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  1. Based on what I had read about Eddy and Macdonald I was mostly pleasantly surprised by their acting abilities. It was much more clear to me why they were popular than I had realized from the rather dismissive things I had read. But as to the questions. The first clip really tied the idea of sexual attraction to the voice. She dismissed him and was focused on her tenor, and he was smart enough to realize that this was the way to her heart. The interplay which focused mostly on her was well done. We saw him sing with a slight self-mockery which made him much more charming and her reactions
  2. There is definitely a lightness to all of this. I would say the emphasis is on comedy. Reactions of the two rival producers are broad, nearly mugging. But the approach does not take away from the truth -- the competition is cutthroat. Each man is characterized by how he attempts to persuade Miss Held. One by craftiness and planning. He has struck first and with repeated cables and meetings. The other intends to charm and seduce Miss Held. The fact that she is so easily distracted from the practical approach shows her as not as shrewd a business woman as she is an egoist who is flattera
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