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  1. If you’ve never seen Clint Eastwood in the 1970s, you’ve missed some AWESOME entertainment. He was and still is the man.
  2. Count me in, please. ?? I live in Gilbert. Been a Backlot member since it began. ?
  3. Your selections would be mine, Pastiche. It has to be in the TCM catalog, but I think they have access to 20,000 Leagues. Blade Runner is not yet in their catalog, nor is Day After Tomorrow or War Games. Not sure of On The Beach - not seen it on TCM that I can remember unless a longgg time ago. TCM has a great book about 50 must-see Sci-Fi movies, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t consider this as a course.
  4. You poor girl. I was thinking about CLASSIC thinking-person’s sc-fi such as A Trip To The Moon, Metropolis, Things To Come, War Of The Worlds, Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, THX-1138, Solaris, etc.
  5. Why not remake Casablanca with modern language set against refugees from Syria or immigrants to our southern border with Coyotes? ? The love song was set against a background of prejudice and hatred. WSS is essentially a modern Romeo And Juliet. Btw, it’s shown in high schools with gangs and STILL elicits emotional responses. If they were to remake it, perhaps include the ostracized LGBTQ ?️‍? community, constantly bullied, especially, those of us who are Transgender. Honestly, Spielberg would make this into a flop worse than his disastrous 1941.
  6. I’m a huge sci-fi buff as well - and TCM has a great catalog of classic sci-fi. I think it would am awesome experience - including the evolution of special effects. Thoughts? ??‍♀️
  7. I don’t think Professor Ament purposefully slighted Hair or Chicago or even The Greatest Showman. I think it was merely an impromptu off the cuff convo to include some modern day musicals post-Tommy as they wrapped up the course. I do think that the counterculture socio-political aspects of Hair are far-reaching and deserved mentioning. Chicago was a massive oversight as it single-handedly revived the modern-day musical, flawlessly bringing all new audiences to huge domestic and international box office success plus critical acclaim, winning an astonishing EIGHT Oscars including Best Picture,
  8. I’ve seen both the Broadway revival roadshow which was spectacular and the film when it debuted in theaters spring 1979. Honestly, I prefer the film. The play seemed disjointed, pun not intended. The ending of the film is by far more powerful and emotionally striking. To this day, it still haunts me as I missed the Vietnam draft by 3 years. Also, the opening of the movie is pure magic. I was too young to see the original cast on stage at age 7 or 8 - and wouldn’t quite understand it, anyway. I felt the film connected scenes and endeared the characters far more then the play. It’s a very underr
  9. As much as the message of WSS is still pertinent, today, it will be an outright DISASTER to remake it. It won TEN Oscars! How do you top THAT?
  10. The PROMO has been airing for years. No idea why it’s never been used to intro any movies. I think they felt it was too weighty to be used as a film intro, but I would use it for certain segments or sets of films. It does not fit with lighter comedies or musicals, but Hitchcock or war films or even epics would be enhanced by using the commissioned intro. ‘Tis a shame all that wondrous creativity going to waste. Even using it late night would be putting it to good use, rather than relegated to mothballs.
  11. "A Chorus Line - The Movie" it was such a letdown from the soundtrack or stage production that I saw at the Schubert in August, 1977 at 17. I turned it off before it ruined my memory of the phenomenal theatrical performance. Michael Douglas?? What were they thinking?? ??‍♀️
  12. I also had trouble registering - the verification email took weeks to finally hit my inbox. Joined Backlot in the first month of its announcement, but never went on boards until registering for this course. Also curious when it starts, but will check my Canvas. Looking forward to taking this course. Tried Hitchcock last summer, but my health prohibited participation. Bummer - huge fan of The Master of Suspense for well over three decades and have all titles on Blu-Ray/DVD/iTunes. Rereleases of “Vertigo” & “North By Northwest” in theaters hooked me on Hitch at 23, but first runs of “Mary Po
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