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  1. Pleased to see that some of my faves have already been mentioned. I can't think of a film noir I didn't enjoy but here are some that stand out in my mind: "The Killers" and "Criss Cross" with Burt Lancaster "Out of the Past" and "Night of the Hunter" with Robert Mitchum "Laura" and "Leave Her to Heaven" with Gene Tierney "In a Lonely Place" with Humphrey Bogart
  2. From browsing the boards, I have seen that those in Western Canada (Albertans, British Columbians) have access to TCM through their local cable provider SHAW. ROGERS in Toronto does not seem to offer TCM. Does anyone know if that is going to change anytime soon or if they have expressed an interest in providing TCM also? I would love to have TCM as it has a multitude of films I would like to see and would greatly decrease the fruitlessness of my pursuit for old and often hard-to-find films.
  3. The talkie version of Camille is one of my favourites, and after getting a hold of Waterloo Bridge via my local library, which was equally wonderful, I have become a fan of Robert Taylor. I would like to see this adaptation of the Lloyd C. Douglas book, as it proppelled him into fame and his costar is the great Irene Dunne. Has anyone seen this relatively rare film? If so, comments? It's not carried at my library and it's not archived at TCM.
  4. Larry, Thank you for these wonderful reminiscences. I might have gone idolizing some of these actors without knowing how condescending they were to their fans. (i.e Bette Davis) Great info... I have something to ask. One of my favourite actors, Burt Lancaster, has had his reputation been somewhat maligned on IMDB because of the Natalie Wood rumours. I don't want to appear insensitive but wanted to know if you knew if there's any truth to it being him or Kirk Douglas who assaulted her? I sincerely hope it wasn't Lancaster.
  5. I'm no expert, but I'll give it a shot: Silhouette/Dark Lighting/Contrasting Photography - basic, non-negotiable elements of a film noir in my opinion. Employ common themes of despair, moral decay and decadence... of protagonist(s) unknowingly descending into a corrupt world. Optional: A Femme Fatale or corrosive female who wittingly leads the protagonist into the corrupt world. Of course, I don't think American cinema really depicts women in such a negative fashion any more.
  6. I haven't seen nearly enough Mitchum films but so far Out of the Past. He's incredible in that.
  7. I forgot Don Ameche, who was an impeccable speaker as well.
  8. Robert Mitchum for his gravel-voice and Vincent Price for his refined elocution (i.e. Leave Her to Heaven).
  9. Congrats. I would so love to able to watch TCM but I don't think Rogers is planning to add it to it's line-up. At least anytime soon...
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