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  1. Original color footage of the Frankenstein monster!
  2. Autochrome original color photos from 1913.
  3. Lugosi played the vampire in "Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein". And I thought vampires did not cast a reflection in the mirror.
  4. The Spanish version was made in the evenings somewhere near the desert which included the use of armadillos. For the English version, the same set was used in the day including the armadillos which Browning approved. The bottom photo of the crawling insect that LawrenceA posted could be found in the California desert as well.
  5. Director Tod Browning was probably paying homage to the German film, Nosferatu.
  6. With regards to my avatar name. Sundance was a Bombay cat that was with me for 14 years but died recently. I'm using it as an homage on this forum. Greenstreet off camera voice does sound different. But on screen you can see and hear him utter, "it's a fake". He was disappointed & frustrated, perhaps that's why his voice sounds different. But if you find something different, I'll be happy to know about it. Thanks!
  7. Don't be sorry...I am glad to contribute to your thread. I also got up late. And next time, I may need your help!
  8. It was my understanding that the voice-overs were made by his friend,Nick Adams, who appeared with Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause".
  9. I adjusted my controls on the TV settings which is fine for viewing this movie on TCM. At this time,YouTube has this movie available. The opening Logo is different from the one shown on TCM.
  10. Yes it is. Marlowe would be proud of you. If ever I get stuck on movies of this sort, I hope I can count on you to solve it. You have a knack For details, Thanks !
  11. Bogart in "The Big Sleep"... while driving the sister home, for a moment Bogart looks directly at the camera as if annoyed that we are looking in on him.
  12. You are right. According to the link I posted below, the original lead Falcon weighs 45 pounds. As John Huston’s script supervisor on The Maltese Falcon, Meta Wilde (Warner Bros.) was responsible for props “continuity”—that is, making sure everything looked exactly the same in each shot, especially if actors and props had been moved. That made her the de facto keeper of the Falcon. She recalled that they had used four Falcons during the filming, three of plaster and one of metal—but not heavy lead. Was a heavy lead bird ever used on the set? Risan asked at one point. “Absol
  13. The script has Greenstreet uttering the words "off camera" or CLOSEUP of the Bird. The line,"it's a fake" shows Greenstreet uttering it on camera but it's a shot which doesn't last long. I agree, it does not sound like the "fatman", but keep in mind that he was very frustrated.
  14. I have the 1945 & '46 version of "The Big Sleep." I combined some scenes from 1945 version deleted from the '46 version plus added sepia-tone color for my own personal viewing.
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