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  1. Fellow Fans of Great and Not So Great Fillms: Having re-read several of these notes, I find the course of “human events” changing with each letter. Are we now talking about what we saw or didn’t see, or what is suppose to have been seen? Yes, the aspect may have been incorrect in some theatre. Why should a restored film from any era – nitrate print to first generation negative not be crisp. When I was a youngster, watching countless B/W double features (and nobody out there really cares) if the film broke or if the third reel was down the street, the manager would run d
  2. ,,,,as Ron mentioned, the crispness was not there; viewed in Stonington, CT. The Actors, the story, the cinematography etc all appreciated but to start off with the sound problem, the seven of us at the matinee were very quiet. Preparedness next time projectionist..
  3. In addition to the sound off during the Introduction, the film, beautiful as it looked, needed a brightness controll.... almost as if a gauze had been draped across the lens... Wonder what the people at 7PM are seeing....?
  4. Went to an afternoon matinee for the 70th Anni of Casablanca... by the way, TCM, is not responsible for the projection dept, and - about 3 - 5 minutes into Robert Osbornes speech the sound cut out and was not re-booted til the end of the TCM promo.... The Movie was GREAT as always, but alas, will have to wait till it appears on you tube of buy the DVD....
  5. Mike Hammer 1957 film called "My Gun Is Quick" I got the Harbor Freeway, Hollywood Freeway, NewPort Beach but one shot I thought might have been San Francisco. Please Help. Where are the steps, Robert Bray runs down to see the Frenchman's body? He then jumps into a Ford Fairlane Convertible and heads for the Hollywood Freeway etc. Thanks.. Jattok.
  6. Would agree with you.. Record it. Question IMDB shows 141 minutes but 126 +/- (TCM) what do we have here. 141 or 126 or something between uncut and cut. Read about music. I'm gathering what we have here is Dr Axt or updated version. Recording.. Auto or SP. If 141 then Auto.. SP will only do 120 minutes. I've an SP of 4 HorseMen without the ending i.e. up to the burial scene. Hello to all those Veterans out there.
  7. The Opening credits of Berlin Alexanderplatz has a very familiar vocal. Can anyone help. An opera I don't think so, more like an operetta. Raben wrote the music, but I've heard this before... Thanks.
  8. According to IMDB this Hayward movie is in Black and White. Noticed Amazon is showing a copy that is colorized. It just don't look the same. BOO.. That's why we have color controls on our LCD.
  9. 1940 Repeat Performance. lets get it out of the vault-shine it up and view it.. Thanks
  10. Speaking of "women" with phonographs. From Here to Eternity and Donna Reed. Radio or Phonograph? How about a "Barbara Pepper" day.
  11. I went to the first of two nights - Napoleon - what a night. Still have poster and LP. Both "lost" in the closet.
  12. O.K. Fine movie, *but 74 minutes*. IMDB says original was *90 minutes*. We know that 10 minutes was truncated. So how about a full "uncut" movie. Thanks.
  13. I found it on e-Bay DVD from the U.K. Not the greatest "remastered" film but a VHS turned DVD. Great to see again. I remember it on the "BIG" screen when I was "knee high to a grasshopper"
  14. The Warner Baxter version is apparently lost. The Alan Ladd version languishes in the Universal Vaults. Robert Redford's is not played that often. Question - does Universal hold ALL of Ladd/Lake entries? Is copyright the issue or just not good marketing.
  15. So, why wasn't Bullfighter and the Lady aired, as it was Bob Stack day and Budd Boetticher's evening. It has not been on for a very long time, cut or uncut Thanks
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