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  1. I am watching my fair lady for class. I thought the sexism in Pygmalion was bad but it’s even worse in song, lol. Ahh but Audrey Hepburn makes everything ok. Oh how I wish Shaw’s wish had come true and she was swept away by Harry. I loved Pygmalion for the more dramatic turn but do so enjoy my fair lady. As far as the problems I noted I remember the direction, put yourself in the period it was filmed.
  2. Never mind. It only happened on the app. When I retook quiz via website it all worked fine.
  3. There were several gifs that were supposed to be seen to help answer a quiz question. None of them were viewable when I took the quiz. Any suggestions. I passed anyway but would like to see what I was supposed to see. Thanks
  4. Never m8nd. It’s s glitch in my channel,guide. They have a couple of hours gap with no film listed. Thanks for looking.
  5. The guide says to watch guys and dolls and the schedule listed in first post has guys and dolls but my cable provider shows 7 brides for 7 brothers in thst spot. Anyone else?
  6. I can’t imagine personally how hard life was during the depression. My mother shared stories and I saw how she lived her life because of it. If I had scraped together money for a movie I would want it to be light and make me feel good. I can see how the musical would be such a big hit. Music, dance and sixty minutes or more of your reality being swept away. We like to dream of the effect life and the characters in these movies had romance and intrigue and beautiful costumes. A prefect escape.
  7. It would be like picking my favorite child to pick my favorite musical. My friends and familiy have never been into musicals so I’ve made it my job to teach the young ones coming up. I have a special niece who loves them as much as I do because of the many times I babysat and put a musical on. We go to all the touring broadway shows and I make sure we see the revivals of old shows that we saw on tv when available. I’m so excited to see them all but for dancing alone will pick seven brides for seven brothers.
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