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  1. I was just waiting for it... I *knew* that nobody could dare criticize Robert Osborne on this forum without retaliation. > While I don't LOVE Osborne nor Mankiewicz (for > I don't put that much vested interest into their > personas), I do regard the former as personable, > professional, never 'snobbish,' and often informative > about behind-the-scenes aspects of the presented > film. And I regard the latter as a nice addition to > TCM, being playful yet also professional and > informative. I also like how Mankiewicz can be > self-mocking from time to tim
  2. Nuh-uh. Ben's annoying. He's not *playful*. He's smarmy. I have no problem with acknowledging a film's flaws or gently mocking something that's cheesy or whatever. But the manner in which B.M. pokes fun is ...well, not fun. In my opinion. He has a hipper-than-thou attitude that grates. And I've definitely seen him act scornful - now I almost wish I'd recorded his intros so I could transcribe what he said and prove it. But you need the visual element too - his whole manner is obnoxious. Although I've seen him introduce a Hitchcock movie with nothing but respect - so certain fil
  3. Yeah, people seem to love Robert Osborne around here (and I admit, he's better than Peter B. and Ben M. - who's even more condescending and downright insulting when he introduces movies on the weekends) - but I've found Robert Osborne snobbish before. For instance when Alfred Uhry, the guest programmer for November, selected "A Date With Judy", Osborne made some comments to the effect of "so, why'd you choose such a lightweight, fluffy MUSICAL?" Like every film has to be serious and full of lofty ambitions....hmmph. I think TCM is biased against musicals, since I don't see that genre re
  4. Wow, Peter "Stuffypants" Bogdonovich does celebrity impressions?! I'm almost tempted to tune into The Essentials just to check that out. I've only seen ads for it, and he always has that stony expression on his face... and his hands perpetually folded in front of him. It amuses me. But anyway, looks like Peter chooses movies based on his "connections" to the actors or directors involved...which is kinda self-serving and egotistical. Like the movie's just an excuse to tell his anecdote and brag about knowing the celebrities. Tsk tsk. I completely agree that The Essentials isn't ..
  5. Thanks Larry. I must say I was very annoyed (I'm still stewing over it, actually) that the TCM schedule totally gave away the 2 major plot points which Dorothy McGuire's character discovers over the course of the film...about the state of her health and her marriage... if it's meant to be a surprise to *her*, it should be a surprise to us too, eh? Otherwise you spend the film waiting for the main character to find out what you already know, and her emotional reaction loses a lot of it's impact on the audience. I've found the film summaries on the schedule are often filled with spoile
  6. This is all very interesting! Thanks for the background info and news blurbs. Deanna really does deserve more credit and to be remembered more today. I really hope TCM runs "It's A Date" again, as it's one of the few Deanna movies I don't own on VHS. In fact, if *I* were the TCM programmer, I'd run "It's A Date" and "Nancy Goes To Rio" back to back! Hell, make it Joe Pasternak Day and give us all those rare Deanna Durbin, Jane Powell and Kathryn Grayson movies!
  7. Yeah! Gee you'd almost think they don't WANT us to print out the schedule for free, eh? Well, I refuse to be manipulated into paying for their Now Playing Guide instead (even if I wanted to subscribe, which I don't, I assume they only have one guide anyway so it wouldn't even be accurate for Canada since they substitute movies sometimes over here) If I have to, I'll copy and paste each day's schedule into a wordpad, reformat it myself the way I like it, and print from there. It's incredibly tedious and time-consuming to do this for every single day, but if I must, I must.
  8. I complained about this in another thread and someone who works for TCM said that different timezones will be added to the schedule... eventually... but probably not til after the new year. (I'm hoping that means on January 1st, promptly! ) It should be a high priority, in my opinion. I'm with you BobNewman - there's no need to change the website, especially if they're going to remove useful options!
  9. Just wanted to say...I LOVE the Nostradamus shorts! I love the over-dramatic narration, I love the eerily accurate prophecies, I love the inevitable wartime propaganda tie-in at the end. I'd love to see more of the series (if there is more) - so far I'm just seeing the same 2 shorts repeated.
  10. I just checked out the Casablanca production notes... it's a great idea to make such things available, but why is it a Flash file? Well, I guess I know why... 'cause you want to "protect" the memorabilia so we can't save a copy to keep. Too bad, I was hoping it would be a jpeg scan, or text that we could print out. I guess this database is gonna be kinda like an online museum... we can look but we can't touch. Oh phooey, even the publicity photos/posters are in Flash format instead of jpeg. Not only that but the pop-up is way too large to view on my monitor. And there's no scrolling
  11. Wait, wait, wait... she had the operation and was okay? I don't remember that... I just remember them embracing at the end and then a shot of her waving as his car drove away...I think. I could be wrong, 'cause I was tired. (Why does TCM always run the movies I'm most interested in, the more rare, obscure ones, in the wee hours of the morning?!) Anyway, that was an abrupt ending. Was it implied that a lot of time had passed and the operation was successful? I thought they were leaving us hanging, wondering if she'd be okay or not... which is frustrating.. but I thought it tied into h
  12. I also noticed that the text is bigger than it used to be, and the formatting doesn't make best use of the space. It's a shame that people have to waste all that extra paper and ink cartridge. If I were of a more suspicious, cynical mindset, I'd almost suspect that TCM is trying to deter folks from printing out the schedules, so as to increase subscriptions to their Now Playing Guide. But that couldn't be it, surely! Alas, I can't think of another reason for making the schedules so unwieldy when they were perfectly convenient as they were. Why even have a printable option at all? I r
  13. > We have been testing the database for any errors, but > have been able to post reviews just fine. Lucky you! I've tried 4 times over the course of the day (for 2 different movies) and it's just not working for me. I'm giving up for now...maybe I'll try again in a week and see if the bugs have been worked out. Oh well, there's always the Internet Movie Database! (Sorry, that was cruel) > If anyone has had problems logging in or submitting > reviews, would you please post them in the Technical > Issues section...this would help us. I did... no response yet.
  14. The site search engine sucks now. And what's wrong with the convenience of suggesting a movie and being told immediately whether it's already on the schedule or not? It was a two-in-one kind of feature and a time-saver. Now we have to click around and visit more areas of the site to get all the information we need. Besides, in the past, you could decide whether to fill in the form to post on the message board about why you're suggesting/requesting a movie. Now... it's automatic. I prefer the old way, where you could suggest a movie, find out if it's coming up, and if not, your suggest
  15. I've been trying to submit some reviews but it's not working... Just a few minutes ago I tried submitting a review for "The Man Who Came To Dinner" (1942), and after filling out all the fields and clicking the Preview button, I got an error screen that said: The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings As far as I can see, my review didn't go through, as the page for the movie still says there are no comments/reviews. I'm on a PC, not a M
  16. Thanks for replying tcmweb1. > the runtimes - this is just a mix-up; we'll add the > exact runtimes soon. That's a relief! > As for time zones beyond Eastern, we will add these > in later, but it will likely be after the year. Luckily I saved the old html for the printable Canadian/Pacific schedule for December, so I can refer to that for the rest of the month. (If any Canucks want me to email it to them just private message me). Glad to hear all the timezones will be back for January. > We encourage you > to click on these links and read the data
  17. Oh, here's another change-for-the-worse that I've just noticed. I like the new message board layout in the "Suggest A Movie" section... BUT, I don't like the fact that it no longer tells you if/when a movie you've suggested will be airing in the next 3 months! That was very handy, to know instantly whether a movie you'd like to see/just requested, is already in the schedule or not.
  18. > The new look requires alot more work to get to the > information that was presented quite simply on the > "old" website. The new site is flashier but has much > less economy in getting to the info that's important > to the viewer...imho I just wanted to say that I heartily concur with jerryg. It seems to me they're needlessly complicating things, and I can only assume they're doing this so that we'll have to spend more time at this website, clicking through more pages, rather than going straight to the area we want to get the information we want *quickly*. Sorry t
  19. It's not about impatience. I question why this rebuild was even necessary! Seems to me most of us prefer things the way they used to be. Were people complaining about the old schedule and search engine, etc? I don't think so. So why did TCM decide to change it? So far it looks like they're only taking away certain useful functions and options we used to have. I hate it. If they don't bring back the ability to choose different timezones, and give us the *exact* runtimes of the movies like they used to....well, there's nothing I can do about it... except complain and whine and generally
  20. No you CAN'T access the old schedule any longer... my old bookmarks aren't working. The new printable version, apart from not being available for every timezone, has the WRONG runtimes for the movies! They used to give us the exact runtimes which was very useful and now they're rounding up. For instance, I don't see any movies listed as being 88 or 89 minutes long anymore. They're all 90 minutes now. 75, 105, 120, etc. This really sucks. We used to have a good idea when there was a significant amount of "spare time" between movies - but now we have no indication when to tune i
  21. Usually I like it when TCM gets creative with their ads/promos, etc... I LOVE the "Make It Home" ad, for instance. But this time I think they crossed the line from artistic to...artsy-fartsy and pretentious. > Maybe if they'd read the 'Gone but not > forgotten' thread, there would have been many more > nods to those we lost, instead of 'thought-provoking' > shots of phones, floors and toilets..hmph. Oh, stargzn, you really cracked me up! I completely agree with you. The motel room shots were distracting and, in my opinion, unnecessary. After all, style is nice t
  22. You're not alone. Much overkill with the ads/movie news. I don't have a problem with TCM advertising the movies they're going to run, and I LOVE the artistic, beautifully put together "Make It Home"/Christmas and "The End Is Near"/New Year's Eve ads. But I get so sick of seeing the blatantly commercial...well... commercials. I don't give a crap about the modern day movies TCM keeps promoting, like The Producers or the King Kong remake. I think they only have a tenuous connection to the classic movies we *really* tune into TCM for. I'm grateful there are no commercials during the movies,
  23. Damn, I really liked the old schedules. Where's the Pacific timezone version?! Don't tell me we're not going to be able to choose different timezones anymore! And why is the printable schedule a pop-up now? Is this because of my post at the end of last month, wherein I mentioned playing around with the urls and discovering the Canadian schedule for December before it was "officially" posted/linked to? The new pop-up version prevents that sort of thing. It also prevents you from saving the html to your hard drive, which I like to do for easy reference when I want to check something quickl
  24. I started a thread to gush about this ad the first day it aired... glad to see other people are noticing and appreciating it! The song is by Juliana Hatfield, one of my favorite singer/songwriters... here's her official website: http://www.julianahatfield.com
  25. I don't like Ben either. He's probably not responsible for his scripts... but he is responsible for the delivery. And he certainly doesn't come across well. It would be nice to see a FEMALE host on TCM, dontchyathink? Surely they can find a woman who's a classic movie lover, and comes across as smart and likeable. Give her the weekend hosting duties. I'm available.
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