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  1. Robards next : Big Boy who drank and partied a lot
  2. I wonder if she ever looked better.
  3. Ingrid Pitt is listed as un-credited on her IMDB page. Anthony Hopkins is not in the cast at all according to his page. The IMDB page for the movie itself reflects both these assertions.
  4. Thank you. James, the article below is an exhaustive analysis on whether to go for one or two. If you don't want to read the entire article (and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't), please still have a look and scan the article, including especially the graphs. My point in citing this link is to at least to demonstrate that it is not a wise choice to go for two "each and every time" --your words and that there is good reason to make a determination for each case. Note they include the new one-point conversion, which is given a 95% success rate. They also acknowledge the roughly 50% 2-po
  5. Oh no, do I have to give up white food? I'm hoping vanilla ice cream will pass muster if I smother it with chocolate syrup. It would be the right color, then. ps : I had to peruse the emoji section to confirm what it was? Did you know you can click on the emoji and make it bigger by going to SIZE above and choosing the new size. One glitch is that once you do that, you cannot add any more text. And the way around that is to add your text beneath first and then resize your emoji at the end. This way you easily identify. This only works with the added emoji section. Not the ori
  6. C'mon, James. It's not correct that a team "should go for 2 points, each and every time." You have to figure out whether it is good risk or not every time.. If the Bills had settled for the easy one-point conversion they would have been behind by 16 points --- a two score game, But they went for the relatively high-risk two-point conversion and missed, making them 17 points behind -- a three-score game. See ? ps The Old School is the best school. They played percentages,which by definition will always be the wisest course. The new-dangled school doesn't think muc
  7. So much for the Bills. Not even close. KC is much better if Mahomes stays in the pocket and throws. He hardly ran at all today and for a good reason. What kind of idiot goes for two at the end.? I'm sitting there wondering W T F ... the announcers didn't say much but then finally Rome intoned softly, "It strange they going for two." The Bills don't deserve to go to the Super Bowl with a damn fool coach. Yeah, yeah, the odds were to great ... but you have to give yourself every chance for as long as you can, no matter what. The team doctors need to administer an IQ test to whoever made that dec
  8. So white is not aesthetic? At least it doesn't look like s h i t .
  9. I'll try to remember that the next time. Maybe they'll taste better. I like the white ones.
  10. Well, what does the bible say about all this? Any conversation without the bible in it is just fat hooey. The Bible should be mentioned since there must be at least some hypocrisy in this conversation somewhere.
  11. You have just made the argument that it is useless to talk about anything at all. When you bring the bible like that you are copping out. You have done nothing but incessantly judge liberals. And then you imply to not be ashamed of Trump because golly gee willikers, the bible says you shouldn't judge. It's laughable. Stop hiding behind the bible and get honest (if you are able).
  12. I would take a rusty ole one, anything really ... well, almost anything.
  13. Houdini ; played by Tony Curtis in HOUDINI (1953)
  14. Aaron had one of the most superbly beaautiful swings in all of baseball, second only to Ted Williams, IMHO.
  15. ,,,which is scheduled for Monday. Sorry, Mitch ... yer no longer in charge, no postponement. GO PO !!!!!!!
  16. Willie was the better all around player and came close to the record with 660 HRs.
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