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  1. Mac and Me (1988) If I had alcohol, it would only cause me to have a dark existential crisis. No amount can make it enjoyable, much less a rewatch of it. At 2 AM. Again. What was good about it? Maybe all those dogs. Dogs are nice. Some of them were fluffy. And the impromptu dance party where everybody synced up and danced the party away, not before the dancing straight out of Breakin' or Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, either of which are better in every way. Ronald McDonald? Why not. Sears? That's old. I'm grasping at straws here. Hah, straws! Because they use straws. That's the high
  2. King of Kings (1961) A perfect example of "biblical epic". It's massive, larger than life and absolutely gripping. I'm not one for biblical epics but this one was amazing and glad I caught it from start to finish on the Easter weekend. Wasn't able to stay up for The King of Kings but King of Kings is definitely king. Sweeping score, acting, all the scenery, the final shot, massive cast and the poster. A movie so epic that the poster makes you think of Ben-Hur. Gave it a 9 at least, maybe 9.5 because it held my attention for it's massive runtime with no intermission. God I love t
  3. It's as underground as the movies last week, specifically Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore and I Was a Teenage Serial Killer. Those were so indie that it's amazing TCM would play them and so incredibly unknown. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie needs to buried even deeper underground, so deep that not even archaeologists could find it.
  4. I can't believe it's the third airing of it. I can understand them being underground with them being out of any rational person's taste in cinema or what can be considered "cinema", a genre that kids would grow from love to questionable enjoyment to disgust and would only mention to their friends to troll them, copies of it would be hard to find with so much burnings and destroying of tapes to wash away the sin and watching it was the worst decision I ever made, because to get to it I had to watch Mac and Me.
  5. I am so pumped for Ian McDiarmid to return as Palpatine. His complete hamboning in Revenge of the Sith was perfection.
  6. The Party The waiter, the one who is drinking throughout the party until he is swaying and is a drunken mess absolutely steals the show. The shenanigans are funny but whenever Sellers denies a drink, the guy swigs it down. Someone else refuses it? He swigs it down. Drink isn't offered? He takes a swig. He's just plain fun! And the party itself feels busy, like it's an actual upscale party with the constant yammering and chit-chattering of the guests as background noise and constant jazz playing to the antics upfront. Even then it would have a funny background event for something upfront.
  7. If I remember, it varies between bad acting and people speaking their lines. But if I have to sit through Lady Street Fighter again to get to Lady Snowblood, then I will.
  8. I'm glad Canada gets The Ice Pirates again instead of Night School just so I can get some sleep before an early morning and the noon movie.
  9. Final Exam (1981) I guess you could say Final Exam... Dropped Out by failing the final. Motive? Fail. Kills? Fail. Interesting killer? Fail. Plot? Pass/Fail but still fail. If they spent more time on creative kills and background instead of college hijinks, maybe it could have been something and get a marginal pass but instead, it's about a group of pretty girls, jocks, pledges and some nerd named Radish that has some pretty sick posters in his room (The Toolbox Murders, The Corpse Grinder and Murder is My Beat if I'm right) in exam season with pranking. Somewhere down the line, the killi
  10. Saturday, March 30th, 12:00 PM I've been waiting for it to show up again since Christmas and here it is: Larceny, Inc. (1942) starring Edward G. Robinson. It's a great comedy and a great gangster comedy. Pressure Maxwell, wanting to go legit needs to pull one last job to get the funds to go legit and then it goes bonkers. Without a doubt, my highlight of the month.
  11. Why couldn't they switch Mac & Me and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie for anything else. Seriously anything else. I'll watch it again, but it would be an even more shameful four hours than the initial watches of them. Will be checking out The Wrong Man (5/6) and a scattering of crime movies in the first week Anything on (5/8) (5/10) for the Philip D'Antoni line-up even if they're rewatches alongside The Chocolate War because I absolutely want to see it. Remember the book from years ago and can see this living up to it and Class after as I should complete the set (5/14) For
  12. I find it funny that Canada got Dark Passage last week and Lady in the Lake this week. Similar to each other in a few ways, most especially the first-person viewpoint for most of the movie. Between the two, I preferred Dark Passage but I still enjoyed Lady in the Lake and even caught the back half of it again in the morning. But for this one in particular, whenever it panned to an object on a table, like the telegram near the beginning it would feel like I'm playing an old adventure game, felt nostalgic.
  13. I do, I remember it happening last year where Canada got a noir about a land with an oil well and some confrontation about it. But I guess when you show as many noirs as Noir Alley does, you'll eventually have to show some that are only in the US to keep it fresh. And his comments before and after the movie are why I'm always on time for the midnight showing, or catching the 10 AM showing if I missed it. Read the spoilers and I'm glad High Sierra reminds me of Dark Passage a bit, almost like keeping some of the themes in making the alternative pick for Canada. I haven't seen Manpower but
  14. I thought the indie hipster art choice would have won best picture but I couldn't even get that right. The only one I got right was "Best Animated Feature" but even a chimp could have guessed that one right.
  15. Got my drink, spilled it a bit in my rush and instead of High Sierra and an Eddie Muller intro, I get Dark Passage without the intro. Honestly, I thought Dark Passage was the feature for this week and thought it sounded familiar but couldn't place it. 5 minutes in and you can't see Humphrey Bogart's face and now I remember it and it being on Noir Alley previously, with Eddie commenting on having a big name star and not showing his face for most of the movie. One hell of a stylistic choice. I don't mind the rewatch, and Hollywood voices back then are the bees knees.
  16. God I've missed Eddie Muller and Noir Alley. Saturday nights aren't the same without a good noir flick and Eddie's intros to them.
  17. A repeat of the day laughter died. But I will mark it in my calendar.
  18. I can't wait for them to replay the Underground line-up of yesteryear and going through Mac & Me and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie again.
  19. I loved him in Riverdale. He was the sanest, most reasonable parent in a world of gangs, mafia, candy drugs, more gangs, prison fight clubs, Archie's music career, murder mysteries, cults and gangs. And his cameo in Johnny Bravo for "Luke Perry's Guide to Love".
  20. It was incredibly underground and deserved it's rating and rep as a video nasty but Susan Tyrrell made it a must see. Underground hit it out of the park with that one and is worth staying up for. It is pretty unsettling though.
  21. This being on Underground is giving me flashbacks of Marley and Me and 'Nam flashbacks of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. I'll miss the cheeseball of Mandrake, The Magician but hot dog Flash Gordon! Further continues my Saturdays of cruising from Underground to Saturday morning serials.
  22. I'll be content with my monthly showing of The Best Years of Our Lives.
  23. My TV guide said Beware My Lovely at Midnight and then played something else; don't know if this would be the case again for the Sunday morning 10 AM EST spot.
  24. Beware, My Lovely (1952), the week's Noir Alley segment, a- what? It's not Noir Alley? Not for Canada on Christmas? Then what do we get? We get Double Deal (1950), about oil, murder, inheritance and a monkey. It was good, I got a bit sidetracked in the middle of it but I liked what I saw. Had a great old-timey feel that felt even older and timier with the goons that roughed up our Main pally here. It felt so mobster that when you think of 50s gangsters, those were the kind of people you think of. It was a nice little noir that I'm glad I caught but it would have been better if Eddie Muller in
  25. I think Canada is skipping Noir Alley this week, got Double Deal (1950, not 1939) and the biggest tip off wasn't the different title but no classy Noir Alley theme music or Eddie Muller classing up the joint.
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