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  1. If you're on Facebook, you can follow the Alamo Drafthouse Twin Cities. They regularly post upcoming special screenings. Nothing quite as classic as Lawrence of Arabia at this point, but they definitely convey a joy and excitement about film generally. I think it's a great addition to existing places like the Trylon and the Heights. I can't make the Gold Diggers show, but might make South Pacific. Which theater? Edit: I take it back. Looking at the calendar, they have a few classic screenings coming up - mostly on Saturday afternoons. Apocalypse Now, The Good, the Bad, and the U
  2. Is anyone checking out the 4k restoration of Lawrence of Arabia at the new Alamo Drafthouse theater in Woodbury tomorrow? I'm excited for the film and excited to check out a new venue. Edit: I saw this today. The theater was very comfortable with good service and decent food. The 70mm print was beautiful. I don't know that I would go all the way to Woodbury from Minneapolis for my regular moviegoing, but I would definitely recommend it for special events and screenings of classic films.
  3. I watched this for the first time last night. I see why it's a cult classic (and I remember it being a staple on the midnight movie circuit), but I think I missed my window. I appreciate it and see why people love it, but I didn't really connect with the satire. For a musical, many of the songs (really, one song over and over again) were tedious. I get the progression of the main song from beginning to end - I just don't think it's a very good song.
  4. Setting aside the legal aspects of licensing for a moment, which musicals would you have liked to see in the syllabus for this course? Don't get me wrong, the list of films is comprehensive and thorough, but are there any musicals you wish had made the grade? I'd add All That Jazz because it's a backstage musical with interesting connections to earlier musicals.
  5. It's currently on Netflix in the US. Highly recommended.
  6. I like "Good News." Campus musical with some highlights such as the "The French Lesson" and "Pass the Peace Pipe" (dated lyrics, but Joan McCracken is fun to watch).
  7. Interesting. I like her clomping style. She does appear a bit off balance, but she also seems to be having a lot of fun. "Shanghai Lil" from "Footlight Parade" is very dated and problematic, but her dance is a highlight.
  8. Cool. I hope you enjoy it. That said, I wouldn't really call it a coming out story. Maybe they'll save that for the sequel.
  9. Not that coming out stories are dated per se, but that, as a viewer, I wanted an exploration of the topic that seem at least somewhat contemporary. The shallowness of the film seemed more like an early consciousness raising film - opening up the mere idea that a guy could be in the closet or that being in the closet is bad. It falls far short of saying anything interesting beyond, "closet bad." It's like, "ok, I get that this guy's situation is extremely complicated. Now what?" This all seems very basic to me. So, by dated, I guess I meant that this seems like it comes from the 90's and no
  10. It lacked thematic depth and sophistication. I think it's still possible to make an interesting film about someone in the closet, but this seemed very underbaked. The main character is in the closet and begins an affair with another man on the eve of the birth of his first child. And he lives with his girlfriend next door to his parents. It uses all of these plot structures to create tension but it's not really exploring them. The stakes seem so high, but it wasn't really exploring the closet or coming out or dealing with all of these manufactured situations. And the other cop was... I don
  11. Can anyone tell me what the participant experience is like for these types of courses? It looks fun and I'm thinking of doing it, but it's a bit hard to tell from the outside.
  12. I saw it on Hulu. The plot seemed a bit dated even for 2013. It does feature the actor who plays Wolfgang on Sense8.
  13. I want to recommend the 2015 documentary by Kent Jones examining the interviews between Hitchcock and Truffaut that led to Truffaut's legendary book about Hitchcock. The documentary itself contains audio from the interviews that I had never heard before. I don't know if it will a revelation to all viewers, but some of the background of the interviews was interesting. Talking heads included Wes Anderson, Olivier Assayas, and David Fincher. The DVD extras are not essential viewing, but add more color and background to the main film. The film is mostly about Hitchcock, but it reminded me of w
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