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  1. Saturday, December 8th 9:30 a.m. Mandrake, the Magician: Terror Rides the Rails (1939) Every Saturday morning minus Veteran's Day weekend for the past couple of months with episode 9 ending a few minutes ago in all it's cheesy, narmy glory. Where Mandrake is in dire peril at the end of the obligatory cliffhanger but the preview shows he's completely unscathed from the cliffhanger in question, still hunting for The Wasp, played by ???. Chase well with Popeye.
  2. A saturday without Popeye is a saturday I do not want.
  3. Worst: The Garbage Pail Kids. Thinking about it makes me sad. Best: Toss-up between The Killing and Some Like It Hot, the former is one of the best noirs I've ever seen, and one amazing heist movie. It has everything going for it and runs with it, leading up to an ending as memorable as the final line to Some Like It Hot. It also felt crazy short, just flew by but that I guess that what makes it so good as it takes hold and never lets go. And that jazzy number in the shootout, that was just bananas and perfection. Some Like It Hot is a rewatch but I just love the cast for it. It's funny,
  4. A flick Playboy devoted 10 pages to would be less dirty than The Garbage Pail Kids but absolutely, something crazy and looney with something that shouldn't have been made.
  5. I'll jump on that grenade. I've seen bad movies, and then I've seen The Garbage Pail Kids. I can make a solid case on it being the worst I've seen because at least other movies can turn into "So bad it's good" or "So bad it's hilariously bad" or have multiple features that generate enjoyment. This movie had Anthony Newley. That's it. The only good part about it as it encompasses the worst of the 80s, complete with unlikable characters, repulsive aliens who move their mouths with minimal effort, repetitive gross-out gags, the antithesis of warmth, joy, empathy or entertainment and one of t
  6. Mac and Me I remember when TCM Underground had good bad movies, like Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, even Gymkata where everybody got into a circle around a pommel horse and Kurt Thomas kicks half the village in the face. Today we get Mac and Me, a definitely certainly not-ET ripoff because I'm sure ET doesn't have a groovy dance, possibly birthday party at McDonalds or incompetent marathon running agents failing to catch a wheelchair bound kid, weighed down by an alien rolling down from the top of Olympus Mons because that is one massive hill and the agents aren't even
  7. I have no reason to get up today before Mandrake, the Magician today and yet I'll be watching this movie. I don't even want to watch it and I'm still watching it, and it makes me yearn for the superior acting of Lady Street Fighter. But at the very least TCM Underground can't go any deeper in the junkyard of bad movies. Sideways maybe, but not deeper.
  8. Lady Street Fighter (1981) This is so amazingly bad. Just about everything short of the music and restoration is bad. To start somewhere, I don't know if this is "acting" or not. A lot of the actors are just saying their lines, as if they're reading from a script that only they can see; devoid of emotion, heart and life itself even in moments of mortal peril. I'm not one that notices bad acting from half-competent acting but this is just so bad, past the point of cheese that exploitation movies should have. Especially this one guy, think he was the agent but his delivery is so awful.
  9. This is why I stay up all night for TCM Underground; cheesy exploitation movies that are hilariously bad or ridiculously 70s/80s. But in Canada, We do get Lady Street Fighter but instead of Sister Street Fighter we get: They aren't lying about Kurt Thomas, he won multiple gold medals in the 70s. It doesn't look good in any shape or form that isn't "so bad it's hilarious" and they still continued to produce it despite the premise.
  10. Certainly not Dark Hazard (1934) or Little Caesar (1931) with Edward G. Robinson as my TV said it would, instead it was Grand Slam (1933) followed by In Caliente (1935). Did enjoy how they were all from the 30s and so close together in years and while I didn't get Edward G Robinson and missed most of In Caliente, Grand Slam was surprisingly a slam. Never knew a bridge movie could be this good because I don't know a lick of bridge apart from there being four players, a deck of cards and collusion or some kind of teamwork between 2 players and it's a game old ladies play on Sunday afternoon
  11. Spook Busters With the Bowery Boys, missed the beginning but the ether fight was hilarious. From what I saw, it is still entertaining and has that comic zany sight gags, slapstick and embellished narration. Don't know if Spook Chasers will live up to it. 8/10
  12. TCM Underground: He Knows You're Alone I can barely remember the names of more than 3 of the casts and one of them is just a bit actor no-name called Tom Hanks, but I liked him. Shrieking musical tones every time someone is stabbed, be it once or eight times. It was alright, I wouldn't go out of my way to rewatch it but I remember the opening 10 minutes from the last time it was on Underground. The final act was kinda funny, in a bad way. 5/10 TCM Underground: Demon Seed I remember the parody The Simpsons did in a Treehouse of Horror segment so it's neat seeing the source o
  13. The Man Who Would Be King (1975) Gave it a 9/10 and the way I feel about it is like when I watched North By Northwest for the first time, and both first times were absolutely amazing. Two massive stars that drive it forward and compel you to watch, wildly entertaining from comedy to action to a grand adventure and good old fashioned mutton chops with plenty of chemistry to spare. Even the title sounds grand!
  14. The reason why I don't go to sleep after TCM Underground.
  15. I was hoping for another showing of Larceny Inc, think it was on last Christmas and loved it. Edward G. Robinson as Pressure Maxwell had the most amazing gangster voice, dresses the part and makes it some good all-around fun.
  16. A few months ago TCM Underground had a few weeks of Blacksploitation flicks like Cleopatra Jones, Shaft, The Last Dragon and the spoof I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. I stayed up for them from 2AM to 6AM and absolutely loved it. It had the groovy music, 70s slang and some jive turkeys getting the what-for, maybe with some kung fu action and The Last Dragon featuring the ageless Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem. It's usually hit or miss for me but those kinds of flicks I'll make time for. Last week was Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, which was pure cheesy incredibly 80s fun. It's not so
  17. Blu-Ray in all its hammy glory! Loved how his final film was based on his kids, that probably made him go at it whole hog and be the most memorable aspect of it. A majority of them are bad but fewer become so bad it's good and be actually entertaining. But would this be an example of intentional camp? (As when I think of Batman in the 60s I think of how campy the Adam West one is, which I absolutely love). And there's no way that the "Lightning line" could have been anything but intentional, he could have brought the whole building down on their heads with that line. And so much of i
  18. Street Fighter (1994) I don't know how many times I've watched this but Raul Julia as M. Bison is absolutely, without a doubt the best thing about this. Textbook definition of "ham and cheese" with just about every line of dialogue, every eye bulging stare and every grandiose pose. Everything he does is done to be the most entertaining on the screen in his final film appearance and he succeeds. And this is without going into the snarking Dee-Jay and the boisterous Bison diehard who is as smart as a sack of bricks; Zangief. His ludicrous patriotism for whom is clearly a madman and hi
  19. Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970), spoken by Admiral Yamamoto: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve." Said after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and history shows what happened afterward.
  20. Some Like It Hot (1959), even though the entire final scene is memorable, the last escalating exchange is just perfect. Nobody's perfect
  21. The Man Who Would Be King (1975). Wow, just wow. I missed a bit of the start but caught just about everything else and the perfect usage of a British stiff upper lip. It has everything you would want in an epic; action, adventure, comedy, imperialism and two massive stars that not only do the movie justice but have excellent chemistry with each other. Michael Caine and Sean Connery with those sweet chops, are bloody perfect and the icing are those accents. They bring it from a good movie to an excellent one and as it went on, I was enthralled by it. Solid everything around and a great tale of
  22. Jack Lemmon in The Great Race, him as Professor Fate and Prince Hapnick is constant scenery chewing. It's probably more difficult to figure out which scenes he isn't hamming it up in it but he was the absolute best part of the movie.
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