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  1. I just received my certificate! Thank you! I hope you offer more of these classes! Wynne Proudfoot
  2. I like the gentle approach taken with the song. I think a bolder treatment would have taken the gentleness from her character. The camera can get in close so she does not have to make the grand gestures of the state. Streisand is a master.
  3. Eliza is definitely in love with Higgins but he has no idea of his feelings for her. He has no clue why she actually breaks down and goes to pieces. He is losing his control of her.
  4. Robert Preston is superb as Harold Hill. I think it would be difficult for anyone to step into his shoes. I also liked him in Victor, Victoria though it is a much softer role. I haven't seen him in much else except, The Last Starfighter which was very good.
  5. Dr. Ament, I really enjoyed your information and photos of Shirley Jones. Her voice is still so beautiful! My whole family is a fan of her movies, especially The Music Man! I live about 90 miles south of Smithton and have been there several times. I have a Stoneys in my fridge right now. wproudfo
  6. Love seeing Morgan Brittany as Baby June. I also enjoyed Karl Malden in this film. Rosalind Russell is the ultimate stage mother but really wants to be the star. You can tell she really loves being out on that stage. This number seems more like a novelty number in this clip.
  7. Does a movie that has as stylized a scene as An American in Paris’ ending ballet need to use a less-than-realistic, stylized approach throughout the film? I like the realistic approach that is used in the rest of the film. Who would think that it was really was filmed on the back lot. The streets and buildings are so realistic. I think this contrasts nicely with the fantasy ballet at the end of the film. What keeps Jerry Mulligan from being completely unlikeable in a scene in which he acts pretty darn unlikeable? Even though he is actually rude to the "3rd year girl" , he still has that
  8. They both are so fluid in their movements that it is hard to tell where the dancing actually begins. The professor is a master at facial expressions, going from happiness to surprise to shock. Gene Kelly dances with masculine upper body movements and facial expressions. O'Connor has more of the clownlike facial expressions. What terrific dancing by both!!!!! '
  9. I just love Doris Day and could watch her films all day long. A beautiful singer and a wonderful dancer and actress. In Calamity Jane, I love seeing her go from tom boy to feminine woman and then back to something in between. Calamity Jane is finally comfortable in her own skin. Deadwood Stage and Secret Love are classics. I heard Doris Day say once on a talk show that her personal favorite was, "Love Me or Leave Me". Another fantastic performance!
  10. They are performing as a group. There is no leading singer or dancer. All have equal importance. They are all dressed in very various shades of gray, black, or blue. The group blends together. It makes a nice comparison with the reds used in the scenery. In staging, no one is given center stage. Truly a group endeavor.
  11. By starting the song at Joe's bedside, it shows her loving care and concern for her injured husband. When they move outside, you know he is recovering and there is joy and happiness in her voice and face. I think if she were singing to her child, there would be more nurturing and maternal love in the song.
  12. Thinking like a director and editor, describe how each shot spotlights key actions. Betty Garrett is definitely playing the role of predator as she waits for Frank Sinatra in the hallway. She doesn't let up and follows him to the bleachers. It’s interesting to examine how musicals segue into musical numbers. How does this sequence prepare us for the singing?  Their movements and steps in the hallway are right in time to the music. As the music quickens, so do they as they run for the bleachers. You know a song is on the way. Love Betty Garrett's voice!
  13. 1.What was the first Judy Garland film you recall watching? What was your impression of her? I'm sure it was the Wizard of Oz. I loved her pure vocal quality 2.How do you view her differently after viewing these clips than you might have viewed her previously? I didn't realize that she was such a talented dancer. She certainly kept up with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. 3. What films in her later career come to mind as examples of her increasing ability to capture an audience's imagination as a storyteller when she sings a lyric? She was amazing in A Star is Born.
  14. 1.Describe how the scenes in today’s Daily Dose were designed to promote American values for audiences during World War II. Be specific. Refer to props, set design, settings, etc. in your answer. American Flags are everywhere. You can't get more American than being in the White House and meeting the president. Cohan keeps looking over his shoulder as if he can't believe he is there. He is wearing a flag pin on his lapel. Listen carefully to the dialogue in these scenes. In what ways does the dialogue and/or the screenplay work to boost American morale? Quote specific lines of dialogue in
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