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  1. The Saddest Music in the World (2003) Around the World in 80 Days (2004)
  2. Do we need to know his Social Security Number? Or maybe the name of his first grade teacher?
  3. T H E B E S T Y E A R S O F O U R L I V E S 1 9 4 6
  4. Just today I was watching a little of The Ebony Tower, a TV movie from 1984, I thought that he was pretty good. I only watched a few minutes but I am interested in it. Apparently he an old school painter, famous it seems, and with a cantankerous dismissal of the new Art. Five years before his death. And I occasionally revisit the final episode of the TV series, Brideshead Revisited, where he is excellent. There are 10 episodes and he appears in only two of them. In the final one the patriarch comes home to Brideshead to die. Stephane Audran plays his wife. She doesn't say much but she has
  5. Peter Lorre -will NEVER watch a film with _______ (sorry for the copycatting, ha)
  6. In this one, he is sitting with two young women in a restaurant and gabs for about 10 minutes. I thought I was going to die. Killed by innocuous conversation. I think he was trying to sound French. Parbleu!!!
  7. Loretta was pretty good throughout. But particularly good in your scene here. Her anxiety is well done, palpable. Man, she was at the end of her rope. And who hasn't experienced in some form or other the immense relief she feels clutching that letter. I had an experience like that fairly recently, but not to worry, I am no TMI freak. This movie draws a lot of flack and yet there are saving graces here and there. They may not be wholly redeeming but they are there.
  8. Loretta could not have acted any differently. I thought her behavior realistic. She appears to be very much in love with her husband and the very idea he expresses to her is so preposterous to her she hardly as the wherewithal to even deal with it. How would Barbara Billingsley or Donna Reed have responded to such a thing! Probably the same. This is why perhaps that Eddie threw out his Father Knows Best comment. There is an earlier post where every action of Loretta is second guessed. She should have stood up to her husband as if to say, "Ah, gowan, you're full of crap," she shouldn't have to
  9. John Heard. "Berserker acting-out..." is not a bad clue as to who.
  10. I have no idea myself whether he should have been nominated or not, but I am not surprised that he was not. Maybe it depends whether berserker acting out like that is considered acting. What impressed me most was when he was sober. Those squinting eyes and penetrating dialogue, quite riveting.
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