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  1. Franco Zeffirelli, not an actor, but he directed a lot of them. Does that count? (Hey, whaddya gonna do with a letter like Zed?)
  2. The thread is open for an interim question for our amusement until Dan gets back. It's been three days and the fun must continue. Anyone?
  3. RainingViolets wrote: >yes, but once you went into MON ONCLE youwould have to stay there and live out the rest of your life, ... Well, how about if I try it out for a couple of weeks. You know, like a vacation. If I don't like it, I can come back a choose another movie. At least I didn't choose TWO MOVIES, like that crafty CineMaven. Uh, Cine, the thread says "fade right into _a_ movie," not two movies. Hey, RV, is it fair that CineMaven gets to have two movies. 'Cause if so, then I want my two-week vacation trial.
  4. Sorry for triple post, getting error messages etc.
  5. Thelma, the Queen of Cynicism (as in Ritter, of course)
  10. Gagman wrote: >This phenomenal sequence can not possibly be done justice with Still captures, bu I tried to give a sense of what it is like to those who have never seen it before. You have. It takes 25-30 minutes for all the pictures to load ( _dial up_ ) but it was worth it. I downloaded a couple of the images. I notice you've assigned little titles to the caps. They can't be seen unless I click on "Save Image as...," I notice that they _are not_ visible if I right click and then go to Properties. I've got the one "I've got it, Jimmy," where she manages a smile as she clasps the boot.
  11. *gagman:* Enjoying the The Big Parade. I believe you mentioned that this movie is still not available on DVD. May I ask, please, how are you are getting these captures? I have photographed the television screen in the past with varying results. I was wondering if you were doing that here. The quality of what you are doing here, though a little fuzzy, has a uniformly consistent quality to it, which I think is nevertheless quite good. I would appreciate knowing out of curiosity, if you don't mind. Thanks. == A further comment about the postings that Thelma was putting up. I'm wondering
  13. That dandy double-take at the end of Dinner at Eight was done by no other than *Dressler, Marie.* Dont' ever say, "I read a book the other day..." around Marie.
  14. Voight Jon His name should have been Zoight? Jon Zoight, I like it?
  15. Gentle *Yentl* Or was she? Dunno, didn't see it, oy!
  16. Re *Dorothy Jordan*, I enjoyed both Devil May Care and In Gay Madrid, both with Ramon Novorro, early talkies with lots of singing, mostly Novorro (but not a musical), both seen ages ago. I went to imbd to refresh my memory. Neither is well received it seems and Miss Jordan takes a few hits but I remember enjoying nonetheless. The appeal of some movies can withstand critical analysis. Just watching Ramon and Dorothy is enough for me. They both have a lot of charm on screen but I especially enjoyed seeing Dorothy. (She is so cute!) *Ugarte*, thanks. No question Thelma has a passion for the m
  17. I would like to be in MON ONCLE. I would be myself. I would walk around the streets of Paris and just look around me and be amused. Who knows, I may run across the familiar and somewhat dowdy looking figure, a man with raincoat, pipe, funny looking hat, and that pair of pants a little too short. Occupying this somewhat rarefied word would be highly amusing indeed. For those familiar with the films of Jacques Tati, you know of what I speak.
  18. *For the past several hours, Thelma has been deleting all of her* *previous posts, one by one.* I just got home and saw this. While I don't think I did anything wrong, I want apologize nevertheless to all and especially to Thelma. *Thelma*, you were experiencing major frustrations with Photobucket and maybe it wasn't a good time for me to jump in there like that. I hope my doing so did not make the situation any worse for you, though I fear it may have. If so, I'm sorry. laffite //
  19. *How do you do effective resizing elswhere, like in tinypic or webphoto?* Webshots (not Webphoto) has a simple one-click operation that resizes pictures. Their max is only 600x width, so that is out for you. But, Thelma, you still have this mindset of wanting to resize on the image hosting site (PhotoBucket etc.) You want to do this on your computer first. *I did what you suggested by saving the image first, before uploading to Photobucket, to a certain size, like 1024 by 740. t doesn't take in Photobucket nonetheless.* Actually, it worked properly, see below. *If the original
  20. Thelma Excuse me for intervening again, but can I make a few remarks. I'm trying to help. Your problems seem to revolve around trying to resize _after_ uploading to Photobucket. Photobucket is telling you, in effect, that to do that is a big, fat, pain in the arse. So why try? Just resize your picture _before_ uploading to photobucket. You said before that you could right click on a picture in My Pictures and resize. Then just do that and your problems are over. Photobucket will take a 1024x768 which is plenty big. If you want larger than that, then that's another issue. I don'
  21. *I don't know if any cinematic publication would take (at least) my writing seriously. I love being complimented by people who write better than I.* If you mean I write better than you, simply not so. And what's equally if not more important, is that you have _more to say._ Did I read ever that you said you went to film school...or was that someone else? Anyway, if you did, it sure shows. And that goes for your two GloriaMaven rondelayers, the Mightly King MoloXIV and the Estimable Franklin Grumieux of Gloriana. (BTW, Cinemaestro, I think you've invented a new word. My source (MW)
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