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  1. Some of my favorite musicals include Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, Camelot, Cabaret, The Wizard of Oz and Funny Girl. Out of those listed, Funny Girl has to be my favorite for many reasons, but mostly due to Barbra Streisand's extraordinary performance. She commands the film as her own and gives every moment on screen her all, resulting in arguably one of the greatest musicals of all time. She is the greatest star! Color is another factor that comes into play with the films I listed. I agree with annsblyth that technicolor adds to the appeal of many musicals, it definintely is an element in all of my favorites. It helps create the fascinating world on screen that we can escape into if only for a could of hours. Black & White musicals can be just as appealing if the music is right and other visual elements are used. Shows like Cabin in the Sky, Showboat, or any Busby Berkeley film may lack color, but they contain the heart and soul of the musical, the music, and in some cases visually stunning numbers as well.
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