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  1. Their pre-dance movements there are really two sets. The ones where they are listening and following the lessons and then it's the mocking sequence where they start to take the book, undo his bow tie. Each one kind of leads into the other. There is the dance part that includes the tongue twister and then it changes to just dancing which is where basically I think they are saying....hey this is what we get paid to do! The teacher plays the straight man well. During the curtain part he is still trying to play somewhat against them. Looking around and trying to figure them out. The part wh
  2. I've never seen this movie so the few clips that were provided peaked my interest. I think this is off skew from normal female representation. She's tomboy, costume is well worn even dusty, she's pretty but you can tell they left her hair a mess and she isn't completely cleaned up. The language is of course on purpose to make her sound hick and not lady like. I don't think I realized she was really a musical star. I know she sang and had a show, but the movies I've seen her in are more Rom/Com like Pillow Talk. This seemed like a stretch for her and she seems to have fun in the role. In
  3. All four dance in concert really with each other. It's strange for Fred Astaire to be on the outside and not the center of attention or going after the girl. All the men are in suits and none other than the blue one is flashy at all. It doesn't take away from any of them. Her skirt is actually the most visual thing of the wardrobe. It's a huge skirt and geometric. I think the costuming is subdued to fit the conversation and scene, they were just talking and broke into song. Also the backgrounds are larger than life so they have a place in the scene.
  4. I think it reflects the fact that as long as she has the love of her life that she is satisfied and happy with life. Even when doing something as tedious as laundry that there is a sense of love for having someone to take care of and specifically when you almost lost them. I don't think there would be much difference if it had been a child. Only maybe she would not have left the child's side. But not knowing the scene before this one, who knows what pulled her away.
  5. When he comes out and she steps in front of him, he then slides to get around her and she moves again. It starts looking like a dance so it leads into a musical number. The fact she is forcing him in her presence and to like her would be creepy if the roles were reversed...But for some reason this is cute.
  6. The first Judy Garland film I saw was Meet Me in St. Louis. So I saw her as a young woman who was already becoming a romantic interest. I didn't see many of her earlier films where she is a teenager with Mikey Rooney. The next movie I saw was Harvey Girls. I believe it's the "On the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe" where she did it in one take. I was in awe with her talent of signing, dancing and moving the scene along. It was later that I saw Wizard of Oz funny enough it's not one of my favorites. After you brining to attention the fact that she didn't play piano I was awed by the talent to d
  7. Everything points to America. Flags, the stories, event the small details in the telling of the parade with more stars to be added. All speaks to America's growth and increase in power. Also links families to each other over generations and infers to immigrants and hard work. If the movie had opened on the parade I don't know that you would get a sense for what or who the movie was going to be about. You already get to see who he is and the man he becomes with his influence instead of having to wait for it and watch it develop.
  8. I don't know that's it's the battle of the sexes as much as she is an independent woman who doesn't "need" a man. In a lot of the movies the woman has a problem or situation where she needs help or has an angle. This film she is his equal. We see that in this scene when they choose her costume as pants instead of a dress. She also mocks him at first by copying his moves with the flip of her jacket and putting her hand in her pocket. The rest of the number she isn't necessarily "keeping up" with him, but matching him step by step with her own flare. As always they are delightful to watch. My 10
  9. Oddly at first I thought it was going to be a silent film...I think it could have worked if there was no dialogue the acting, props and sounds tell the story without even words. It's like watching a Tella Novella there is so much emotion from it (in this case humor) that you don't have to understand the words really.
  10. I love that her reaction to him in the first scene is so like most woman when being hit on by a man...eye rolls, snippy comebacks and so not impressed! I love her. He's trying to be friendly and funny which is charming. She obviously has something else on her mind and is distracted and is honestly like "get a hint" I'm just not that into you! But just like most women if the man can sing we melt a little. The second clip is her being uncomfortable and anxious. She does a great job of portraying that. The other woman reminds me of Mae West, just putting it all out there for whoever wants
  11. The clip is interesting, the first thing I noticed really was the song was not very good. Here we are watching a musical, where you would think they would want to show the best talent. But the song is lacking in melody, lyrics and honestly a point. It's a silly song and the action with the mirror is amateur for someone that both "big producers" are vying for in their show. Again sometimes you have to suspend reality for the fun and lightheartedness of a musical, but at least make the performance of the song worth the film. Of course the woman is played as a weaker character with no understandi
  12. My favorite has to be Kiss Me Kate. Would listen to the cassette of the soundtrack each night when I was a girl. It included the sounds of the dancers during the songs. I would lay there and remember all the steps from the movie. I love watching old movies and musicials are my favorite. Now it’s time I indoctrinated my kiddos. For the Holidays we always watch Holiday Inn and White Christmas so those are on heavy rotation also. Brandy
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