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    Blondie movie series

    I'm a big fan of the "Blondie" film series and wish the powers that be would soon release all of the movies in a digital remastered Golden Series format with behind the series commentary because it's been a very long time since I was able to watch this series on TV and would love to hear some background information of how and why this particular series came to be. One of my favorites involved crooks dognapping Daisey the pup because some gangster's moll wanted to own the pooch for herself and the Navy came to the rescue in a slapstick fight sequence in the head gangster's nightclub(one of the goons is played by Marc Lawrence who gets punched in the jaw by Dagwood--how cool is that!"), but it would be great if the entire series was released on DVD for the public to enjoy!
  2. You're right about the sound editor and the great job done with voice sync. I've never heard of this film and got it while flipping through my cable preview guide. This film is laugh out loud hilarious and found out later that it had been part of a TCM body swap theme night and I unfortunately missed the other films shown earlier, but I'm glad I was able to catch "Turnabaout".
  3. I've enjoyed the work of all the actors everyone has mentioned so far, and I'm sure there are hundreds more whose talent and face, if not the name has enriched a film viewer's enjoyment over the years. Lack of recognition for character actors is true today as it was in the past, atleast from popular ententaimnet magazines and tv shows(thanks for TCM.com and many other nostalgia websites currently on the net!). Where are the profiles--with photos and/or film shots ofcourse of character actors like Regina Taylor, John Finn, Chris Bauer, Jose Ferrer, Stephen Trobolowski, Kurt Fuller or Lindsay Crouse just to name a few? I know this forum is mainly for actors from older films, and while the filmworks of the unsung bit players speak for themselves, I just wish the media could shower these hard working talented artists with some well deserved praise instead of spashing one more celebrity's public display of poor judgement across the magazine pages and on the airwaves...ofcourse this is just my opinion for what its worth.
  4. I'll watch any film if certain actors show up in the credits. Any thoughts on actors like Richard Lane, Allen Jenkins, Patsy Kelly, Lucille Ball, Marc Lawrence, Jack Carson, Chester Morris, Kenneth Toby or on any of the hundreds of bit players whose pressence always helped elevate a mere "B" movie beyond the expectations of a particular studio which always seemed to show more interest in their "A" movie product due to higher bugets. I don't know about you, but movies like "Detour", "Dressed To Kill" and "Hoodlum" to name a few have made a deep impression on me, more than some of the Studios' bigger bugeted releases could ever have.
  5. To yanknrebel, sorry I don't have any of the titles on vhs or dvd that I've asked about--wish I did!
  6. I posted an error regarding my inquire regarding "The Good Humor Man"--it did not star Jack Carter, but comedian/actor Jack Carson. I would really appreciate any info regarding the availability of this title.
  7. Does anyone know if the Jack Carter movie "The Good Humor Man", as well as "The Fuller Brush Man" and "The Fuller Brush Girl" films are available or if they're part of TCM's film library?
  8. Patsy Kelly and Joan Davies never fail to get me laughing
  9. I love them all, but for different reasons. If I'm looking for more developed story lines, most of the Curly shorts would be the ones to watch. But for all out, no holds bared knock-about slapstick violence, the ones with Shemp seem to fill that bill. Having said that, one of my favorites is a Curly short that was more in the Shemp slaptick vein with the boys battling a trio of suited goons called "Three Loan Wolves", followed closely by "Dizzy Detectives". I really prefer the shorts where the boys come together to take on henchmen and villians who had done them wrong, coming out on top after battling back. Does anyone know why there's hardly any good ol' fashioned konk on the head silly slapstick in the world anymore?
  10. Some of my favorites are: "The Professionals", "Winchester ''73", "Along Came Jones", "Once Apon A Time In The West", "Cat Ballou", "Two Rode Together" and "Stranger From Arizona".
  11. If I only had to choose two, I would have to say "Along Came Jones" with Gary Cooper and Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles". But a lot of the old "B" westerns have great comedic bits and I have to mention a few of them, like Buck Jones' "Stranger From Arizona" which hasn't been broadcasted in a while and is not avaliable on either VHS or DVD, and "Prarrie Badmen" from Buster Crabbe's Billy Carson series, because in this one Buster holds his own against the slapstick antics of his co-star Fuzzy St. John and has Kermit Maynard, a cowboy actor I'd seen in a lot of these westerns, but whose name I've only recently discovered, involved in several tounge and check fist-a-cuffs with both Crabbe and St. John.
  12. I wish TCM would release a collection of the Joe McDoakes and Pete Specialties, the ones which showcased the slapstick talents of a certain blond haired stuntman who would have been right at home playing one of the suited goons from a Shemp Howard Three Stooges short getting bested by The Boys in one of their typical slapstick fights!
  13. Dennis also served as a host on the Encore Western Channels, giving background info on showcased movies and I am old enough to remember seeing him on Gunsmoke every saturday night with my dad giving life to Matt Dillon"s good hearted somewhat bumbling deputy Chester Goode. I still think Sam McCloud was his best TV character. Dennis, Don and Darren...so long to three great character actors who will achieve immortality through their film work.
  14. I remember discovering Darren starring in NBC's "The Outsider" and I was hooked from that point onward. I was able to find his earlier work from the 50's "Mike Hammer" series and ofcourse as Karl Kolchack from "The Night Stalker" series. Darren and his wife Kathy Brown were class acts, and I miss the man already.
  15. The Alister Simm version gets my vote!
  16. Someone really needs to get off thier collective butts and release the Ray Malland ghost story "The Uninvited", which is, next to the Ray Wise "The Haunting" 60's release is one of the best ghost stories ever caught on film.
  17. I just wanted to say kudos to the production staff for making the monthly promos spotlighting upcoming movies with their clever use of original music and classic clips so fresh and unique ot TCM to promote the latest showcasing of movies, esp. those films fitting into the film noir catagory.
  18. Thanks to TCM, I'm also now a fan of Lon Chaney. They showcased a number of his films a while ago, and have released a few on DVD, but I'm hoping they put all avaliable Chaney titles out on DVD, esp. Tell It To The Marines. After seeing his films and getting background on how he approached playing a character, I can see why he was one of the most sought after actors of his day, and you can stack his performances up against the best of what today's Hollywood has to offer and his work still shines.
  19. In the early 60's, our CBS affiate in the Cleveland Ohio area had The Late Show and showed a lot of gangster and film noir movies. For science fiction fans, every Friday night after the news, we had Goulardi(played by the late great Ernie Anderson) who not only gave us great 50's sci-fi, where he sometimes inserted himself into the film action when the monsters chased the frighten citizens, but was one of the hippest guys on televsion at the time and made fun of local customs(the citizens of Parma Hgts were teased due to the high number of pink flamingos and colorful reflective spheres found on their lawns as well as white socks being part of their formal wear), parodied the popular TV series Peyton Place as well as poking fun at local luminaries like ABC affiate television news commentator Dorothy Fultiem long before it became the norm to skewer athority figures.
  20. This is my first post, and it's hard to narrow down my choices to a short list, but here are a few of my picks: The Miracle Of Morgan's Creek(my favorite); Sullivan's Travels; all Laurel And Hardy silent shorts; Blazing Saddles; Flirting With Disaster; Life With Blondie; Young Frankenstein; Raising Arizona; all Andy Clyde shorts; The Pink Panther series with Peter Sellers; Arsenic And Old Lace(tied with Morgan's Creek), and finally, all Monty Python all the time!
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