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  1. 1. The first movie I saw Judy Garland in would be Wizard of Oz. It wasn’t until I was older that I knew who she was, I do not remember what my first impression of her was back then due to being so young. 2. Now after watching these two clips my impression of her would be that she was a very talented lady who could keep up with the big name of the time for example Gene Kelly in the second clip. 3. I haven’t watched any of her latter movies. I’ve only seen her in wizard of Oz and Meet me in St. Louis. Going off of these two movies what I notice about her singing abili
  2. 1. Paintings of past presidents as they walk up the staircase two that I saw were Jefferson and Washington. Just being in the white house is an honor in itself. The amount of American flags, in the oval office on Cohan’s lapel, 4th of July parade. The opera house where Cohan’s father is performing is named ‘colony opera house’ a nod to the original 13 colonies’ perhaps? 2. “singing and dancing about the grand old flag” this line is the first hint that this movie is a patriotic movie. “… there was one time I thought I did, right now I wish I did.” Cohan “yes, so do I” Roosevelt
  3. The interaction between the two are physically non-existent. What I mean by that is that all the interaction is done with their facial expressions, their words along with the changes in their voice. In the boat scene he could have easily have touched her shoulder to get her attention instead he said "look this way then" and she dose turn to look at him. In the second scene the iteration between the two is only communicated by the look they shared and small body changes. when she noticed him and squares her shoulder before leaving the saloon. I have not seen either of the actors bef
  4. I agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life. examples are "i'm trying to lose weight" comment after the doorman asked the question 'do you realize that you gave me a five pound'. how she couldn't make up her mind on who to see until she saw the flowers, only then did she make up her mind and even though she didn't know the sender she decided to meat with him. the characters can throw away money as seen in the first part of the clip. the tone of her song was happy and comical. other movies made during this time might be worried about money, and songs are sad along with m
  5. I would have to add Young Frankenstein to the list. I have see the movie and also have had the privlige of beeing in my Local Community Theaters production of this a few years back, the music is amazing and a chalange to lean. There are others that i agree with others that should be included, West Side Story, Oklahoma, Sound of Music just to name a few.
  6. The musicals that i find myself watching repeatedly would have to be, but not limited to: Singing in the Rain, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Wizard of Oz,Annie get your Gun, My Fair Lady, and The Music Man. It's the music that keeps me coming back to watch the musical again and again. I can name at lest one song from the ones that I have listed that I would have playing in my car. Singing in the rain, We're of to see the Wizard, I can do anything better then you, Goodnight my someone, and I could have danced all night are just a few to mention. For me If the Music gets stuck in my head I wil
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