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  1. We see the battle played out in many forms: the attire-Ginger is dressed in pants and not a flowing gown; the dance-we see each lead or follow at various points and playfully trying to out do or match the other. While we see the clothes, characters and scenery to give the audience an escape from reality, this offers the tension of love - we see it's impact on the characters and it's evolution. While still remaining true to the code. Screwball comedy musical sets the tone for what to expect - at this time women were becoming more independent, free and in control. This was not entirely
  2. The muffled dialogue behind the close door, the attire, the garter, dual language and translation all create this image of Alfred - they kinda say 'this isn't your run of the mill guy off the street' that this is someone of interest, experience and intelligence. They set the tone to indicate that something interesting is about to take place. Definitely the gun shot, the audience would expect to see tragedy but what happens is more light hearted, causing the scene to change from one of a darker situation to one of gladness and relief. Also, the silence and the music play an important part
  3. The interactions are mutual for both of them, clearly you can see that there is an attraction as Eddy attempts to swoon MacDonald with his operatic love song. He is clearly trying to prove that he is a 'catch' as much as the next guy. Eddy is very forward as he fishes for information on the competition. During this scene, Eddy enhances his emotion by the way he moves and tilts his head. MacDonald does the same but with her hands. How she clasps them in interest and hope and when she opens her arms and moves her hands in a playful manner, one in the air and the other in the water. At one point
  4. Viewing the clip displays no indication that there is a financial struggle taking place. In fact you could say that the opposite is being shown, from the clothing, jewelry, flowers and tip - one would be led to believe that the characters are living in a world where all is fine or that everyone is flourishing monetarily. Even as Anna flashes her audience with her mirror, you see that all are dressed well including her two rivals. The theme or approach I believe would play the same - all is good and fine in the world, everyone is employed, people have money to make frivolous purchases and
  5. Wow! So many wonderful musicals each Tuesday. But the last two...Mama Mia! What a selection! I cannot wait for those two days. ?
  6. From yesteryear to modern films, I never seem to grow tired of viewing some titles repeatedly. I grew up watching great musicals such as Gypsy, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Meet Me in St. Louis, Mame and countless others. I should be embarrassed for the number of times i have sat down and viewed The Sound of Music or The Music Man, but with every passing year my fondness for these titles seems to grow.
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