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  1. The Boyfriend is on right now. I have never seen it and I'm just trying to understand it at this point. Does anyone in here really like this movie. I have still been watching movies this week from the 50's and just love love that time. Am I just missing something? There is just so much going on that doesn't make sense yet I feel it is so basic.... I just don't think I'm going to make it through this one. Excuse my ignorance I guess.
  2. I knew when I heard The Sun Will Come Out from Annie yesterday in our module I was in trouble. Bye Bye Birdie songs...….all playing in the ole head this morning.
  3. Just a thought. Does Dr. Ament answer any of these questions that she poses? I'm so curious to hear her thoughts on this.
  4. Did anyone notice the dog on the couch curled up like a ball sound asleep? Alfred a strong, handsome, confident man. Walking out of the room fighting with a jealous French woman who hadn't a hair out of place. The woman who clearly showed signs of a good roll in the hay wanting more until she found the evidence of another woman. Even after the "shootings" Alfred clearly had the upper hand of the situation. The woman's husband couldn't even zip her dress up. Her husband showed no signs of anger that Alfred zipped her up and did it with ease. She'd be back if she could. The sound of
  5. Thank you for saying you like Bye Bye Birdie. I was sad to see others disagree with you. The first time I saw that film I was probably 8 or 9. I LOVED the colors, the songs the feeling. My mother used to play the record in our house all the time so I knew all the words to each and every song. Same with Grease. I was in 8th grade when that movie came out and my sister worked at the movie theatre. I would go to work with her and watch it over and over loving every second. Thinking about where these films took us in our minds still sticks with me today. Yes, some of the characters in the
  6. 1. Everything in these scenes says the word "Grand". The show Anna sang at was held at The Palace Music Hall. All of the characters costumes were grand for the part they were playing. The dress she wore was grand, the large elephant vase with large bow holding many many orchids, the seating area where the men sat alone were grand. 2. Anna was a bit naïve and child like. Dressed as a woman with rings and a diamond broach during show to make her look more grown up. Child like with two men sending her beautiful gifts. The maid almost matronly towards her. When Anna asked if there wa
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