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  1. Thank you for that informative tribute! I had no idea today was her birthday... it's a shame TCM hasn't programmed any of her films today. I realize they don't own her movie catalogue, but surely they could've licensed ...? I only hope the rest of her movies get released on DVD someday soon. Universal doesn't seem to remember how much they owe to Deanna Durbin!
  2. Just to clarify - I wasn't "fretting" over the TCM logo...quite the contrary. I know I'm late to join this discussion (I don't visit the forums regularly), but I felt like commenting on the original subject of this thread anyway. Didn't mean to upset anyone or stir up old arguments.
  3. I caught an ad this afternoon promoting Bing Crosby as Star of the Month, and other movies airing in December - and I was flabbergasted that it featured the song "Make It Home" by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Juliana Hatfield. What a brave, unconventional choice, using a relatively obscure song from the '90s that deserves more exposure, rather than an older Christmas standard. I guess there's a Juliana fan working for TCM (or perhaps a fan of the excellent TV series My So-Called Life, which featured that song in it's Christmas episode). Maybe I'm biased, but I think this i
  4. Just thought I'd say... personally I didn't have a problem with the TCM logo during King Kong. I figured it was there to make sure people bought the official DVD. And I will buy it, now that I've seen the movie first and know I like it - needless to say I think it's great that they air movies to promote the DVD release, giving us a chance to preview things instead of buying blindly. I never heard of Harold Lloyd before, but after seeing the TCM marathon, I'll be buying that box set too! Maybe it's 'cause I'm new to TCM, (after pining for it for years), but I'm just so grateful for the
  5. Thanks for responding so quickly... Just for fun, I opened up the November schedule for Canada... and messed around with the url, changing the 11 (for Nov.) to 12 (for Dec.) ... to see if it was there. It seemed to work... http://www.turnerclassicmovies.com/Schedule/Print/0,,12-2005|3|CAN,00.html Guess it's just not linked to from the main schedule page yet. Pardon my impatience! P.S. I'm very relieved to see my favorite movies will be airing here... and I'm actually liking the substitutions I've noticed so far. Thanks for the great programming
  6. I've been checking impatiently every day, because I'm anxious to learn which movies will be shown here in Canada, and which ones will be substituted. I know I shouldn't even look at next month's schedule to see what will be airing in the US, but I couldn't resist ...and now I'm worried that the movies I'm most looking forward to seeing in December might not be airing here. I guess it takes time to figure out licensing and so on, but I hope that Canada's schedules will be up on this website sooner in the future. After all, Americans get to look ahead a few months in advance! So it doesn'
  7. FYI, there are no children in my home. But that doesn't mean I can't be concerned for children and people in general. I don't like trashy, exploitative films like the Meyer movies, and I don't think they have any artistic merit. However, I'm not trying to stop other people from watching them. Do whatever you want, of course. But I think it's unfortunate when kids stumble across something like this unknowingly. Depending on your timezone, it won't be airing at midnight *everywhere* ...some kids will still be awake. It's not as simple as saying, "turn the channel" or "monitor what your k
  8. > As for ruining TCM by running them, I have always > thought that one of the purposes of TCM was to make > available films that people don't necessarily get > the chance to see on a regular basis. I could've sworn I saw a commercial a few years back, for some retro channel, a pay channel, advertising Russ Meyer movies and the like. So it's not like they aren't available to those who are interested in seeing them. I don't see why TCM have to run skin flicks and blaxploitation movies. *Those* are precisely the kind of trendy "cool" old movies that *other* channels are
  9. But I don't want to laugh at key dramatic points in a film... *grumble*grumble* I think now that we've all compared notes, it's safe to assume this is not a local problem, but a recurring problem with TCM in general. I don't know why, and it would be nice if a TCM staff member would reply to this thread and enlighten us. I guess you didn't receive a response when you wrote to them, because, as they say in their FAQ: Your cable company is largely responsible for the quality of your picture. Turner Classic Movies monitors and quality controls its signal when it leaves the building and
  10. I completely agree! These are NOT classic movies. For goodness sake, can't there be just ONE truly family-friendly channel on TV? (No, the Family channel *isn't* actually) I thought that TCM had come to rescue us from the crass crap of reality TV, stupid soaps and trashy movies. I was overjoyed to think there was finally an alternative to all this... and I admired TCM for providing a valuable service - quality entertainment and films with historical value... for movie buffs (and future movie buffs) of *all* ages.. And now it looks like TCM will be "dumbing down" to appeal to the
  11. No offense to those who enjoy them, but if it were up to me I'd outlaw all movies made after 1969. I don't really think movies from the 70s-present time should be airing on TCM. How can such recent films be considered "classic"? Just doesn't seem to fit, at least with my understanding of what TCM is about. And honestly, those newer movies are much more available (both on home video and other TV channels) - so I kind of resent one of them taking a TCM timeslot away from an older movie that's more obscure and difficult to find. Gimme the rare stuff instead If I had a say I'd also ask
  12. kevshrop - I noticed the audio going out of synchronization too... during the first James Stewart western. Among other problems. Thanks for your replies, guys. I'm really depressed about the whole thing. Maybe that sounds lame. But I love old movies. And I hate the state of television these days. TCM seemed like a savior. I'm hoping if these classic movies are more available on TV, kids will stumble across them and fall in love with them... as I did as a kid, watching Saturday Night at the Movies (remember Elwy Yost?) Honestly I've been wishing for TCM, and resenting it at the
  13. So far I'm actually preferring the substitutions... I'd rather see The Thin Man than some crappy Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn movie, any day! And I was glad to see a more obscure Joseph Cotten movie (The Man With A Cloak) instead of Portrait of Jennie (which is available on DVD and I already own it). So no complaints about that...yet. Now if only the picture would clear up. Shaw was having major problems yesterday with TCM. Late last night it improved - during Scaramouche there were only a handful of screen freezes/pixelation - as opposed to happening every few seconds - not to mention the
  14. I was so happy to discover that Shaw had started carrying TCM, and now I'm absolutely crushed to see that they're having MAJOR problems which render the movies unwatchable. I noticed some screen freezes last night, but it's gotten really bad now, during the airing of Fahrenheit 451. The picture keeps breaking up, freezing, and disappearing entirely. I've contacted Shaw and they say it's nationwide. Can any of you folks in other provinces (I'm in Vancouver, BC) confirm this? Supposedly technicians are working on it, but who knows how long it'll take to fix, or how reliable the si
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