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  1. Thanks Barry1234 & cmovieviewer. I was just wondering the same thing.
  2. I found it odd that she was not more broken up when Joe was found not breathing in the scene before this. I chalked it up to her unwavering belief in God and that Joe would be saved in the end. I think that is an important lead into this scene as it references the strength of her faith….be it in God or in Joe. The direction of the scene emphasizes her commitment and devotion to Joe. It is this scene where she becomes the most remarkable character in the film. Upon finding Joe alive, she immediately thanks God. Again, her devotion is clear. She is singing about the fact that for her, Joe
  3. Having not seen the entire movie, it is difficult to say if the “brightening” of the times carries on throughout, but this clip is certainly a bright time for Anna Held. She’s courted by two men, given a tremendous opportunity, and performs in lavish theaters for audiences dressed in their finest. If I were in the depression era audience, I would definitely see this as happier times In Real Life (IRL) she did become a millionaire so maybe a contemporary audience would know that going into the theater and this would just be background info on Ziegfeld's love life. And adjusting for inflatio
  4. There are so many musicals that could be the answer to this question. I think we become infatuated with movies and especially musicals as they each mark a time and place in our lives. The musical has that much more stickiness to it than the non-musical, with the combination of visuals, music, and dancing in some cases. My father, who hated musicals, took the family to see Paint Your Wagon when I was seven years old. He loved the gold rush era and was a fan of Lee Marvin, so I think he thought he could stomach it. Anyway, that movie became important to me because it tied me to my father wit
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