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  1. Maybe not the best in movie history, but no doubt the best the girl scouts have to offer.
  2. I tuned in about half way through and was liking it. I almost hit Record to get the rest but decided to wait till it comes around again---if it does. Yes, cute.
  3. Working? Maybe you're a movie reviewer.
  4. Yeah, I know. And I have experienced profound guilt about that. However, help is on the way. I now have TCM for the first time in years. Now, don't tell me that TCM doesn't play it. And, no kidding, I was thinking about you while I was executing that post. I thought, oh well, maybe she'll forgive me. And you did! Thanks, dear friend. ❤️
  5. I will try those. I appreciate your reason and civility. My effusive attack is at least a small part untoward and irascible. In my right mind (if I have one) I suppose I must admit that he can't be that bad. I am "victimized" by your assertive stance (as opposed to an aggressive one, which is the norm) in being somewhat disarmed in general, and amenable in particular with this commitment I now own to see those films.
  6. I don't have a horse in this race for what I hope is understood for obvious reasons, yet I get the proverbial perverse satisfaction to see what might be perceived as an "unpopular" opinion burst to the refreshing light of day. To see a sleeper candidate eclipse the old and tired exaltation of those you mention as HMSS, especially that miserable, phony Tyrone who was such a mediocre actor and gets the mushy, gushy, praise. Maybe I just like the underdog. Way to go, Dennis ...
  7. At long last the real Dargo. Now we can forget all that fake Dargo we have been subjected too all these years. Since we have so much fake news today, why not fake people. To be real, to be genuine, is so 2010. Just kidding, you're as real as it gets. You are a steadfast bastion of down-to earthiness as it will ever get around here. 🤗 clapping //
  8. Not "purely" objective, no. So I think we agree, fundamentally. But It's possible to like A over B and yet feel B is intrinsically the better picture over A (when considering certain elements, etc.)
  9. Merci bien, now I know how to be A-OK. 'Bout time. //
  10. What's the OK sign? Thumps up? Thumb and forefinger circle? First two Fingers? I read the article and they don't show it. They say an "upside OK sign." Gee, thanks.
  11. This clearly outdated. Today, movie are not so forgotten. Certainly not Vertigo (re: the question above). it may be a "favorite" of many; but objectively, the messed up plot should disqualify it. The article above points out that there is a "crucial distinction" between a "favorite" and a "best ever" and there is no argument there. Favorites are easy to find but getting objective about the best ever is a problem. I'm not qualified to make a judgement like that. But it would still be fun to try anyway, relying on what is a favorite and then basing the rest on an intuitive leap into what might be the best ever. The article cited above offers a good discussion on how to approach the problem, relying on a notion that best by category might be a good approach. I like that idea. //
  12. It takes a fwumpie-poo minion to make that greeting for his beloved because fwump himself certainly would not. And if he did, it would be just another one of his lies.
  13. I, for one, am jolly well fond of that old British reserve myself, and old man (i.e., my dear fellow and all that rot) you must admit that the perpetrator of the crime in question let on early that he much detested "brutality" and preferred instead the "smoothness" and "sociability" in the commission of a crime and though he didn't go so far as to say that good old English reserve would serve so much better for that than old Hollywood vulgarity in the rendering, I'm sure he would agree with it. I am also jolly well fond of talkiness and staginess and that it is all the better with those stuffy English accents, all of which goes to show that I am much more the "square" than all of you "hepcats" out there. So much depends on one's humours. It crossed my mind somewhere fairly early on that old Pearson there was going to pull another faux pas that would in effect blow the whole scheme and save the day and that poor Fordyce would have to eat all those nasty words about the dignity of the banking profession and his gestapo tactics in ensuring good form and actually be forced to actually say something nice to Pearson. But he had say something nice anyway in the end and even shook his hand. //
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