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  1. Carole Lombard was featured last summer. A bag of old Paramount goodies. As for my list - Jackie Gleason Danny Kaye Rosalind Russell Red Skelton Robert Mitchum Errol Flynn Kirk Douglas Leo Gorcey Maureen O'Hara Richard Widmark Bob Hope Jack Benny George Raft Charlton Heston Michael Caine Eleanor Parker Ann Miller James Garner Betty Hutton Wallace Beery Jane Wyman Rock Hudson Steve McQueen Roy Rogers Buster Crabbe Howard Keel Valerie Hobson Olivia DeHavilland Charles Laughton Tyrone Power Carole Landis
  2. Yeah...I agree with some of the drawbacks mentioned. It probably wouldn't work in the long term. Can't wait to see who they have lined-up for Summer Under the Stars this August Thanks all for your input
  3. Wouldn't it be fantastic if TCM did a 24 hour showcase of a different star/character actor/medium star the whole year through? (except Oscar month of course) They could still run the essential titles like Casablanca and Singin' in the Rain etc etc etc several times as they need to and really nothing would be different, except that the films would be organized by star, thus giving alot of the more obscure titles TCM runs a better chance of being seen if fans of whomever know to tune in that day to see 12 of their films. It would certainly be a fresh change of pace to see the channel organized
  4. Bruce Dern in The Cowboys Jack Palance in Shane and Barabbas Charles McGraw in Spartacus Brian Donlevy in Beau Geste
  5. Great dancing for sure, but the rest of the film itself is definitely one of the dullest of the era. Astaire is only there for the musical numbers and Bing's just barely going through the motions.
  6. It hasn't played in my town at all either. So many films nowadays come and go with barely a whisper you wonder how anyone makes any money in Hollywood
  7. both Sleuth and Paris When it Sizzles are classics in my book. But thanks for your concern
  8. I recorded my copy off of Bravo a few years back. Never noticed a sepia sequence in it. But I have noticed a few films on Turner have flipped back and forth between black and white and sepia
  9. > Without a doubt, Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Both dull > as dishwater. Interestingly, I haven't seen a film > they've done together, I can't even imagine what > that's like. Can you imagine hilarious? Start there
  10. > > John Wayne annoys the hell out of me and in my > opinion, except for Stagecoach, I have not had the > stomach to watch one other movie of his. I don't like > his rug, I don't like his physique, nor his bowlegged > walk, nor his line delivery. John Wayne didn't walk bow-legged. John Wayne walked pigeon-toed and knock-kneed.
  11. I found it a surreal but disjointed art film made by a director (Delbert Mann) who was just not cut out to direct a bizarre Hollywood art film. Never read the book, but I've heard it's a religious allegory and the film itself is full of religious symbolism (the bum who claims he's God, the trip to the cathedral...after Garner hears Bach's Requiem Mass...Garner's closeness to God he finds in his music...the use of the name Grace...). It was interesting but in the end a failed endeavor and not really recommendable.
  12. My favorite Lloyd comedy. The chase with Babe Ruth holding on for dear life is priceless. Lloyd always delivered a hair raising chase sequence like no other
  13. Add me to the list of those who'd love a Dean and Jerry marathon in TCM. Especially would love to see Pardners, Scared Stiff, Jumping Jacks and Hollywood or Bust. My Friend Irma would be good too
  14. Two Rode Together was actually on the March sched briefly, along with The Tall T. Both were quickly removed from both the US and Canadian line-ups. As far as Columbia for me, I'd like to see Fire Over Africa and The Long Gray Line. Both Maureen O'Hara pictures
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