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  1. Been thinking of rereading Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, been my favorite of his for a long time. Quick read, fun, that ol' Gaiman charm and Anansi stories sprinkled throughout. If this ever gets made into a series, it would be perfect for a mini-series.
  2. Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) Usually the flick after the midnight showing of Noir Alley is a gem and this is no exception. I was more sold on the narration at the start but it slowly grew on me and by the second half I was having a ball with it. The ballroom scene was a perfect mixture of wordplay, visual gags, concluding gags, sight gags, even parodies! It just feels like the parodies have more umph just for the setting. The French Revolution, they made it fun. And the ending, that was glorious. Wonka and Oddball, playing for two and then some to really sell this movie.
  3. Wednesday July 17th James Cagney - 12:45pm to 8pm I can single out the two obvious picks for me; The Public Enemy (1931) and White Heat (1949) First one, it has gangsters, James Cagney, organized crime, gangsters in organized crime, prohibition and the poster just screams gangsters and molls, where he will die in a gun battle because that's how all crime movies end. She's a girl up to no good who will fall for Cagney and more gun battles with a grapefruit scene thrown in. I am psyched for The Public Enemy. I don't even need to explain why for White Heat. It
  4. Final Exam (1981) sounds familiar, last time it was on it was with Night School (1981) and I think Canada missed out on the latter and got another Underground regular in its place, The Ice Pirates maybe. For Canada, Another Son of Sam was usually with Alone in the Dark and in two weeks, the school killer 1981 duo is poised to strike again. We aren't getting Night School and if Final Exam is taken out, it'll be one hell of a night before the Summer Under the Stars break.
  5. I wouldn't mind a day of all TV shows on April Fools, but that's about it.
  6. Saw Child's Play (2019) last week, was sitting on posting about it and while it isn't as good as the original, it at least tried to be different and not be a shot-for-shot remake for better or worse. But Chucky just had his switches flipped, all limiters off and an AI going rogue because of course they would have limiters; and it's a gradual thing instead of immediate serial killer. Some good black comedy, good acting but nothing that will win awards but the thing that should win an award is Mark Hamill's rendition at the end of the piece for best song (Last bit of credits in the film) Be
  7. In June, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, gave it an 8.5 but I can see myself bumping it to a 9 as I was going inbetween the two numbers. It's charming, funny, great chemistry, delightfully mundane and not too outlandish, comfortable and it's just a fun watch in general but perfect for a Sunday afternoon.
  8. Would love to see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) on TCM again, it was mentioned recently in the "I Just Watched..." thread and it's just such a fun movie. Great cast, some memorable songs with the absolutely amazing reprise of "Lovely", the opening song "Comedy Tonight" and the boisterous Miles Gloriosus, "Stand aside everyone! I take large steps" and his own introduction song. It'll probably be another afternoon showing but at least it would be on the schedule.
  9. Think it was So You Want to be a Detective (1948) that appeared right after The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933) on July 3rd, but it was one of those comedic shorts like the guy going around selling vacuum cleaners that usually appears at some odd early hour on a Saturday. (And after looking it up, Joe McDoakes played by George O'Hanlon did a lot of these, which is a joy to hear.) The detective one I loved, felt like part-screwball comedy, one of the classics. It's just a quick short, but it has some nice wordplay, physical dialogue, sight gags, all the stuff needed for a comedy with a good lead
  10. Wednesday, July 3rd 4:45 PM Blackmail (1939) - I just wanted to drop some Edward G, that's all.
  11. I missed the title of it but after the morning showing of Noir Alley is a Canadian short of some Canadian flyers and superior Canadian timber.
  12. Despite being Canadian, the only Canadian movie I truly know off the top of my head is the duology of Bon Cop, Bad Cop, which is very Canadian. I won't go into it but it works whether you watch it in English or French, and unfortunately it's still too recent for TCM to show. I would be happier than a Canuck with authentic poutine if TCM showed some old Canadian classics on Canada Day.
  13. It's been a slow week, mostly rewatches that I can remember, and two of them are certainly of a different... quality. (Rewatch) The Great Escape (1963): It's still amazing. All-star cast, thrills and spills, suspense, killer stunts and seeing the different routes everybody takes once they break out is a sight to behold. I don't know what to say about it but it has aged real well and still makes for a fine rewatch. (Rewatch) 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003): Absolute guilty pleasure. It is so dumb, dumb to the point where the plot can be summarized by linking every conversation where someone s
  14. I absolutely love the 60s Batman. The sheer camp value of it and rampant hamboning and cheese, contrasted with Batman's straight-laced comically seriousness which makes it all the more entertaining, especially when he uses some Bat-Logic to figure something out. I remember it being shown on a channel or two in the early 2000s or so, but only the first two seasons, but as long as Frank Gorshin or Cesar Romero were in the weekly run (One episode a weekday if I remember), I was content. But also enjoyed the one-off villains or ones that turn into a one-season thing, like King Tut. He was ama
  15. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) I know this is probably on every month or two but haven't watched it in a while and wanted to watch it again. Might be because of the title, which I love. Might be because of the cast, which is pretty stellar. Might be because of the subject of a man just wanting to build a dream home with nothing frivolous or too extraneous, it's grounded in what it wants to be. Or that it's like a suburban flick, centered around housing and something mundane made comedic. Or that it's just plain entertaining. It is what it is, a safe, comfortable comedy and a
  16. The Last Gangster (1937) I was going to take a nap but by chance I saw this was on and I had to watch it. Starring Edward G. Robinson in an on-type role as a gangster, kingpin, a very Edward GR role. Alongside the two above as a reporter and the missus who technically speaks English, Alan Baxter as Acey and Lionel Stander as Curly who both play some great roles. It's just well acted in general, maybe some scruples with the kid, but has some nice twists. The gangsters play their roles nicely, the working class does their part, the inmates get their moments too and it's an intriguing r
  17. Bluto needs more than a course in Polikeness, The Strangle is not a 30s dance.
  18. I thought a fourth movie would have been a mistake after the ending to Toy Story 3, which was perfection. But Toy Story 4 is straight killing it among critics; 98% at this moment with 204/208 Fresh ratings on RottenTomatoes. It's making me hyped to see it, it can live up to the trilogy and continue the trend of it being one of the best animated movie series ever, animated, CGI or what have you. Bit late on this one but Octavia Spencer is Ma, literally and figuratively. She just owns it.
  19. For the past decade of Looney Tunes, I actually enjoyed the sitcom variant that was The Looney Tunes Show. It was different from the norm of slapstick in most regards and the closest it got to the classics was the Merry Melodies segments they sometimes showed, or the... CG Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote segments. It can't beat the stuff like the aforementioned shorts or the one with Daffy, Bugs and the Genie, but still enjoyable. Have high hopes for this new one, and that it may catch on better than Wabbit, especially with the animation style calling back to the older cartoons. As a 90
  20. We invented the game and it took a while to bring the trophy to Canada. But the entire playoff run was a rollercoaster for the Raptors, especially that infamous, immortal last second off-balance final shot in Game 7 against the 76ers. But for us to win against a dynasty and take them down without going to game 7, it's going to be a Canadian Heritage moment. Bloody amazing Championship series though.
  21. Monday, June 17th, 1:30 PM, Edward G. Robinson stars in Brother Orchid (1940) as a crime boss alongside Humphrey Bogart. Edward G. Robinson, gangster role, a perfect combination! But alas, instead Canada gets a romantic comedy entitled Affectionately Yours, slightly ironic. But this was on before in a crime block, some long time ago.
  22. Thank you for the tip-off on this! I'm in the area and while I can't attend all the showings, I do want to go to one of them. Was deliberating on rewatching The Big Combo on the big screen and a few others but I think I'll go with Programme #3, Kiss of Death/Nightfall. Has a nice mix of gangsters, fall guys, the falsely accused and feels like a comfortable pick in general.
  23. That has one of my favorite final lines in any movie ever.
  24. The Asphalt Jungle (1950), ranked #4 by Eddie Muller, wouldn't be seen by Canada. Instead, we get The Walking Stick (1970). I'll watch it to see how a polio victim is part of a robbery.
  25. I'm watching it and while I appreciate the ingenious tactics of Bluto and Popeye's ability to carry his useless team, isn't taking the football before the other team can hike, passing it to yourself and scoring a touchdown blatantly cheating?
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