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  1. I see that at local events. A few MAGA hats and a few Hillary shirts but mostly flags or anything red, white, and blue. I wish it could be like that 365 days a year.
  2. I noticed several movies we saw and several others of a similar nature are slated for early in the month. Maybe they're trying wean us off instead of making us go cold turkey.
  3. Do you do Facebook? I started a group yesterday for this class's alums and anyone else and we're already over 60 something members. Come check it out, that might be a fun idea to run by the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1706822226097539/
  4. My sister and her family lived in Burke, Virginia, when my brother-in-law was at the Pentagon. As far as I know they never made it to the Memorial Day or 4th of July concerts. I would have killed to see either one of them live.
  5. He likes them to, but I generally don't. He just likes the contemporary stuff a lot more.
  6. That's my reaction too, especially when a network airs it 20 times in 2 weeks and he watches it every time lol
  7. 28 members already! I'm actually surprised but very pleased.
  8. I would have to pass because that's not my cup of tea. But my husband might be on board with it. He watches reruns of Star Trek (all versions, including the movies) and Wild Wild West (he calls it the Western James Bond) every chance he gets, and his favorite movies are Independence Day and a couple of others I can't think of.
  9. Because it's open to people who didn't take this course as well as alum. We actually had quite a few people join just in the last couple of hours, most of them from the class. Plus it's fun.
  10. I was never a Vanessa Redgrave fan, and don't get me started on Franco Nero. Although if I'm not mistaken they were having a hot and heavy affair so that probably added an extra layer of believability to their love scenes. I think David Hemmings was a perfect Mordred, but I was disappointed they cut out Seven Deadly Virtues and Fie on Goodness.
  11. I would rather have Julie Andrews than Vanessa Redgrave but having never seen Richard Burton, although my mother had the OBC album, I fell in love with Richard Harris as King Arthur. When Camelot was revived on the stage they brought Burton back but RH stepped in when his health started failing him. I got to see twice in touring shows and loved every minute of it both times.
  12. I never miss it, or the Memorial Day concert. But since they started doing free concerts at the local bandshell I've watched it on DVR the last three or four years when I got home from that.
  13. Browsing through upcoming movies to see if there were any I wanted to DVR. Over the next coming days they're airing movies we covered in this class (Yankee Doodle Dandy, 1776), several we didn't see with Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell, and more. If you watch any, it will be interesting applying what we've learned over the last four weeks.
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