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  1. Richard Fleicher did not want to stay directing B Pictures . ...... .....I forgot to mention 10 Rillington Place (1971) that FLEICHER DIRECTED WITH A YOUNG RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH. I suppose that would be calLED NEO-NOIR TODAY. I kind of don't want to get into this, but I can't seem to stop myself: I would not call "10 Rillington Place" a noir of any kind, "neo" or otherwise. I don't regard movies about psychotic sex killers as "noirs" - some of them might be good movies, and they're certainly dark, but they are in a different category from noir. You are wrong about this one.
  2. I cannot understand why many of you think CHARLES MCGRAW IS A GOOD ACTOR. HE ISN'T. he stinks as an actor. Eddie is wrong about this and the so-called talent of Marie Windsor. If you want to see terrific acting, you need to re-check RICHARD BASEHART'S chilling performance in "HE WALKED BY NIGHT". Basehart is one of the best AND more versatile, who never got his due. Also, check what he does in TENSION, WHERE HE PLAYS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the character in HE WALKED BY NIGHT. I would recommend that instead of the ARMORED CAR ROBBERY.
  3. Richard Fleicher did not want to stay directing B Pictures . He graduated from them to direct some very good A pictures such as THE BOSTON STRANGLER, DR. DOOLITTLE, THE FANTASTIC VOYAGE AND THE GIRL IN THE RED VELVET SWING. and more. I forgot to mention 10 Rillington Place (1971) that FLEICHER DIRECTED WITH A YOUNG RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH. I suppose that would be calLED NEO-NOIR TODAY. EDDIE neglects to MENTION THAT ASPECT OF Fleicher's career. Richard Fleicher was a good enough director to be making A pictures for the major studios. He was a respected DIRECTOR THROUGHOUT THE INDUST
  4. I'm not knocking San Francisco, but was just pointing out they certainly didnt do justice to the Fabulous Fox (as it used to be called) and probably other buildings as well over the years. It's like that everywhere. Some places more than others. Tear down the old, on with the new! I'm well aware of the Conservancy and LA has a lot more old theaters still standing than other cities. Some of that was luck (the area not being prime real estate) but hard work too. But not all of them survived. Can only do so much. During 1963, things were so different. Historical architecture meant noth
  5. HIBI And that's why the Fox theater was torn down in the early 60s? Just sayin'.... The Fox Theatre was torn down in 1963 before, HISTORIC PRESERVATION BECAME A CAUSE TO SAVE HISTORIC BUILDINGS. MRS JACKIE KENNEDY-ONASSIS SPEARHEADED HISTORIC PRESERVATION AS A CAUSE IN THE SEVENTIES. As for SAN FRANCISCO, I lived there in the 70s and ; I saw a transformation in the way the community (spearheaded by thE GAY COMMUNITY) ,ADVOCATED to keep its architectural history. I ALSO WORKED IN HELPING THE LOS ANGELES CONSERVANCY AND THE ART DECO SOCIETY LA FIGH
  6. FORT POINT is still standing, it's a Historic Landmark (for the time being). with the housing crisis in the Bay Area tho, it's only so long before it's condos. FORT POINT IS IN THE PRESIDIO, WHICH is a very valued historic and tourist attraction. Unlike other cities, San Francisco takes its architectural heritage very seriously.
  7. This is off topic, but here is a clip from THE PRE CODE RED DUST 1932, WHERE MARY ASTOR SHOOTS CLARK GABLE. You will find her manipulating the men in her life. by playing sweet and innocent. The shooting happens 2 minutes into the video. MS Astor was a great actress that never got her proper due. Sorry about the poor video.
  8. Lee J. Cobb was so much better as the heavy in JULES DASSIN'S THIEVES HIGHWAY 1949. He is so miscast in this one. If anybody saw Thieves Highway you will know the difference. In Thieves Highway, he menaces Richard Conte to the hilt by stealing his produce load. He is extremely convincing there. I wish Eddie would show Thieves Highway on TCM.
  10. Here is another video of the same film with Helen Morgan singing.
  11. I am deeply sorry that Turner Classic Movies (TCM) hasn't used the 1936 version of Show Boat. The 1936 "Show Boat" is owned by MGM. The earlier movie features great performances from Irene Dunne, Helen Morgan, and Paul Robeson. It is a shame. Here is Paul Robeson singing "Old Man River".
  12. Cyd was never a good or better actress. She was lacking. I will tell you her best acting role was a small role in the Noir Classic Tension (1949) with Richard Basehart. She and Basehart were terrific together. Director John Berry got a very good performance out of her.Here is a clip from Tension. You will see Cyd interacting with the wonderful Richard Basehart.
  13. No one would also accuse Muller of having any real background as a film critic or as a knowledgeable movie viewer per se, so it is not surprising that he just gives his off the cuff impressions of films and actors for his monologues. "Surprise, surprise" as Casey Anthony would say. Go to any of his seminars and ask him an unrehearsed question about classic movies and you will find he has no real background knowledge of movies and probably doesn't know the difference between Ann Sothern and Anne of Green Gables, when it comes right down to it. He obviously researchs films online before comment
  14. AS I recall, Hud raped The Patricia Neal's Character, Alma.
  15. Burr has one of his best villain roles as the obsessed detective, very subtle but still menacing. The Burr character would be called today a STALKER. He show all the classic characteristics of a stalker. He follows MS. Scott to her home, her place of work or wherever he can find her. The character is truly creepy.
  16. I was going to post something about the NIcholas brothers because I didn't want to see their incredible talent overlooked. (Personally, I think there's waay too much emphasis on Judy Garland in this course, but I'm probably alone in thinking that). I'm very glad to see this thread! Nicholas brothers were nothing short of amazing. I agree completely. I met Fayed in the 1980s. He was a perfect gentleman. He was judging a Charleston competition in a Hollywood event. 3
  17. I will add Richard Basehart in He Walked by Night. He played a brilliant, but psychotic killer in that one.
  18. That posting was an accident. I was trying to remove the video image from the post. However, I couldn't remove it It accidentally posted. I was meaning to post the song Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish from the Garden on the Moon (1938), which is the ultimate of silliness. Here is the video that I was attempting to post. Here is the history of this film. Dick Powell was the first person assigned to the film. He refused to do it. A very young John Payne is the singer, Betty Davis went on suspension for refusing to do the film. Margaret Lindsay took her place. One more thing,
  19. The Nicholas Brothers did a fantastic dance routine on DOWN ARGENTINE WAY. Whenever, I see them, I am awestruck by their acrobatic skills.
  20. You are so right about the superlative cast. This too is a missed opportunity by the network. The network can get these films easily. They do not cost much. It is free advertising for Fox. Here is CAB CALLAWAY, NICHOLAS BROTHERS AND BILL BOJANGLES ROBINSON:
  21. My one quibble with Thalberg is what he did with the Marx Brothers. Their earlier stuff, closer to their vaudeville schtick and absolutely unhinged, is preferable to the elegance of A Night at the Opera and A Day at The Races. You are so right about the Marx Brothers. Take DUCK SOUP FROM PARAMOUNT, it is their best film. Nothing can compare to it. It was one wild adventure.
  22. There were several Thalberg MGM films shown yesterday such as DAVID COPPERFIELD, TALE OF TWO CITIES, ANNA KARENINA AND OTHERS.In my opinion, tragically, Cinema lost so much when Mr. Thalberg died. What is your take?
  23. Top Billed Did you like Ginger IN THE PRIMROSE PATH 1940? She was wonderful in it . First of all,Ginger did not play a hooker. Her mother and grandmother were prostitutes. I do not know how this film passed the censors. She plays opposite Joel Mac Crea. THE YOUNG JOEL WAS ONE OF THE MOST SEXY MEN IN HOLLYWOOD.
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