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  1. I can’t seem to find the page that listed them. I have odd work hours so I need to record most of them. Thanks
  2. I thought it was cute. It got me totally excited to be back in school, even if only for 4 weeks.
  3. This was my first time seeing the movie. I loved it! Cagney was great and I loved the chemistry between him and Joan Blondell. Sorry I never watched it sooner.
  4. In the first scene he is clearly wooing her. She is clearly intrigued after the song, but when she hears him use the wrong name she is annoyed. Her annoyance, I think, is at herself for letting herself be sidetracked from her original goal. In the second clip things have clearly changed and she cares what he thinks about her. We as the audience see he feels for her something more than what his flippant attitude would’ve suggested earlier. The code keeps Rose as a straight laced damsel even in a situation where she needs money to the point she’s singing in a saloon. When she gets upstaged
  5. Mine are Singin' In the Rain and Guys and Dolls. If I catch them on TV I usually stop whatever I'm doing and sit and watch. I also am a big fan of White Christmas, that Danny Kaye/Vera-Ellen dance number at the begining is so awesome, even some 60+ years later. Now that I'm an adult they just remind me of a time in my life when things were happy and uncomplicated.
  6. I just saw Born to Dance was on YouTube for rental. I think it said it was $2.99. Hope that's helpful.
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