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  1. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.... My first thought when watching this clip from Top Hat. It reminded be so much of this song from Annie Get Your Gun. The clothes, the repetition of dance moves. It's really wonderful. I think this scene is different because it doesn't showcase Ginger in elaborate clothing or on stage. It's about a song in the "everyday life". No elaborate setting, just under a gazebo in the rain. I think it made the movie. And it set a parallel life to the person watching it, during the depression and now.
  2. Oh, and Una Merkel made the show as well with her one-liners and wit. I believe this was her best movie as well.
  3. I was really impressed with Jimmy Stewart and Buddy Ebsen in Born to Dance. They are not singers, yet the production made them out to be. Come on, Jed Clampton, the Beverly Hillbilly started out in a musical? That's insane to me! I think they did wonderful and this one musical was excellent.Man alive can Eleanor Powell dance? She's got it all.
  4. Most Scandalous Of All The most interesting thing I took from watching this clip and reading the background information was that the real life Ziegfeld led completely violated the Hollywood Motion Picture Code. He lived with a woman that he wasn’t married to, the code states that the motion picture couldn’t portray that. He was divorced, couldn’t show that. She led a childhood that was hard, couldn’t portray that. But yet, they made a Depression Era film to show “the bright side of life”. How bizarre!!?
  5. My most loved musical has got to be Meet Me in St. Louis. The all-star cast makes it for me. It’s just wonderful in my opinion. It puts me in such a great mood.
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