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  1. One reason and one reason ONLY for Steven Spielberg to direct the remake - he has the clout in Hollywood to choose which films he wants to make and greenlight a film. It's going to be hard enough to get this film greenlit because it doesn't have superheroes, lightsabers or dinosaurs in it. Spielberg attached to the production also guarantees a larger box office. With the budget required for a remake of WSS, Hollywood is not going to take a chance on a lesser known director, even if that director is Hispanic. Sadly, the bottom line in Hollywood IS the Bottom Line. So it's Spielberg or
  2. Problem was, there were few to no people of color or origin in the business at the time. The 60's film industry was still pretty much a "whites-only" business. People of color or origin were still being relegated to background roles of the "butler" or "maid." Sidney Poitier was still on the cusp of breaking the color barrier. This is a reason I would welcome Steven Spielberg's remake of WSS, if for no other reason than to cast Latino actors in the Puerto Rican roles. I would also hope that Tony Kushner would expand the Puerto Rican characters in the film. I played a Shark during our high
  3. I would love to see their intros go deeper into the themes of a movie, as opposed to well-known trivia. I guess that's hard to encapsulate into two-minute intros and outtros. Still, it's worth a try.
  4. Being Leonard Bernstein is also a big deal. No offense to Ms. Moreno, but she's been able to celebrate her EGOT for decades. We only get to celebrate Bernstein's centennial for this year. It should have been worth a mention.
  5. "West Side Story - the good, the not so good, the bad, and the ugly" Apologies, I'm about a week behind on the course, so I don't know if West Side Story has been discussed yet. But I saw it today as part of the TCM Big Screen Classic series. I also have a bit of a connection to the musical, we performed it in high school. The "good:" This is the first time I have seen this on the big screen. Prior viewings have been limited to pan and scan TV presentations and the DVD. This movie is more amazing on the big screen than I had thought in prior viewings. For the street scene
  6. So, did Gene Kelly have physical ailments later in life due to dance stresses and injuries? (Princess, thanks for the info on the "dance belt.")
  7. I'll ask the same question I asked elsewhere - did dancers like Gene Kelly wear any sort of protective gear while they were dancing? I see so many scenes when he drops to his knees and shins and slides along the floor. Seems to me that would ruin your knees pretty quickly. Can someone comment on this?
  8. Given the acrobatics of their dancing (including one sequence where one of the brothers did a split and danced on the sides of his ankles), I assume that they wore protective gear underneath their costumes? (Not as noticeable, but along the line of football protective gear.) Can someone comment on this?
  9. As of the first of the year (2018) Cinemark has discontinued their Classic Series. When I asked, this was their response: "This year, Cinemark is trying something different, and is working with TCM to bring a classic film to the theaters once a month, along with extended content for some, instead of once a week as we were doing in the past."
  10. According to Fathom Events: "The content for [the film] was broadcast to all participating locations [approximately one week prior to the first event] via our Fathom Events Digital Broadcast system. Though not all TCM titles are distributed this way - some are distributed to theatres on individual hard drives, depending on the film studio that we are partnering with." So it sounds like a digital download ahead of time, or a hard drive delivered to the studio. Which means that if a film has never been made available on DVD or Blu-ray, it most likely won't get a Fathom / TCM showing.
  11. For the first time in over four years of TCM Big Screen movies, I had to walk out tonight. I was at a local Cinemark theater, showing Sunset Blvd. I was up to the point where Joe Gillis arrives at Norma Desmond's house. There was a noticeable "stutter" in the movie, like watching Youtube over a slow internet connection. It was very noticeable during the car chase, as if the projector was skipping frames. This is not the first time that I have experienced presentation problems at Cinemark. Last fall, I tried Blade Runner 2049 at two different Cinemark theaters, but the sound was so loud th
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