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  1. Both Keeler and Powell are fascinating to watch. Powell is more elegant and sophisticated. Keeler is more back street night club-ish, rougher around the edges. Powell hints at sexiness--"Look out boy"--a couple of times. And her dress doesn't go much higher than her knees in her spin. Keeler (and her song) shimmies and strips (a bit) and wears her shorts, letting you know that sex and violence are part of the story here. So--Powell more polished and refined. Keeler skilled and emotive in her tapping. Fun to observe and think about.
  2. First, there is the garter that came out of what we believe is the bedroom. It tells part of the story. He is a playboy. The lavish surroundings tell you that he is placed well financially. The dialogue tells you just enough in English and the French that follows and the actors' mannerisms tells the rest of the story, so you don't need to understand French. Chevalier and the actress playing Paulette are fabulous. She is so expressive with her body and her language. I don't need to understand French to know that she is going back to her husband, but she's still disgusted that he can't zi
  3. The clip shows a brighter perspective. People have fancy new clothes, vehicles and money to go to a show. I would anticipate that other Depression era musicals would give people an escape from hard times. A handsome man and a beautiful woman, fine clothing and wonderful music. It's all good for an hour and a half. If it were a pre-code film, her dress would have been skimpier--sheerer fabric,, lower cut and more leg showing. Perhaps he could have walked into her dressing room while she was changing and been more suggestive.
  4. Most definitely a lighthearted view of life. A woman in a beautiful costume waited upon by another cultured woman. Men with money. If this were pre-code, she would have been showing legs, at least. Corny jokes would be expected in this era. Make them laugh, even if it's just soft a bit
  5. I love Singing in the Rain, My Fair Lady, Gigi. I enjoy the spectacle of the story, the scenery, the costumes, the songs, the dancing. And the the turn of the story in the change in pace and tone of the song when each realizes how they feel. thanks for making me think! Denny
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