THE STUDIO DRIVE-IN, IN CULVER CITY CA.  ThE LA CONSERVANCY HAD AN EVENT,THE LAST REMAINING SEATS, THERE to say good-bye to the drive in. Although we had a  great time watching the movie at the drive-in; it was a bittersweet moment.

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  12.       In the early and mid 1970s (before VCRs), I watched all those Paramount classics on Channel 5. As a young film buff, it was my primary resource for viewing films. I saw so many great classics for the first time on the overnight programming called "Movies until Dawn." W C Fields, Bob Hope, The Marx Brothers, and so many others. Channel 5 also had weeknight 8PM movies, and often had theme weeks, like a Road Movie week or Abbott & Costello week. Good Times!  Other great movie sources in LA in the seventies were "The Million Dollar Movie" on KHJ Channel 9, and "The Late Show" and "The Late, Late Show" on KNXT (now KCBS) Channel 2. I left the area in 1977 and moved to a town with only 3 channels. This was my movie "dark ages." Until I got my first VCR in 1983, good movies were few and far between. From VCRs, to cable (AMC was the best source before Turner pulled his library and founded TCM), to Satellite (DirecTV), to DVDs, then finally DVRs & TMC, I have been on a 35 year classic movie binge that I could not have dreamed of in the 1970s. Because of all of this, I can say that, "I, too, remember Shirley Ross." 

    Hi Guys;
    Did you guys the films shown on  weekly afternoons  in he 70s by KTTV CHANNEL 11, WHERE THEY PLAYED CLASSIC FILMS FROM MGM, COLOMBIA AND 20TH CENTURY FOX.  AS I RECALL, THE HOSTS NAME WAS DON LAMONT.  He was quite knowledgable about the films and its stars.
  13. I knew what you are doing.I WAS PLAYING. It is OK. I had some fun this morning.  Nothing personal about it. I saw Armored Car Robbery online yesterday. There are OTHER ways to see noir for free on line. I am not impressed by McGraw.  But
    William Tallman steals the show.  He is a menacing AND convincing villiain with psychotic tendencies. McGraw resembles William Bendix. I'll take Bendix anytime.  Bendix was fantastic in THE BLUE DAHLIA playing Buzz, who was the shell shocked vet during the war  AND PRIME SUSPECT.

    Eddie should get some PARAMOUNT NOIRS SUCH AS THIS GUN FOR HIRE, THE GLASS KEY AND THE BLUE DAHLIA. Alan Ladd basically started the noir movement without being aware of it at the time. When Mr. Osborne was alive, he showed these CLASSIC NOIR films on TCM.

    If anybody is interested in viewing a great Noir film.  Here is thE link to view THIS GUN FOR HIRE FOR FREE.  ALAN LADD SURE BEATS CHARLES WHATSHISNAME.


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  14. You people are wrong that a NOIR FILM HAS TO BE IN BLACK AND WHITE.  THERE ARE COLOR EXAMPLES SUCH AS " LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN".  Eddie called LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN a noir film.  How many has seen it?

  15. THE CID

    Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor are very good actors.  As good as Richard Basehart for sure.  I have always found both He Walked By Night and Richard Basehart kind of boring.  Although he did OK in Tension.



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  16. He Walked by Night", and "Tension". I agree that the latter two are probably  better movies and better stories, but that doesn't mean we have to diss "Armoured Car Robbery".  Noir apples and oranges.


    Sorry, I still say that Charles Mc Graw and Marie Wind are bad actors . SO SUE ME. You cannot be so arrogant While dissing someone else's opinion.  

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  17. I cannot understand why many of you think CHARLES MCGRAW IS A GOOD ACTOR.  HE ISN'T. he stinks as an actor. Eddie is wrong about this and the so-called talent of Marie Windsor.  If you want to see terrific acting, you need to re-check RICHARD BASEHART'S  chilling performance in "HE WALKED BY NIGHT". Basehart is one of the best AND more versatile, who never got his due.  Also, check what he does in TENSION, WHERE HE PLAYS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the character in HE WALKED BY NIGHT. I would recommend that instead of the ARMORED CAR ROBBERY.

    You know, airprose, it doesn't have to be a case of "either" /"or".  I love all three of these noirs, ie, "Armoured Car Robbery,", "He Walked by Night", and "Tension". I agree that the latter two are probably  better movies and better stories, but that doesn't mean we have to diss "Armoured Car Robbery".  Noir apples and oranges.

    I also agree with you about Richard Basehart, a truly great actor and one who's never really been given his due. Have you seen his touching performance in "La Strada"? But again, I'm not sure I see any reason to compare his acting to people like Charles McGraw or Marie Windsor.

    I stand by my statement.  A good actor is a good actor. Bad one is a bad actor, You cannot change things.  We can agree to disagree.  Please, do not get personal. You do not know me to make judgements.



    IS is on third rate films and third rate actors.  Last year, Eddie showcased quality noir. This year he is featuring stinkers such as ARMORED CAR ROBBERY,  


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  19. Can anyone explain to me the bit in the final scene of the movie? Where Charles McGraw is reading from a detective magazine to his young partner in the hospital, and then they both start laughing and McGraw humorously tosses the magazine away?

     It seemed like a reference to something earlier in the film that I must've missed when I looked away for a minute.


    Pardon me, but what a lame FINAL SCENE. It is attributed to poor writing.

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