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  1. That scene didn’t seem to call for the song to be sung in any other way than the way it was sung. Perhaps because that’s how we know it to be sung. The song does show so much emotion. I always thought this was the scene where she was able to let her guard down and let the two characters really connect. That was accomplished while Sharif just admired her, that says a lot.
  2. I have seen Gaslight and I do recall the same use of backgrounds and the use tchotchkes everywhere. But it doesn’t really distract me from what is happening as I would have though it might. The setting seems to just blend in to make a total presentation without any distractions.
  3. The past ideas that men were tough and aggressive were often shown and now we are seeing a more softer side a less threatening side. I don’t know if it’s the main focus or goal of the industry but it’s a definite cultural swing. Sexuality was/is a large factor as to base masculinity on and these films definitely allow better representation to be heard and seen.
  4. I love watching Rosalind Russell and how domineering she comes across and we would not have seen as much of that before so onward to disruptions. It’s quite apparent this is a totally new presentation in how musicals are now shown. Vibrant dominant and flamboyant Women were shown before but this has a whole new look and feel to it. The song itself has obvious adult overtones but maybe only because we know they are there. I was laughing more at bubble girl and hearing that pop at the end knowing what that really was about than thinking about those lyrics. ? A personal injection here so let me d
  5. I think it was tossed in simply to show the way Musicals were changing in the 1950’s. And as far as his movies well it was more to showcase his singing and they knew all his fans would pay money to see him dance and sing. No he was not a good actor but his fans did not care. So many ‘silly fun’ movies would come to light in the 50’s and 60’s. All the beach blanket bingo type movies and other than Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon singing they were on par with Elvis movies. Just fun silly musical movies for the teens of that era. It’s all a matter of preference at the time.
  6. It really did move along quite fast didn’t it. I have so much enjoyed this class and conversing with others. So different from other online courses I’ve taken as I didn’t realize TCM/Ball State gave us the opportunity. I’ll look forward to upcoming ones. I had just finished one at Hampton University UK and will be starting another next month; not movie related but literature. I seen TCM had offered one on Hitchcock, how interesting that must have been.
  7. I was able to take the quiz. I wasn’t able to view the photos but you didn’t need them if you knew who was in the movie. The quiz results ended differently than previously. It said to view results on the web which then asked for your login info that would not work when entered. I went back and my score was recorded and so hopefully it registered and worked?
  8. Does a movie that has as stylized a scene as An American in Paris’ ending ballet need to use a less-than-realistic, stylized approach throughout the film? The ballet scene was a fantasy so it’s use of a less realistic approach felt completely natural as much as can be for a fantasy What keeps Jerry Mulligan from being completely unlikeable in a scene in which he acts pretty darn unlikeable? I think it’s eassier for someone who understands his cockiness and brisk character traits to move past a criticism of his character. I found him funny and in a way endearing and if I ha
  9. I definitely see Kelly as the dominant dancer in the beginning but it all evens out very quickly and then no difference is seen at all. My attention was on the Professor as I always find the straight man to be quite clever and full of wit. He came off so genuine and capable that I was captavated by him. His frustration at O’Connor was so fabulously portrayed I didn’t want it to end. I always thought those playing the straight stole the scenes.
  10. This is a bit harder to pin down for me as I’m a big Doris Day fan but I do not care for this film nor do I like Annie get your gun or Katherine Hepburn in Little Women. That being said I understand what the film is doing and Doris’s singing and acting is superb as always; just not for me. I think Calamity Jane is an extremely complicated Women and it’s hard to narrow her character down. We are seeing the rough and rugged side that she wants the men to see yet here comes the softer more feminine side that she’s trying to suppress. This definitely fits in with the age of Women that are em
  11. They are all dancing with and for each other now, in unity. You still see their own individualism but they are united as a whole. Definitely seeing the swing to a different era in group dancing and cooperation. I also definitely noticed the story in the musical being told between themselves then it jumped to entertaining us the viewer obviously knowing it’s all to entertain us, but a story in a story. We don’t see in this number anything flamboyant in costuming as the emphasis is definitely on the song and dance. Each one seems to play off another’s talents and then tends to elabor
  12. I think that when they show Petunia going to her clothesline it’s simply to show that she’s able to continue with the her daily life with joy knowing that Joy is going to okay. The way they showed her with Joes shirt and how it hugged around her neck just wrapped that up for me. And in the end it’s a triumph over good and evil I thing the words and how it was sung would have to be changed for a child. This was a song that was meaningful between a Husband and Wife. Of course that could be only because that is how I have first seen it. First impressions stay with us. It’s apparently
  13. Fantastic photos. I adore Ginger in most everything. I actually liked some of her movies more without Fred. Kitty Foyle and Bachelor Mother are my two favorites, of course these aren’t Musicals. I just got an old hard cover biography book just today in the mail called Ginger My Story, I can’t wait to read it.
  14. Oh yes you definitely mentioned some great Character Actresses. Marjorie Main though really held her own with her own movies in Ma & Pa kettle. Now weren’t they fantastic. I have them all on DVD including the Egg and I with Fred MacMurry and Claudette Colbert where it all began. I even have a first edition book of The Egg and I. And Margaret Dumont in many Marx Brothers movies. My Dad was a big fan; not my cup of tea I never really enjoyed Slapstick deadpan style comedy, but I do appreciate it.
  15. I’m very excited about the upcoming Dean Martin Movies. I remember watching the Dean Marin show when I was probably around nine/ten. I have a few old albums of his in the attic which I really need to find. Anyway can’t wait.
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