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  1. Please check out the most recent Google Doodle, honoring iconic cinematographer James Wong Howe. Mr. Howe was one of the pivotal cinematographers in classic Hollywood. He did most of his work at Warners Bros., but worked in other studios as well.
  2. it is FIVE BRANDED WOMEN from 1960. It stars Van Heflin, Richard Basehart, Jean Moreau, Barbara Bel Geddes, Vera Miles and other notables. It runs on You Tube. i liked it. It is worth a look. It is rare film today.
  3. The wonderful Glenda Farrell is on TCM this morning. Mrs. Farrell as Torchy Blaine played an intelligent career oriented woman that was rare in the 1930s. She always played a fast talking dame in the Warner Brothers films such as the MYSTERY AT THE WAX MUSEUM and others. Today, TCM is running the rarely seen TORCHY BLAINE series from the 1930s with the underrated Barton MacLane. Glenda is nearly forgotten, but an important part of early talkie history. As a kid, I always enjoyed her performances. It is always worth a look. HERE IS A DVD review of the Torchy Blaine Series:
  4. Lilian Gish "In the Night of the Hunter" Ms. Gish was one tough cookie.
  5. If anybody is interested, one of Eddie Mueller's favorite noir films is "Thieves Highway," which is running on FOX Movie Channel (FXM) on May 25th, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time. \
  6. Does anybody remember the DOCTOR Series starring Dirk Bogarde from Great Britain. It is a terrific series that TCM hasn't aired since the Robert Osborne years. Bogarde played Dr. Simon Sparrow in four films. The films are so funny, in the British way.
  7. Thelma was wonderful in two MARX BROTHERS FILMS 'MONKEY BUSINESS and HORSE FEATHERS. She held her own to Groucho Marx. if anybody needs a link to see the films on line, i will secure it.
  8. Here is the real Hollywood tragedy of Actor John Garfield. He was no communist but a liberal Democrat. He would not name names due to his upbringing about not snitching on his fellow artists. He was being badgered. He went on a drunken bender by that he could not work. He had already had a heart attack previously. He died at the age of 37. He was one of the Hollywood greats who was a precursor to Brando and De Niro. Hollywood lost a great talent. He need not have died. Now, where the sympathy to his widow and his two orphan children? Lee J Cobb's children get sympathy ,but John
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_blacklist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Hollywood_blacklist Here is a completed list of artists who were blacklisted during the 1950s.
  10. Nowadays, it is ageism that affects actresses more than actors. Unless you are Meryl Streep, an actress' shelf life is less than 10 years. Daphne
  11. The Blacklist did damage to the whole Film Industry in the 1950s. It hit hard the screenwriters, directors and many actors. A good portion of the Blacklisties were Jewish. Big hint of Anti Semitism. Let me list some of the people who were Blacklisted. Actors John Garfield, Charlie Chaplin ,Zero Mostel , Ann Revere and other lesser known actors and actresses, Directors Joseph Losey, Jules Dassin, John Berry, Screenwriters Dalton Trumbo and others. You can get a glimpse of the draining of the talent pool. One more issue, The Supreme Court eventually deemed the Blacklist as Unconsti
  12. What about Disney's early Classic Animated Features such as "Snow White, "Fantasia", "Bamby"? I see them as telling a grand story. They were originally meant for Children but over the years people of all ages embraced them. In the case of "Fantasia", it is both entertainment and an ART FORM with its revolutionary use of music and animation that defied tradition. He used Leopold Stratavinsky in one of the pieces. I see it as an ART FORM that never can be matched.
  13. HELLO; I am a baby Boomer and I have no qualms about nudity. the nudity in question is in a natural setting. It was hardly graphic. So what is the problem. The funny th ing about the Hays Code was that illicit sex was allowed in the past (19th Century) such as a "Woman Rebels", Conquest Anthony Adverse, Anna Karenina, Forever Amber, Kitty and others We came of age when 1950s sexual attitudes were being thrown to the way side. At A time like the 1970s, it went too extreme. Them, AIDS CAME into the picture IN THE 1980S AND THREW A CAUTIONARY note. All, I can say is what is the pr
  14. Hello Here is another clip from another film "Destry Rides Again"" You will see the terrific Comic Character Actor Billy Gilbert as then bartender. We do not see too much Billy nowadays.
  15. If you must know Jackie Cooper's performance in the original Champ (1932) with Wally Berry was top notch. His performance as Dink is leagues ahead of Ricky Shroeder's. He is so believable as the kid that is both Father and Son to Beery's character. The end is so heartbreaking.
  16. Let me know if Herbert Marshall is a heel or a man wronged by his wife.
  17. Can anyone guess what movie the clip is from? It is very easy. Isn't she amazing? You see a very young Cary Grant here. To all the Dietrich haters, you are so wrong. She was one of the biggest stars from the real Golden Era, the 1930s.
  18. PLEASE, CHECK ON LOS ANGELES CONSERVANCY'S guided walking tours of historic Los Angeles. It is a wonderful experience.
  19. Richard Basehart played WARREN QUIMBY AND PAUL SOTHERN in the noir classic TENSION (1949)
  20. I say. Robert Donat in Rene Clair's "The Ghost goes West"(1936) There Donat plays the ghost as well as his modern descendant.This one is a little known gem that should be played on TCM. Clair also directed Ï Married a Witch (1942)
  21. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cocktail-party-physics/hop-skip-and-a-jump-remembering-hedy-lamar/ Hi Guys; First of all, the true Hollywood genius was Ms. Hedy Lamar. She would tinker with electronic and made friends with people in the scientific community. Nobody, thought much about her brains due to her beauty.But she was a true genius. Here is a terrific article about Hedy Lamar's genius. She figured out a frequency split that would revolutionize computer technology in the future. If Scientific American thinks much about Hedy, then she was a true genius.
  22. Honestly guys, Judy Holiday could not have an IQ 182. For the record, Einstein scored at 160 and Stephen Hawkins scored at 162. Perhaps, she was close to 140?.She couldn't be in that class. I would like to see her doing long equations on the board? that would be funny. The IQ story is probably an urban legend.
  23. Hi if anybody remembers the great Glenda Farrell, she will return as Torch Blaine towards the end of May in the film serial series. If anybody knows Glenda, she was the fast talking reporter of just a curious dame during the pre code era at Warner Brothers such as "the Mystery at the Wax Museum". It was always a joy to watch her antics. Then, she was relegated down to the B Unit. What a shame that there was no more use for her in the A unit.
  24. Thank you; You presented an eloquent reply to my post. Los Angeles is a troubled city. It still doesn't respect its past. i hope the Downtown Renaissance help save these buildings. The movie theaters are so terrific. IT IS WORTH A LOOK. One more thing. If people go to see the "LAST REMAINING SEATS PROGRAMS, they will be taken to the off limits areas in the theaters. You will see the projection room, The Ballroom, the nursery for tots , secret spaces that were used for VIPs. At the LOs Angeles, there are marble encased restrooms for the ladies at still stand. They are still there
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