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  1. Marie Schrader, Hank's wife, on Breaking Bad. The unlucky actress who has to play this young harridan is Betsy Brandt. Marie Schrader is the poster girl for the know-it-all nag. I screamed into the screen at her rants while at the same time trying to find a pitchfork. This character is so godawful bad that it almost generalizes into the actress herself. I googled her and clicked images to see whether perhaps in some other film where she might look different I would be able to conjure up or feel something positive. Thank heaven I was in fact able to find photos where there seemed to have no rel
  2. I meant to add an anecdote to the Wagner used in The Blue Gardenia, but forgot. Tony Randall was a big opera fan and once told Dick Cavett on the latter's daytime talk show, that some particularly avid conductors of this aria would, (and Tony references the particularly voluptuous crescendo that ends the piece) that some conductors. I say, would actually undergo the "complete experience" at the conclusion. I remember Mr Cavett letting out a loud "WOW!!" at that.
  3. Just to add : I was curious to see whether Salinger might have been referring to an actual screenwriter with the initials D.B., as a sort of slam. He might have been still smarting over the short story adaptation when he wrote Catcher and wanted to take a swipe at someone. I looked up the movie on IMDB and there a couple of Epsteins who are responsible for the screenplay, but I didn't look further other possible significance of D.B.
  4. The song on the turntable was an orchestral version only, which is very popular as a concert piece. The clip I posted is also the orchestral version but with the vocal sung over it and with slight deviations from the orchestral part.
  5. Maybe my favorite part of the movie is Wagner. The clue for the newspaper man thinking that Norah might be innocent was the story regarding the music, changing from Nat Kind Cole to Richard Wagner. Interesting that they chose perhaps the most ethereally beautiful love theme in the world, Liebestod from "Tristan and isolde." The theme appears early but then is used rather extensively near the end when we see the real perpetrator going through the motions of suicide and later in a hospital bed and synchronized rather effectively (if not brilliantly) with the action on screen. Oh, come on,
  6. Not necessarily. I was referring to the possibility that in the FREE TO ME category they have a policy where in some cases you get the first season of a miniseries free but have to pay for succeeding seasons for that same program. I wouldn't stand for that. Do you know if they do that, BTW? I'm referring here only to FREE TO ME programs at $14 a month. They probably don't but I'm not sure) In principle if they want to say okay this series cost this such and such to watch at all, I accept that since I have a choice not to start it. But if they give you the first season free as a teaser and then
  7. J.D. Salinger makes an unflattering reference in one his better short stories, I believe it is in "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut" in which two depressed women are talking and one of them refers to her boss (or someone else perhaps) as "an unwashed Nemehiah Persoff." The story appeared in The New Yorker in 1948. Salinger sold the rights to Hollywood and the movie was My Foolish Heart (1949). To the author's chagrin, the story bore practically no resemblance to the original story but as I understand got good box office and a couple of awards. This is the origin I believe of Salinger's staunch ref
  8. Woeful attempts to find something on PrimeVideo to watch: (I bought something on Amazon and accidentally subscribed to Prime Video, I didn't even realize it until I got charged following the trial period. No alert, no "Welcome to Prime" or any of that crap .... Instead of cancelling I thought to try it out. I stick to FREE TO ME and slim pickins's I would say. Occasionally I see, Season 1 on Prime Video free, or something like that, leading me to believe of the possibility that a first year might be free after which they start charging. They don't do that, do they? If they do I will cance
  9. "Some people might say ... ... but I say .... "
  10. Everything used to be blamed on Obama, now it's Biden. Do you smell a fault?
  11. Sigourney is Ripley, to me. Course she was younger. She has just made her appearance in Doc Martin. a show I am fairly addicted to. Netflix disc service has this series but for some reason but does not have S3 or S4, so I skipped them and went to S5. Prime Video has 3 and 4 and want $12 per series to see them. If I can't find them anywhere else I may do PrimeV. The overall narrative doesn't matter so I won't mind backtracking. Where did you see it, please? Does the doc crack a smile, even if just once? I mean it's okay if he doesn't, just curious. Somewhere along the line (S7 or so) Louisa lo
  12. Adolphe Menjou (if not always) next : down to earth (fig.)
  13. Probably Hedron, she worked for both Chaplin and Hitchcock, that would make for interesting conversation. next : Judi Dench or Maggie Smith
  14. The theme of an episode might be 'inability to communicate with each other' and that was what you would see regardless and at the expense of narrative flow. I don't claim perspicacity in noticing this. Occasionally following an episode there would be a video when one of the show runners would sit there and the first thing out of his mouth was "NOW THE THEME OF THIS EPISODE" (caps for emphasis) and then he would explicate the whole thing. The show was going out of its way to maintain the integrity of the theme, not necessarily of the show as a whole, but by episode. That's what I mean by "thema
  15. I like her but I know what you mean. The director of that film tried to reign in Harris, her staginess etc., but she ignored him.
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