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  1. Maybe I haven't taken as much notice before, but it seems as if TCM has been showing more films originating from Paramount and 20th Century Fox. I understand TCM has some sort of tie to, or perhaps a former or related ownership of the MCM vault, but I'm really glad to see other studios' films like these on the schedule, and commend TCM for adding this variety.
  2. Marcello Mastoianni??? He's seriously a C-rated actor... These movies were not watchable when they were produced in the 70's and 80's. Why does TCM think they would be in 2018? Perhaps hallucinogens unfairly influenced this poor programming decision. Regardless, there are no classics in today's bunch of Itaiian subtitled films.
  3. Seriously, TCM should well know that movies made in the 1980's do fit in the "classic" film genre. I've noticed they've been playing more and more 80's films, and what's more is that they were either box office flops or the crappy straight to VHS fare. There are so many truly classic films that were made by studios other than MGM that TCM has yet to show. So what's up TCM with all the crappy 80's films????
  4. I don't miss her at all. At the time, my young girls said she creeps them out. I have to admit agreed with my daughters.
  5. Anyone else tired of listening to Ben Mankiewicz's relentless harping on the House UnAmerican Committee hearings? It makes him come across as commie sympathizer. I used to enjoy his historical lead in's to the films he hosts, but not so much anymore because of this. That, plus his self-promo about how privileged he is to come into the living rooms of all the viewers... the way his self-promo is presented gives the appearance of narcissism instead of the humble lucky to be your host image he was probably trying to achieve.
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