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  1. It is very interesting to think about this song and how it is the anthem of the film (more than "Everything's Coming Up Roses"). It is used throughout to mean so many different things; we are watching these children and see them grow and become seductive. The fact that Gypsy is based on a true story and then when we see tv shows like America's Got Talent. I always cringe when I see these young kids being there; I hear "Let Me Entertain You" in the back of my mind when they perform. Sondheim was hitting on something in 1959 that is so relevant in 2018.
  2. First- HUGE Thank You! My June has been quite fun. I would love for it to continue and to take an actual class on it. Second- I hope that there is a discussion on West Side Story this week. I went to the TCM Fathom Event today and loved it. West Side is my all-time favourite and I have never seen it on the "big screen". Thank You for putting this event together with Fathom. I highly encourage everyone to go when they redo it on Wednesday.
  3. I love the aspect of the screwball comedy coming into play in the movie musical. It is part of an evolution in the psyche during the Depression. First there was the overlap of the films already done before the crash; then, there was the the escapist fantasy; and now, we see films that are here to make us laugh and also think. Here the laughter comes into play to make us remember that we are celebrating and finding something special even in the dark times. The 1930s does see a rise of patriotism and love of country to counter the expansion of the Communist thought; yet, it is also a cel
  4. What I always find interesting is not the specific sounds in these moments, but by the moments without any sound. There are a few moments that M. C. just gives a look and there is no sound. Today, we know there would be a sound to punctuate that. It doesn't need it; the moment is just fine with the look and silence. Later Andrew Lloyd Weber will use that concept with his musical "With One Look". It is interesting to think that back then everyone is use to the quiet in the films. That being said, it is a musical comedy and we want to hear the start of the song. This little cl
  5. It is clear (especially in the early Code Films) that purity should be the idea that is championed. These characters clearly are on the straight and narrow. When placed in the unsavoury saloon, MacDonald is made to seem innocent and and put-upon; clearly, the film-makers are creating the impression for all to be in love with the "good girl". This false reading of women just leads to decades of engendering a culture. On a side note, it is interesting how they adapted the original operetta from Broadway and made it this film.
  6. It is a very interesting choice in clips and it is very much a "brighter perspective". It is a necessary escapism. During such a bleak time, some levity was necessary. Just imagining getting five pounds could be a major uplift to people and help their mood. In addition, the time did not call for truth in cinema and it was as much about making a legend as compared to giving the gritty aspects (since it was under the Code). I also would assert that Ziegfeld had too many friends, co-workers, and supporters for there to be much negative about about him. He had only died in 1932 and his w
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