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  1. "what I'm talking about is not even having the desire to attempt it." That IS alcoholism.
  2. By that criterion, how many films WOULDN'T require an "explanatory" intro?
  3. Words fail me in trying to convey how much I HATE this idea. As far as I can tell, these pre-film discussions are nothing but video "trigger warnings." It's embarrassing, condescending and infantilizing of the TCM audience. Hard not to see this as the beginning of a slippery slope. Yesterday, scrolling through a Tumblr, I came across a still from Visconti's Rocco and His Brothers and found myself wondering if someday (soon) TCM will need to "discuss" this one with us before each airing because there's a rape in it. This is bad, bad business. PS: If TCM feels so str
  4. Did anyone catch Ben M's outro of the movie that preceded last night's Noir Alley? He said that he wouldn't be watching Noir Alley and/or that he'd never watch Noir Alley. I'm assuming this is an in-joke that's escaped me....does anyone know what that was about?
  5. Why so much repetition? And not just at holiday time? Why should any movie be shown more than once within six months, let alone a month, let alone a week? Yet TCM does it all the f---ing time. You'd think they'd find a way to show the superior 1951 Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim).
  6. I wish they'd make an exception for the TV version of "Marty" with Rod Steiger. Can't say I've ever seen that screened on any channel. Suprising...and disappointing.
  7. Too much "theme" programming on TCM.
  8. Yes! What is it with That's Entertainment on New Year's Eve? A lazy, uninspired choice.
  9. I too have been wondering where Rocky & Bullwinkle is. Hard to believe no cable net or streamer is airing it.....
  10. I'm in pretty substantial agreement with LoyFan....I also could not wait until Women Make Film was over. By all means, show more films directed by women and featuring strong female characters. Bravo, but to LF's point, most of the films that were shown in conjunction with WMF seemed hard to justify except insofar as they were quoted in the documentary. Many were painfully mediocre. Also like LoyFan, I think that way too much of TCM's sked is "theme-determined." Summer Under the Stars, 31 Days of Oscar, Star of the Month, plot motif of the night, Noir Alley, war films all day on Veterans A
  11. Although, contrary to McLeod's assertion, I'm not a newbie (been registered on these boards for at least ten years), it is true that I don't swing by very often. I'm interested in what people have to say on this topic of showing "new" (1990-2020) films on TCM. Is it the consensus these days among the message-boarders that TCM should--or simply for business reasons--has to feature movies from the past 30-20-10 years to attract younger viewers. Is that the rationale?
  12. I know some, maybe many, of them had to do with a desire to illustrate the work of the people appearing in "Women Make Movies," so I'm hoping it was a passing thing. Still, I think it sets a bad precedent. It's as if there are programmers at TCM who are just hankering for any excuse to air films from the 90s, 00s, or (incredibly) even the 10s. Why do they insist on doing this? Yeah, I know "a movie doesn't have to be old to be 'classic,' but the truth is that TCM is just about the only place to see most of the films it shows from the '20s to the '50s. TCM fans LIKE that it's the g
  13. Also: I've noticed many occasions lately where TCM is airing a particular film twice within just a few days. And we're not talking "tentpole" top-tier classics, but as far as I can tell, middle-of-the-road fare. What's the deal with that?
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