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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Mine actually arrived a few days ago, but I hadn't checked until now! The subject line was "Your Mad About Musicals Certificate" so it was easy enough to locate, even without recognizing the sender (STRATEGICLRN). Looks good
  2. Radio. Every teenager had a transistor radio when I was young (around the time you are talking about) and that was where you heard the new songs and performers.
  3. I'd also like to add my thanks to all involved. I've always loved musicals and learning more about them has been great fun.
  4. I'm just home from seeing The Wizard of Oz on a big screen (first time I've seen it that way) and what a lot of fun I had! There were lots of kids, as I expected, but I needn't have worried as they were exceptionally well behaved. There were some "oohs" and "aahs" and a few "I don't like that" comments, but for the most part they were intent on watching the movie. The one funny comment was made by what sounded like an adult male, who said "Why him?" when Dorothy said she'd miss the scarecrow "most of all". I smiled at that, and at pretty much everything. In the lobby one little girl w
  5. I'm pretty sure we all know that The fabricated story doesn't detract from the music in any way, though, at least not for me.
  6. All I can say is that Doris is wonderful, in Calamity Jane especially but in almost everything I've ever seen her in (and I haven't missed many).
  7. I'm definitely going to go, have my (free!) ticket and everything. Looking forward to it.
  8. Thank you so much for this! It's one I didn't know about and it works!
  9. I'm pretty sure it was a baseball game, as I saw it earlier this year. Jimmy Stewart's character is a baseball player who is recalled to the Air Force from the reserve, and there's a scene at a ball game early on in the movie.
  10. I watched it a couple of nights ago, absolutely love it and have done since I saw it first at the movie theatre as a kid. One of my favourites...
  11. Yes, it was John Payne. I was disappointed that he went out a different door, so we didn't get to see him up close, but I loved both of them in the show.
  12. I was lucky enough to see Alice Faye on stage in a revival of Good News in Toronto in the early 1970s. Even got her autograph after the show. She was charming.
  13. Is Suicide Squadron also known as Dangerous Moonlight? If so it's one I'd like to see again.
  14. I truly can't remember the first movie in which I saw Judy, though I'm pretty sure it was NOT The Wizard of Oz. Could have been In the Good Old Summertime, or an Andy Hardy or even A Star Is Born. Doesn't matter, I love her in all of them. I'd like to say 'thank you' for a truly delightful Daily Dose today, containing as it did two of my favourite numbers.
  15. Show Boat was on a channel that I get a couple of days ago, so I watched that (early) for week three. Still waiting for Top Hat to arrive at the library. For week two I have Holiday Inn and Meet Me in St Louis (from the library) plus Easter Parade and My Dream Is Yours in my own collection. Saw Anchors Aweigh not all that long ago. Definitely looking better for week two!
  16. No relation, unfortunately, but I have been to the Ashdown Forest (100 Acre Wood) I think you are right, I shouldn't miss the chance to see this on the big screen, should I?
  17. Having failed to find this to watch this week (and failed to watch it a few weeks ago, on one of my cable channels, before I knew about this course) I now find that a local theatre is showing it as a Saturday matinee on June 23rd. My dilemma now: do I want to watch it with a theatre full of school kids? Hmm...
  18. Great podcast, but I come away from it more frustrated than ever that I haven't been able to watch even one of the movies for this week. I'm still waiting for the single one that I found at the library to arrive. I'm having to rely on my memory of some that I have watched in the past, and the daily doses and other clips. I'm more than willing to watch these pioneering musicals; I just wish that I could.
  19. The clip makes me wish I was able to watch the entire movie. As I've said elsewhere, I'm a fan of Chevalier's. The visual humour makes me chuckle, though I can understand much of the French dialogue (not sure if this is a good or a bad thing in this case).
  20. My own observations and answers to the questions are very much an echo of all that has been said already. For a change of pace, I was moved to pick up my copy of Pierre Berton's "Hollywood's Canada", to re-read what he'd written about the various versions of Rose Marie and how the Mounties were portrayed in each. At one point he quotes a letter written by the commissioner of the force, who allows that it might be reasonable for a Mountie to be portrayed as chasing down his man whilst singing to the criminal's sister as something that might "appear to be needed ...from the point of view of pl
  21. Thank you so much. I've just checked the updated recommendations, and find that between my library and my own DVD shelf (including new additions) I'll be able to watch at least a couple each week but the first (of the 'quartet'). That should keep me busy enough.
  22. One solution I've found - visit local video/dvd store, spend under thirty dollars, bring home five movies! Four are useful for this course, the fifth was an indulgence. I'm happy.
  23. Most of the streaming movie services that I've checked on don't give you much idea of what their content is before you sign up. I'd rather know what I'm getting first. I actually saw Road to Bali on a cable channel that I get where I am a couple of months ago, so not too worried about that one. I'll keep on checking around, though.
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