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  1. I'd like "Tonight And Every Night" on DVD too... of course there's no guarantee that they'd do the transfer right, and they might mess with the colour deliberately - which seems to be a sad trend lately. Apparently some studios are making the colours darker/muted on DVD 'cause they think old-fashioned Technicolour with it's brilliantly vibrant hues, just doesn't look "realistic" or "modern" enough for today's viewers. As if we *want* classic movies to be more like today's films! Bleh.
  2. Thank you TCM for scheduling Capra's "The Miracle Woman".... it's available in a Barbara Stanwyck collection in region 2, but not on region 1 DVD. I'm also glad "Forbidden" is going to be on again - Capra's direction and Stanwyck's excellent, heartfelt performance elevate the film far above other melodramas of it's type. Please keep the rare Frank Capra films coming!
  3. One last thing... I started this thread hoping others would join me in showing TCM how much interest there is in Frank Capra's early Columbia films. I think it would be a shame if they didn't take advantage of their access to Columbia's vaults, by unearthing rare Capra films that haven't been seen by the general public since their initial theatrical release in the 1920s & '30s... so very many years ago. Frank Capra was probably THE most important person who ever worked at Columbia, responsible for raising the studio up from lowly Poverty Row status, to compete with other majors li
  4. I tried to express my disappointment politely, and made sure to express my gratitude as well. So tell me, SamTherapy - why must you be such a JERK? I "don't give a rat's ****" if YOU have seen Frank Capra's earlier work and didn't care for it. How about thinking about someone other than yourself? You're damn lucky you've had a chance to see these rarities, so why go out of your way to express such a negative, dismissive comment about them, which might discourage TCM from airing the films for the rest of us? All of Capra's fans (and film historians in general) have a right to see and
  5. > Full story at: > http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/04/movies/homevideo/04r > ees.html?ref=movies Whoa. Thanks Cinemascope for sharing that article - it's sadly illuminating! Now I have a better understanding about the limited selection of DVDs in stores near me lately. I'm one of those people the article mentions, who's been forced to shop online for almost every DVD I want to buy. I never see catalogue titles/classics out on release date anymore...often not even for months afterwards. Then maybe a few copies trickle in. The stores that are able to order things in for
  6. This is what excites me the most about TCM's recent licensing arrangement with Columbia... I am grateful to TCM for showing a few extremely rare, never-on-home-video FRANK CAPRA films, from early in his directorial career. It was thrilling to see "Dirigible" (with Jack Holt & Fay Wray) and "Forbidden" (with the great Barbara Stanwyck). I'd just like to put in a request for more CAPRA rarities please please please! Sony/Columbia doesn't seem likely to release his earliest work on DVD... http://former.imdb.com/name/nm0001008/filmotype "That Certain Thing" (1928), "Submarine
  7. What - lzcutter coming across like a condescending know-it-all? Perish the thought! We can all learn so much from lzcutter. I've been wishing Warner would release a superior DVD of "Life With Father" as well. If TCM airs it, I suspect it would be the same crappy public domain print though - since that's what they did with other Irene Dunne movies like "Love Affair" and "Penny Serenade"... I recorded those off TCM in hopes they'd be upgrades of the cheapie DVDs, but no such luck.
  8. I'm sorry that I don't have any answers for you...but I wanted to chime in that this is something I too have been wondering. I wasn't aware of/buying DVDs back when HBO released these Goldwyn films on DVD and now, of course, they're out of print and terribly expensive on the second-hand market. Who can afford to spend hundreds of dollars per DVD? That's just insane. I hope whoever owns the rights to these films now, re-releases them on DVD at a reasonable price. At least TCM shows "Ball Of Fire" pretty often, and "Wuthering Heights" is finally going to be on in Feb & March... Now if
  9. mrsl - I guess there are exceptions to every rule Some rare, lucky individuals even become better-looking as they get older. But overall, I stand by my ruthless generalization. You really think Robert Osbourne is plastic surgery-free? I think his face is incredibly smooth and unlined for a 74 year old! (Just learned his age the other day on the boards and boy was I shocked) He doesn't seem to smile as widely as he used to (judging by older Private Screenings I've seen rerun) and his facial expressions seem a bit...limited. I've been thinking he's had some work done, but that's just
  10. I enjoyed all the Van Heflin movies that aired... and I managed to stay awake through most of 'em! Starting your day at 3am ain't easy. I give Van all the credit for keeping me alert. I think he was a great actor...certainly the best thing about that cheesefest, "Airport" - made you really care about his character, despite very little screentime. How many people *do* age well? Honestly? (Especially without the aid of plastic surgery) Getting older means you lose your looks - in my opinion it's inevitable. I admire those who accept that fact & "grow old gracefully" instead of o
  11. Thanks stoneyburke. On the bright side, maybe sleep-deprivation leads to Really Deep Thoughts. Or is it more like, I can't sleep 'cause I can't turn off my brain? Hmmm. I've always been a light sleeper and can't-stop-thinking-about-my-worries-toss-'n-turner, but TCM's definitely messing with my schedule too...sometimes I have to go to bed at 8pm (but can't always fall asleep that early!) in order to wake up for a whole bunch of rare old movies starting at 3am and going on til noon (ie: upcoming Van Heflin day...I look forward to it...but I also dread it!) ...and sometimes the schedule's
  12. Stoneyburke, for what it's worth I agree with many of your posts about TCM's programming. I'm sure many who disagree with us about that, could accuse us of posting "inflammatory insults" and of being trolls as well though. (the term "troll" is so often misused I wouldn't dare to label anyone that way, y'know?) Whether we call something an "opinion" or a flaming insult is also a matter of opinion, isn't it? Oh I dunno, it's 6 am and I haven't slept for 2 days, so don't believe anything I say. Anyway, now that I've learned Robert Osborne is actually 74 years old (!!!), I'm thinkin' his s
  13. Not 74 yet, but if I get there, I think I'd rather be able to smile REAL BIG and convey how I'm feeling, than be a mannequin. So he's 74?! Wow. He *must* have had work done then. Nobody that age has such a smooth, unlined face! (P.S. I know it's kinda mean to gossip, but if people can start celebrity gossip threads for modern-day stars, I figure it's more on-topic at least for me to speculate about someone who's actually *on* TCM. Besides, as with all celebs, he put himself out there in the public eye, so he should be expecting public scrutiny. I'm guessing he'd rather have peo
  14. Thanks for sharing that portrait! Can't recognize her, except by the eyes. Nice to see what she looked like as a young lady, as I've never seen her in anything but "matronly" roles on the screen. I'm glad TCM recently ran a tribute to Fay, giving us a chance to see some great, rare films...'cause there's an actress who's not a "big enough name" to get her own DVD boxset, unfortunately.
  15. I think this movie should've been included in the James Stewart Signature Collection - hopefully there'll be a Volume 2. Or release "The Mortal Storm" on DVD along with other WWII movies, I don't mean the "action" kind of war movies (many of which are already on DVD), but the kind that was meant to expose what the Nazis were like and educate Americans - I guess you'd call them propaganda films, but many of them are better quality than the word "propaganda" suggests. For instance, "The Mortal Storm" would fit nicely in a box with "Hitler's Children" (also starring Bonita Granville!) and "Esca
  16. Hahaha! I don't know, personally I've always find Robot (not a typo!) to be stiff and stilted, rather than drunk/loopy. Call me a troll too if you like, but I'm entitled to my opinion. He uses the same hand gestures EVERY TIME he introduces a movie, and his facial expressions are pretty limited too. Botox? 'Cause I saw some old Private Screenings from years ago and his face seemed more expressive then. His smile used to be wider & more natural too. I wouldn't be surprised if he's had some work done to smooth away the wrinkles (I mean, c'mon, all those Hollywood types do!) and unfort
  17. markus21 - Thanks for the extra trivia! It's truly fascinating. I'd just like to say "ditto!" to cclowell38's entire post... are you a mind-reader? That's exactly how I feel about Deanna as an actress... so charming, and so underrated. Believe it or not, I was thinking along similar lines the other day, that she was very Smart to get out of the movie business while still young, and live a private life away from the whole Hollywood scene. Although we fans want more of her on film, she did what was best for herself, and well, that's why she's still alive today, I reckon. I love Judy Ga
  18. > This ill-conceived notion of Mr. Mankiewicz' making > derogatory comments is absurd and a case of some > folks just being far too literal and weirdly > defensive, and subsequently having nuance escape > them. Ahem. Well, well, well...Aren't we feeling superior and condescending today? (And every other day) > was clear that he was referencing the term to > invalidate the notion that the film (or any > film) should only be regarded as a 'chickflick.' In > other words, he was making light of the way smaller > minds can pigeonhole films into narro
  19. > 2) Stop bitching that the films you want to see > aren't in the time period you'd like them to be. No. > all live in different time zones - so what is prime > time in LA (9pm) would be midnight in NYC. Yes, and either way, it's easier to tune in at 9pm or midnight, than it is to tune in for a Bette Davis movie that's on at 2am or 5am. Regardless of timezones, it's pretty obvious that TCM programs certain movies they most want to promote ('cause they were just released on DVD for instance) - in more of a "primetime" slot. I agree with constarkel - the most i
  20. Wait lzcutter! You forgot to make excuses for TCM's appalling web redesign and inconvenient printable schedules. Seems to me that's what most of the complaints on this forum are about. I'm proud of my "negativity" as I consider it proof that my brain hasn't turned into pudding. It's good to be critical, and customers have a right to complain if they believe they're receiving a product that has decreased in quality or could be improved. I've seen a lot of people on message boards like this, who are afraid to criticize, afraid to speak their minds and air just grievances. For fear
  21. Funny how everybody's harping on the musicals thing. That wasn't really the meat and potatoes of my rant...just a side dish. But do keep in mind that when debating TCM's alleged bias against musicals (remember? my original point?), one must examine all the evidence (see my earlier posts for more examples) - apart from merely counting the number of musicals TCM airs. Don't suppose anyone would care to comment on anything *else* I mentioned in my lengthy essays below? Alas, I fear I posted in the wrong thread and those who aren't interested in reading about Steve McQueen in The Blob are st
  22. > but then there's always those who will argue about > anything, which I find quite amusing. Oh yeah? Wanna fight? We're all arguing here. Some against, and some in favor of Ben. It amuses *me* that those who happen to like him feel they're standing on superior moral ground or something. I could be misreading the tone of people's posts and if so, forgive me, but Ben's fans seem almost a little...smug...and... condescending... kinda like Ben himself. Perhaps that's why they find nothing wrong with *his* behavior. Thanks cinematech - I'm glad I'm not the only one who f
  23. Thanks for elaborating... I'm glad you aren't suggesting TCM stop running her movies entirely, although I hope you can see how your initial post/subject line kind of implies that. I'm sure we all have a list of actors we'd like to see more often on TCM - I do too, so I understand where you're coming from. But I feel very protective of June, who seems like such a nice lady. Personally I enjoy her performances and want to see more of them, not less. Bette Davis is actually on a lot, although usually early in the morning. Keep an eye out for her films at 5am-ish.
  24. June Allyson is a sweet, wonderful person and an underrated actress, and I for one am THRILLED to see more of her movies on TCM, including so many that aren't (and probably never will be) available on DVD. It would be a damn shame if TCM took your "suggestion" and deprived June's fans of the chance to see her in rare, obscure films. I could start many threads about the actors, directors and movies *I'm* not crazy about, (for instance: Enough Alfred Hitchcock Already!!!) - but I think it would be rude and extremely self-absorbed to discourage TCM from airing someone's work just because *I*
  25. > But I think during December when Bing Crosby was > STOM they did show a lot of his musicals from the > early days. Did they? "Going Hollywood" was an early musical.. and I was thrilled to see it, as it's a rarity, but I was disappointed that mostly TCM ran lotsa Road pictures with Bob Hope and other movies that are easily available on DVD. And running That's Entertainment I and II in the allotted Bing slots was a bit of a cheat, I thought, since he's barely in them. > And TCM shows Singin in the Rain and 7 > Brides for 7 Brothers all the time. Ahem, yes, aaa
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