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  1. Rebecca (40s) next : Jean-Claude Carriere
  2. We thought you just wanted us to look at the poster.
  3. When in doubt go straight to Artur Rubinstein. You can't go wrong, The piece in the original piano is wonderful from beginning to end and with with the happy anticipation of that beautifully stark statement that begins at 2:19 in the version above with the voices. With the piano, the phrase of just that few notes mightily stands out almost seeming a center piece. It comes after a mighty crescendo about the middle of the piece and repeated more contemplatively near the end. I'm so glad you posted the above (though I don't like it much, too many notes ) because I haven't heard this in a long ti
  4. Most Hollywood Musicals don't feature operatic singing it seems to me. Operatic singing is much more common in Operettas, where a Mario Lanza might show up. Nelson Eddy was not operatic sounding, but Jeanette MacDonald undoubtedly was. Deanna Durbin does sound operatic but the songs she sings don't necessarily have the gravity of opera. They can be bright and sunny songs that probably she might still be amenable to those who don't like opera. I don't think studios had any pretense to "portend" to make operas.
  5. This last batch of Netlix arrivals gave me three “true story” films. I had no idea. I don’t read the blurbs and I know practically nothing in advance of the films I generally watch. So this was a weird coincidence. The first one was THE DIG (1921) about a stupendous archeological find on the eve of WW2 on a field in England. Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes) is an amateur excavator (though powerfully imbued with a consummate skill) is hired by Edith Pretty (Carey Mulligan) to dig up her vast holding. Basil is his 60s and married and Edith is probably about 35 (in real life back then she was in her
  6. Have you seen THE UNFAITHFUL WIFE? A fave that I go back to from time to time. Shephane Audran has been around and never really disappoints. But it is the work of Michel Bouquet that enthralls. He has a sort of Olivier manner about him. He has much more to do than Shephane. His answer to the possibility that his wife has stepped out in very much in the Hitchcockian vein and plays out accordingly, very engrossing.
  7. Have you seen I SEE A DARK STRANGER, that she made right after VACATION ? .... She is somewhat unrecognizable there but not in the same sense, The dowdiness is not there but she appears so young that I had to look twice to make sure. Some of early films are like that. It didn't take long for her grow out of this "young girl" phase and to grow into how we normally see her in later films. I am mesmerized by her in STRANGER. She falls into a rather dangerous political situation and she is continually preoccupied what she should do (like a fish out of water) as the story progresses, and as a re
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