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  1. 1) I am not familiar with any of his works so I can't really say anything on this. But I can say that the emotion and how they use it in this scene is beautiful. 2) I would say this supports them by the mood and how it seems dark in this scene light wise, and how very light is in the room and how the background fits also well with this scene and how the strong emotion of anger and then sadness fits well into frame. 3) She seems very upset and angry but then breaks down and sobs on the couch as he tries to talk to her, again it fits well in this scene, there is no music just this str
  2. 1) The way masculine is shown has changed with the age of music ( looking at Elvis in "Jailhouse Rock") and how they set the standards of how it is viewed even in today's society. I would put Robert Preston at the time before music set the tone of how we view masculine by it's very own artist of that genre at the time. Since he gives off a suave, even charismatic performance and how he sings just gives off that low, charisma singing to it and even that kind of debonair look he has. But he doesn't look like he's the rough and tough guy that real early actors of that masculine age showed before
  3. 1) They would be backwards by how the children are dancing and singing, Usually it would be one person would sing, then the next, dance, maybe together, but it seems more off beat to me in a way and how usually it's the adults would sing or dance, but there are two children up on stage kinda reminds me of Shirley Temple and how they dance and act. 2) Her entrance is to me spot on as how a trainer on the stage and dance in films or in any kind of musical there is either it be in the movies on Broadway. As soon as she walks in she takes charge telling what to do and then at the end of the s
  4. 1) I would say that the way it's filmed is fine for me, nothing really too out of place, including how the scene was shot, it plays on how a normal day in Paris is like. 2) He comes off way to strong and blunt, he's cynical and kinda arrogant. As we watch the scene we see how he acts to a total stranger as they look over his paintings then told her to just leave, then in the next scene he says how they are American college kids as if they are a bother.
  5. 1) I would say their pre dance was like a warm up, like it was setting us up for what was to come, its slow but to the rhythm of the music but then we see them actually dance. When they tap dance they move quick and fast to not only the beat but also the rhythm as if they are in sync from dancing on the floor to the chair to the desk, it all matches in quick sync to the way the music plays. 2) As I see the professor I see him as a man who is witty and cleaver, as maybe others see him as a lesser man, he is older, he is doesn't have a dance or sing, but he as he reads you can see the witty
  6. 1) I believe this character fits in the more tomboy-ish more taking the lead role of where the man would be. The way she acts in the first clip, how she is on top of the carriage and how she kinda makes fun of the way women of class by how she moves the blanket and kinda does this show off-ish like how with a new dress would do, to her being in the bar and hanging with the men to even ordering a drink. But she is also a women by how in the second clip we see that more softer side and how lovely her voice just resonates throughout the clip but she still shows she is still her by how she rides h
  7. 1) I would say they include each other is how they play off each other. From the very beginning we see Fred Astaire just singing, no build up or music starting to build to it, and how they sing step by step playing off the other person and how they act throughout the scene from Fred and Jack interacting with the top hats and to them doing a synchronized dance using the sage itself. And to how its different from other musicals from before is there is a whole lot more of movement, even them moving off screen and then popping back up again when usually we will see our characters up front and cen
  8. 1) I can see in this scene someone who loves someone, the song she sang was kinda ( if not it was) a love song essentially. The way she rushed into his room when he awoke, to laying beside him smiling as if the room was just brighten. Not to mention the lyrics when you listen to them " He's got a way that make angels sigh, when they know my little Joe is passing by." And the way she does the laundry it just to me anyway show that she not only loves Joe but is dedicated to him and shows it in the way she sings the song. 2) If it was a women singing to her child then the song would have to
  9. 1) This one is a tricky one for me, I want to say how the shadows play in the different scenes, and how the music plays to their actions, like how she knocked on the wooden frame the music play to that, or how they run or the different shots when we get up close to their faces, This one was a toughie to figure out but that is my opinion. 2) This sets it up perfect by how he walks out of the room throwing the ball in the air, then out of nowhere leaning against the wall is the women who loves him. He sees her as you start to hear the music start to pick up, they run up the stair till she c
  10. 1) I would have to say the only two movies or movie I have seen ( since the first one I seen was the Wizard of Oz when I was young and have seen it here and there since then) it would have to be the Pirate. The way the movie told this story and the singing was amazing and I have always remembered it since. 2) Seeing the clips doesn't really doesn't change the way I see her since the Pirate or The Wizard of Oz, just goes to show how great of an actor and singer she is. 3) That one I wouldn't really know, only seen two films by her and the Pirate was the last one I seen and it really a
  11. 1) This promotes American values by one, when we see the camera move up the stairs, we see the photos on the wall of the different political figures, presidents and generals who either changed or shaped this country by what they said or what they have done or did. Then we see ( which it is) the oval office in which in the background you can see the two American flags and the different photos of ships and just other different things to then seeing the parade for the Fourth of July. 2) " I was a pretty cocky kid in those days, pretty cocky kid. Make a Yankeyoadandydo, always carrying a flag
  12. 1) What I have notice in the first two scenes is that on the boat ride you can see he's singing his heart out and when you see her facial expressions she is trying to play coy but she's enjoying it but they have no physical interactions between the two 2) I have not seen these two before in any tv or movies 3) They are playful, happy and light-hearted, there is really no physical interactions between them, but you can see that they have feelings for each other
  13. I love this movie, been a while since I last seen it ( I also love how her French accent just gave her song this alluring, beautiful care-free like feel and just was a spectacular performance) but as to it being a brighter perspective of life then it being realistic, I would say when anyone wants to see a movie they want the move to draw them in. To forget about life's worries even for an hour or more, For the time period no I wouldn't believe it to be realistic, in some ways it is a little, but the way the characters are in this short clip, they seem like they are going about their lives sort
  14. I have read the Syllabus for the class and I know we can either use the post notes on the canvas or the posts on here, but I also know that there are some important things that will be shown from clips to live discussions and getting to meet other students from the class to discuss what we learned or anything will help others and that will be on twitter and I don't have a twitter account. So is it important to have a twitter account, just wondering
  15. I would say I love watching and just enjoying over and over again Fiddler on the Roof. The emotion they give in every song they sing as they tell how they feel, life around them ( Especially the scene where in the village they were just singing how everyday life in the morning is like) and how they are going through the struggles of that time period and how they are trying to cope with it
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