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  1. It's been easy for me to watch only things I hadn't seen before, since I'd seen so few musicals!  I'm loving really diving into the genre.  I've been watching as much as I can, loading up my DVR on Tuesdays and Thursdays and watching all week long.  A few things that have stuck out are Eleanor Powell in Born To Dance.  When the course is over I'll watch more of her films.  The "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody" scene in The Great Ziegfeld was a standout.  It's hard to imagine what went into filming that in the pre-CGI/ computer animation days!  And I just finished Hollywood Canteen and really loved the Joan McCraken number. 

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  2. Nancy was awesome in this, and I did the same thing - looked up who was playing the blind date because she just looked so familiar but I couldn't quite place her!  

    I was so happy to see a Lucille Ball movie on the schedule...but I agree, she was good but not as great as she became later in her career.  I thought perhaps this was chosen because it was early June Allyson?  And it's an example of the theme of this week - nationalism - being set at the military school.  

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  3. 18 hours ago, Dr. Rich Edwards said:

    As usual, I can't say it any better than GeezerNoir!

    I love that there is interest in more courses, and that is something to consider in the future.

    Just so everyone knows, I do my best to share all of your thoughts and ideas with TCM.

    If it helps encourage TCM to offer these classes more often, or even to repeat previous ones, you can let them know that for the past 1.5 weeks my TV has been turned to nothing but TCM!!  This class has turned me from an occasional, casual TCM viewer to a TCM addict!!  Based on the message board, I'm guessing I'm not the only one.  :)  

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  4. I'm watching The Great Ziegfeld on my DVR right now and am just totally blown away by the staging on some of the musical numbers!  I did some Googling and found out that shooting "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody" alone took weeks of rehearsals and filming, 180 performers, 4300 yards of rayon silk, and cost over $200k to put together.  I realized one of the reasons I love watching these old films is that they predate things like CGI and all the fancy animation and special effects that are used today.  I know what I'm seeing is "real," that the actors were really walking around these sets that were built by hand.  With new movies,  so much of what we see is created on a computer or in post-production, and actors are walking around in front of green screens while filming.  I can't get that out of my head when I'm watching them, and it takes away a little of the magic that these old movies have in spades!  



  5. The JW Marriott Hotel in Palm Desert, California reminded me so much of the Italian hotel set in Top Hat, which I watched on TCM last night.  It's of course an updated, modernized version, but it has the canals and boats going through the ground floor, around the bars and restaurants and out onto the patio.  If I recall correctly, there are Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Streets very nearby the hotel.  


  6. I just finished watching Hallelujah.  Wow.  I'm so glad I didn't skip this one.  What a contrast from the other two movies I've so far for this course - Born To Dance and Broadway Melody.  I know this just narrowly pre-dates the Depression but there was certainly no hint of the opulent escapist fantasy and lighthearted humor that was presented in the musicals with white casts at that time.  

    I'm wondering, as the Depression era went on, were there any escapist fantasy musicals that had all African American casts?  Or were the "race movies" musicals always more gritty, serious and dramatic?

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  7. I watched Broadway Melody last night and really enjoyed it.  On my DVR right now I have The Great Ziegfeld, Born To Dance, Gold Diggers of 1933 and Hallelujah.  Not sure I'll get to them all before the next round comes out tomorrow, but I'm about to start one now!  Maybe I'll go with Born To Dance, since that's on the recommended list.  I've already seen Wizard of Oz a thousand times so I'll skip that this time even though it's on the list too!  

  8. I thought their (obvious!) lack of singing and dancing abilities worked for the movie for this reason too - they were supposed to be a local vaudeville act trying their hand in NY, where the Zeigfeldian character quickly decided he didn't want them after seeing a snippet of their mess of an act.

    I watched it yesterday and really enjoyed it.  I thought Bessie Love and Anita Page were both wonderful...when they weren't singing and dancing!!

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  9. 2 hours ago, Dulcinea3 said:

    I seem to be having a different problem. I figured out the part about having to hit pause when the whole track ends. However, I cannot drag any clip other than the first one onto the squares. If I try to drag another clip, the first clip just moves to that square instead.

    I am on a Dell Inspiron laptop, and using the Edge browser (I think that's what it's called; whatever browser came with Windows 10).

    I don't even see the 'guitar hero' part. Do I have to complete the drag-and-drop part first?

    I'm having the same exact issue on my laptop using Explorer

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