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  1. The build up to the musical is done through a feeling of tension between Garrett and Sinatra as she invades his personal space until he runs away. Pretty comical. I am wondering how Sinatra liked being picked up and whirled around at the end?. Also wondering how Garrett ran up the bleachers in that dress! Liked the fact that the frame was large enough to see the full view of the bleachers as they are running up them.
  2. It seems to me that the undertone is that Nelson is trying to woo McDonald by way of "rescuing" her from someone else that he imagines is winning her heart. McDonald is staying coy and aloof by not showing him her reaction to his song, as every woman should in that day. Nelson sings of gentleness,, kindness and an angel to describe her but also adds a little devil in her eye which shows us how men of the time would like their woman to be.
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